You’ll Never Believe These Crazy Celebrity Talents!!!

Justin Bieber Rubik’s Cube Master

Apparently Justin Bieber is an expert at solving Rubik’s cubes with a reported solve time at around 1 minute and 23 seconds. I’ve only ever figured out the first step to solving a Rubik’s so I’m rather impressed by this.

Talent Surprise Factor: This is a pretty non-existent surprise factor. Everyone knew those few kids that could solve a cube with their eyes closed, so although it’s a cool thing, it’s not that special or surprising for Justin.

Margot Robbie a Casual Tattoo Artist

Margot has been tattooing friends and colleagues for years. According to her own estimates, she’s given over 100 tattoos throughout her time on this planet earth. Some of the highlights include tattooing a guests foot on “The Graham Norton Show”, giving guests commemorative tattoos at her wedding and misspelling a tattoo given to her “Suicide Squad” cast assistant, writing “SWAD” instead of “SKWAD”.

Talent Surprise Factor: I don’t know if the talent here is a surprise but the level of self confidence definitely is. I wouldn’t trust myself to tattoo anybody unless it was my full time job. So kudos to Margot for being a bigger man than I am.

Pierce Brosnan Breather of Fire???

Pierce learned how to breathe fire in his teenage years while training to be an actor. The best part of this is that Pierce decided to quit after almost injuring himself while breathing fire on set. The reason this is so great is because the set wasn’t one of his James Bond films or the equally dangerous “Mamma Mia” set starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. It was on the set of “The Muppets”. To quote Kermit himself, “It’s not easy being green…or attempting to eat fire which is an inherently dangerous substance”.

Talent Surprise Factor: This is the real deal when it comes to surprising talents. It’s just a shame it wasn’t utilized properly. Fire breathing Pierce makes “Mamma Mia” infinitely more interesting which is really saying something considering how much I like “ABBA”.

Bob Dylan Makes Iron Gates

This one is extremely random and unexpected. Bob Dylan, the man whose music inspired millions of people and grower of a gross creepy mustache in his later years, is also an iron welder. Bob has created arches and gates as part of art exhibits and has stated that although it may seem strange to outsiders, he grew up in iron country and was surrounded by it since he was little.

Talent Surprise Factor: This is an extremely impressive, difficult and random skill to have mastered so credit to you Bob. I guess if I’m already addressing you Bob, I’d like to apologize for the earlier moustache joke, it was ill-advised. Back to the talent factor thing, iron welding is top notch in my book.

Beyonce is Queen B and Queen Connect 4

I’m not going to pretend like I’m surprised that Beyonce is the best at something. Ya, I know it’s Connect 4 but that doesn’t make a difference. If a report came out saying Beyonce was the best at shuffleboard or somehow a computer engineering genius, I wouldn’t be surprised. Kanye West said that he challenged Beyonce to Connect 4 and lost nine times in a row. There’s a lot to unpack here but the final lesson is that Beyonce always comes out on top.

Talent Surprise Factor: Unfortunately Beyonce’s all around excellence works against her here. As previously stated, there isn’t a single skill that Beyonce’s potential mastery of would surprise me.

Neil Patrick Harris Does Magic

Neil has always been very outspoken about his love of magic. So much so, it even reflects in the characters he plays on screen. His most well known character, Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”, had many unique quirks and included in them was the characters love and mastery of magic tricks.

Talent Surprise Factor: Literally zero surprise on this talent. First, Neil is one of the most talented people in Hollywood having owned television screens and Broadway stages. Second, he makes it abundantly clear everywhere he goes that he does magic.

Taylor Lautner’s Got a Black Belt

Taylor earned a black belt in karate by the age of 8 and subsequently went on to participate and win many junior competitions in the martial art. This makes perfect sense to me as this would have been the perfect preparation for his role as Sharkboy in “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”, Taylor’s crowning achievement in acting.

Talent Surprise Factor: This all depends on which Taylor were talking about. Child Taylor is a bonafide karate prodigy and I am therefore not surprised by his talent. Late teenage to adult Taylor stars in “Twilight” and therefore makes any semblance of talent surprising.

Christopher Walken Can Tame Lions

A 15 year old Christopher Walken saw an ad for a young lion tamer and took up the opportunity because he liked cats. Walken has stated that the lions were just like big dogs which actually makes them seem kind of cute and cuddly. Aside from that, everything Christopher Walken says is more entertaining because of his weird voice inflection and that includes lion taming.

