What Is It About Cockroaches That’s So Repelling?

1. The Way They Move

german roaches moving

Cockroaches move in grotesquely weird, spontaneously fast and jerky motions that makes us all fear for our lives when we are the victims of that display. You may be relaxing in bed, watching South Park on your laptop, and before you know it, you spot a cockroach, across from you in bed, just staring at you.. You have experienced the wrath of cockroaches before, and you know that if you make the slightest movement, the roach with swiftly glide in your direction. Nevertheless, you decide to take that chance, and summon the gonads to get out of bed slowly.

You are aghast to see the cockroach making a spontaneously swift move towards you, and you freeze in a hunchback position, the cockroach proceeds to stop in it’s tracks. You are doing a classic face off with the cockroach; finally you jolt out of the room, with the cockroach gliding towards you, coming THIS close to devouring you. However, you survive and manage to flee your bedroom, and arrive safely to your mommy’s room in tears (you’re a grown a$$ man). Easily the most disturbing aspect of their motion is that they are so big, yet SO fast!