What Is It About Cockroaches That’s So Repelling?

2. They Creepily Pop Out Of Nowhere

creepy cockroach

From the moment you spot that first cockroach in your crummy apartment, you know that you will not be safe from here on out. This renders a lot of us in a distressful abyss – They could be anywhere, under your bed, under the refrigerator, and every time they show up, they randomly jerk out of some random object. One time I nearly got a heart attack after a roach jumped out of my history book!

These creepy little hermits will even ogle on you when you’re in the shower; just imagine taking a !@#$ and all of a sudden you spot a cockroach on the floor next to you, looking at you like some kind of hobbit. Gives me the shivers…. Do yourself a favor, if you are living with roaches, carry roach spray with you at all times – you never know when one might pop out at you.