Talent Surprise Factor: This is very high on the surprise factor. Not only is this super cool and pretty dangerous, it’s such an obscure profession. Not to mention the fact the it was connected to being in the circus which adds at least fifteen points to any ranking I do.

Harrison Ford Doesn’t Just Fly the Millenium Falcon

This one actually makes a ton of sense, if anyone was to become a real life pilot, it would be the actor who played Han Solo. Harrison is an extremely experienced pilot with over 20 years of experience in addition to over 5,000 in air hours. He also claimed to pilot the Falcon through the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs which we all know is impossible.

Talent Surprise Factor: Less than zero. I was more surprised when Bruce Wayne turned out to be Batman in the latest Batman movie. To be fair, Christian Bale will always be my Batman so seeing Ben Affleck don the caped crusaders mask is a little surprising.

Susan Serandon Is Obsessed With Ping Pong

Ping Pong isn’t just a talent or hobby for Susan, it’s a way of life. In 2014 she starred in a movie by the name of “Ping Pong Summer” and in 2009 she even started a business with ping pong as the main selling point. “SPin” is an internationally franchised chain of ping pong clubs and bars founded by Susan herself.

Talent Surprise Factor: I’m not sure how to rate this because I’m not entirely sure how much talent Suasan has in regards to ping pong. This seems more in line with being a new lifestyle, and if we’re ranking Susan for her ability to create a ping pong centric lifestyle, then she gets full points.

Mike Tyson Likes Pigeons???

Apparently Mike Tyson is a pigeon racer…yes you read that correctly. The man loves pigeons to such a degree that he even started a reality show about pigeon racing. Iron Mike’s first fight was even prompted by another person killing a pigeon Mike particularly liked when he was only 10 years old. Nowadays he’s buying specially bred Norwegian pigeons for 5,000 euros a piece. Normally I’d try to make some joke here but I don’t feel it’s necessary, this time for obvious reasons.

Talent Surprise Factor: Mike is one of the most unique people on this planet we call earth, so I’m not sure anything he does would surprise me. Having said that, I’m going to immediately contradict myself and say this is by far the most surprising talent/hobby I’ve encountered.

Ellen Page is a Juggler

There isn’t much to this one, Ellen Page knows how to juggle. I’ve only seen her juggle various types of balls, that’s not to say she can’t juggle chainsaws or live grenades with the pins already taken out, I’ve just never seen it before. Ellen might be the most talented celebrity on this list and we have no idea.

Talent Surprise Factor:  Again, if this is just regular juggling, than compared to the other stuff on this list it ranks pretty low. However there’s always the chance that Ellen can secretly juggle elephants or cactuses which would immediately vault her all the way to the top.

Amanda Seyfried Can Crochet Pants

This is by far the most extreme talent on the list by a significant amount. Crocheting and knitting are dangerous. There’s a reason you don’t see any kids doing it. These particular skills and talents are normally reserved for grandmothers. That’s what makes Amanda’s mastery of the art so special.

Talent Surprise Factor:  Super extra surprise factor here. Amanda knitting is just something I’ve never thought of. I might be giving this extra surprise points because I really like “ABBA” as previously mentioned,  but we’re going to ignore that for now.

Aaron Paul Can Talk to Dogs

Aaron might have the most impressive talent on this list and I’m not being sarcastic in the slightest. Just by petting, Aaron can accurately guess whether a dog is male or female. He demonstrated this on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he figured out the gender of four straight dogs…blindfolded. Mr.Paul is man amongst boys, it’s his world, we’re all just living in it.

Talent Surprise Factor: I don’t think I’m surprised but I’m definitely impressed. If there were more people with Aaron’s talent, the world would definitely be a better place. That’s the highest praise I can give.

Taylor Swift Knows How to Make Jam and Jelly

We all know Taylor’s able to write sweet love songs off the top of her head but I bet you didn’t know she’s also good at making sweet jam and jelly. Taylor’s mom has been making this fruit concoction since she was little so the pop star decided to take up the practice years ago as well. Taylor even said her jelly is  “so good, you could just eat it with a spoon”. Basically, Taylor is more confident in her jelly than I am at boiling water.

Talent Surprise Factor: I’m going to put this in the middle of the pack. Taylor making jam is pretty cool and unexpected, but not so much that I can’t imagine it. It’s also Taylor Swift so I’m not surprised she’s good at it.

Kaley Cuoco is an Equestrian??

There are people who like riding horses and then there is Kaley Cuoco. Kaley likes to do the crazy things you see horses do, like racing and vaulting. This isn’t a casual thing for her either, she said that she’d like to create a horse show (whatever that entails) in the future at one point.

Talent Surprise Factor: Although its seems like a pretty simple thing to do, equestrian is actually really dangerous. You’re going extremely fast with a gigantic horse, if it falls and you’re beneath it, all the bones in your body could be crushed. Kaley even got injured from a fall in 2010 that left her with two metal bars in her leg. This is serious stuff which vaults the surprise factor much higher.

Emma Roberts is an Expert Cryer

Years ago on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, Emma revealed that she can perfectly imitate a baby crying. The only use for this talent is to completely freak out any friend, relative or acquaintance that happens to be nearby. While that may sound pretty useless, it’s definitely extremely effective. Just last week I thought I heard a crying baby in my apartment, those few moments before I realized the sound was coming from outside a window were moderately to extremely scary.

Talent Surprise Factor: I’m going to take this super literally. The actual surprise of hearing a random baby crying is quite huge, therefore I’m going to rank this somewhat highly. With how inconsistent this Talent Surprise Factor is, I’m just going to leave it at that.

Conan O’Brien’s Got Dancing Feet

Conan initially wanted to be a professional tap dancer because he was told it was the only way to make it in show business. He then went on to explain that he stopped because “people beat him with sticks”. I’m of the opinion that Conan should run for president and having a tap-dancing president would definitely alleviate all, if not most of the current political turmoil.

Talent Surprise Factor: Conan tap-dancing is very low on this list, anyone who watches his show knows that if Conan was to be good at something, it would be as ridiculous and obscure as tap-dancing.

Christina Hendricks Can Play The Accordion

To me, the accordion is a relic of the old country. The only person I’ve ever met who played the accordion is my pre-school teacher and pre-school is equivalent to the old country for me. Having said that, Christina Hendricks is definitely not old country and in fact only started playing the accordion not that long ago. Joan, Christina’s character in “Mad Men”,  even plays the instrument in the show.

Talent Surprise Factor: Playing instruments is never that surprising to me even though it’s extremely difficult. It’s kind of “the most common talent” if you know what I mean. I’m not taking anything away from it, it’s still extremely impressive, just not surprising.

Bruce Willis Makes Harmonicas Die Hard

Bruce (or his musical alter ego, Bruno) has been singing and performing live music since the 80’s. He’s also been preventing terrorist attacks on Christmas since then as well. It’s safe to say Bruce has had an interesting last 30 or so years. None of this is as interesting as the fact that he has a musical alter ego named Bruno. Anyone who has any type of alter ego is either one of the coolest people in the world or a complete psychopath.

Talent Surprise Factor: I know this is the answer for a lot of these but it applies even more for this one. I’m not surprised by any talent of Bruce Willis’s, he is one of the most successful and iconic actors of all time. How could I be surprised by him being talented?

Demi Lovato Has Double the Joints

I was always jealous of the kids in school who were double jointed. They could bend their fingers all the way back or twist their arms all the way around while I was just standing there with my regular old stiff limbs. I’d try to do the things they were doing and just hurt myself in the process, it was a very sad period in my childhood. Congrats to Demi for never letting stiff joints get in the way of her dreams.

alent Surprise Factor: Of all the talents on the list, this is the only one I’ve ever activilly wanted, that puts the surprise factor all the way up. You never know who you’re going to bump into and even more so, if that person can twist their arms around like some sort of weird demon-possessed human.

Jennifer Garner is Basically a Hillbilly

Jennifer has stated that she can play saxophone, spoons and clog among other hillbilly things. Being a city boy myself, I can neither confirm nor deny whether this qualifies Jennifer as a hillbilly. Having said that, Jennifer did grow up in West Virginia and having visited West Virginia myself, I can confirm that there are hillbilly’s there so I’ll trust her and take her word for it.

Talent Surprise Factor: Although this stigma may be unfair, hillbilly’s aren’t typically associated with being extraordinarily good looking. Jennifer Garner, on the other hand is. For this reason alone, I’m going to put the surprise factor pretty high here.

Steve Martin is a Banjo Wizard

To quote Steve himself, “This is a banjo and there is a big difference between the banjo and the guitar. The banjo has a round pot and it projects the sound outward and the guitar can get you laid.” Steve has been playing the Banjo his entire life and has even developed an award given to an individual who “has given the board a fresh appreciation of this music” named the “The Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass”.

Talent Surprise Factor: This isn’t surprising at all. It’s probably because Steve martin has been around for so long but I can’t exactly pinpoint why. Either way, this scored very low for me.

Cara Delivigne is a Beatboxing Model

Cara is definitely multi talented, she can act, sing, model, and beat box. On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Cara broke out a mic and started beatboxing pretty expertly while one of the band members rapped over it. I’d say that the amount of talent she has in unfair but I think Cara is very entertaining so it’s better she has it than someone else.

Talent Surprise Factor: This is not very surprising at all, Cara is a very talented individual. What’s more surprising is her connection to another celebrities talent on this list. Margot Robbie actually gave Cara a tattoo at one point. Again I’m not completely surprised by this but it’s got more of a surprise factor than the beatboxing.

Matthew Perry a Professional Tennis Player

Long before Chandler Bing graced our screens with his never ending sarcasm, Matthew Perry would practice tennis for 10 hours a day, even becoming a top-ranked junior tennis player. I’ve always envied tennis players because of how much fun I had playing Wii sport tennis. If virtual tennis was that much fun, real tennis must be amazing.

Talent Surprise Factor: This one mildly surprises me because Matthew doesn’t seem like the athletic type. To be fair, I never encountered Matthew as a child so I have no idea if he was athletic back then, therefore making me completely unqualified to talk about this.

Rupert Grint Can Ride a Unicycle

Yes, I know the picture above isn’t Rupert on a unicycle. There is a circle in the picture however if you count the Quidditch goal posts and Rupert is technically riding a form of transportation. This also gives me an excuse to bring up “Harry Potter” even though an excuse isn’t really necessary. Long story short though, Rupert can ride a unicycle.

Talent Surprise Factor: We all knew that Ron had the talent to be keeper for the Gryffindor house team, the question was always about his nerves which he eventually overcame. He came up in the clutch and that’s what matters. For that reason I’m ranking this near the bottom, you can’t be surprised by a talent that you know is there, especially with the amount of Quidditch talent in the Weasley family.

Colin Farrell is a Real Life Irish Cowboy

A young Colin Farell would don a cowboy hat and boots to line dance in his native Ireland. At one point he was even giving lessons in the specific form of dance. In my opinion, this is as likely a pairing as mayonnaise and watermelon (it’s not good, just take my word for it and don’t ask how I know). You just don’t think of Ireland when someone brings up cowboys.

Talent Surprise Factor: As you might expect, this is extremely high up the list. If Collin’s talent was using phone booths I wouldn’t be surprised (I hadn’t brought up an obscure movie in a while), but line dancing is so completely out of left field I don’t know how you wouldn’t be surprised by this.

Snoop Dogg Coaches Football

As far as talents go, Snoop has taken this one to the extreme. Not only does he coach his own youth team, he started the youth league in which they participate. A docu-series was produced about Snoops experience coaching, he said the kids only know him as “coach”. Imagine they’re reaction when they find out who their “coach” really is.

Talent Surprise Factor: I don’t think the talent is the surprise here, it’s the amount Snoop has used his talent to make a positive impact on children. For someone who’s so entrenched is cannabis culture and gangsta rap history, it’s amazing how he can take those two things and use them to impact children so positively.

Angelina Jolie Love Knives

In addition to reportedly having a rather extensive knife collection ever since she was a child, Angie has knife skills as well which she’s demonstrated on late night talk shows. Apparently she’s also quite adept at knife throwing which isn’t surprising. She’s also tried to get her son Maddox into knife collecting, making for one of the strangest mother/son bonding hobbies in history.

Talent Surprise Factor: This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, Angelina has always been known as somewhat of a wild child, even if she’s calmed down now that she has children. I’d be more shocked if she didn’t have some sort of dangerous talent like this.

Eva Longoria Plays a Mean Clarinet

While she might’ve played drums during her high school days, Eva’s focusing all her efforts on mastering the clarinet, basically the wind instrument version of the drum. This was evidenced when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and had a clarinet war with the host. Safe to say neither of them won.

Talent Surprise Factor:  Like I previously mentioned, playing an instrument is not very surprising, that doesn’t make it any less impressive however. The issue is that I’m rating the talents based on surprisability and instruments just don’t have that.