The Weirdest Royal Traditions

Being part of the royal family will come with a set of rules and traditions, and that isn’t a surprising fact! While there are obvious ones such as conservative outfits and good manners, some of them can get strange.

Wondering what kind of odd royal family rules and traditions these members have to follow? Read on and see if you’d be able to do it yourself, if you were to be a part of the royal family soon.

Weigh Themselves Before AND After Christmas Dinner

This is probably the oddest tradition done, but the reason KIND of makes sense? All members of the royal family will be weighed before and after the Christmas dinner as a measurement of their stomach’s enjoyment. And enjoy they should, with a feast of delicious dishes all around!

Sure, it may sound harsh, but fortunately, there’s no judgement if you weigh more. In fact, they appreciate more if you weigh a few pounds heavier after that sumptuous dinner!

No Carbs?!

You read it right, no carbs such as potatoes, pasta and/or rice! This is horrific for a lot of people who absolutely adores these three main carbs, but it can be a relief for maintaining or losing weight. But how come the royal family doesn’t eat carbs?

This was a rule made by Queen Elizabeth II herself. The reason? She just doesn’t like these three types of food. A bit sad for carb lovers, but there are other alternatives to them, anyway!

No Monopoly

No, we’re not talking about the real government and business monopoly, but the BOARD GAME. This is probably a hilarious rule that a lot of families follow, too. While it’s unsure if other board games are allowed or not, Monopoly is a huge no-no at home.

From what Prince Andrew said, “it gets too vicious” when the game gets serious. They’re just like any competitive family out there and that’s pretty hilarious and relatable for all of us.

No Garlic

Garlic?! But this is one of the most used vegetables that can make ANY dish delicious and flavorful! Well, unfortunately like rice, pasta, and carbs, the Queen doesn’t allow it. It might be an allergy or an annoyance with the garlic breath after (in case they have other events to do after meals), but whatever the case may be, you’ll find no sense of garlic in their dishes.

Yes, we can say the Queen might be a picky eater!

They Have a Royal Baby Easel

This is such an adorable tradition that many love! Whenever a new royal baby is born, news would travel from the Internet or the newspapers. But the royal family still sticks to tradition and announces it with a fold easel in front of the Buckingham Palace. Regardless of how quick news travels online, this tradition is always done. And honestly, the crowd still loves it and flocks to the Buckingham Palace for a picture of this grand easel each time!

No Shellfish Allowed

Don’t worry, this isn’t the Queen’s doing again, but an official rule for a long time. It’s not that the royal family has a hatred towards shellfish, but because it may be related to health risks. When they are traveling abroad, none of the family members are allowed to consume shellfish. This is to prevent the risk of food poisoning from happening and affecting their schedule. No one wants to end up with a bad case of food poisoning, anyway!

Exchanging Presents on Christmas Eve

This makes a bit of sense and adds a bit of fun when being a part of the royal family! After all, they most likely have everything they need and want, so why bother making an extravagant wish list? Instead, they give the most humorous gifts rather than the serious and lavish ones.

As for the children, they may open other presents during the Christmas morning for their fun and amusement!

Need to Fold Napkins After Using

This is a pretty obvious rule that not only the royal family must follow, but anyone else when learning about table manners! You won’t want to create a mess in front of your meal, especially when you’re a royal and have to look presentable. As weird as it may be, they need to fold rather than crumple their napkins. Also, no one wants to see your dirty napkin, even  if you ARE a royal!

The Christmas Decorations Are Up Until February

We all have the bad habit of leaving Christmas decorations until late in January or February out of laziness, but the royal family actually does this on purpose. Obviously, it isn’t because of laziness or simply wanting to see the decor, but they leave it on until February 6, exactly. They leave it until this particular day because this is the death anniversary of the Queen’s father back in 1952.

The Queen Should Always Lead The Way

A lot of feminists probably love this rule, because it shows just how powerful the Queen is, even before her own husband, the Prince, or any male royal family member. Regardless of how old she is, the Queen must always lead the way, from officiating rules down to walking during events. That’s why you may have noticed that her spouse, Prince Philip should always walk a few strides behind his wife.

Handbags to Signify the End

This is a cool rule that a lot of families may start adopting in the future. The Queen’s handbag isn’t just used to carry her essentials, it’s used to signal a lot of things, specifically the end of an event. When the Queen places her handbag on the dinner table, it must mean she needs to exit the situation, so the event must be wrapped up. What a polite way to end things without saying anything!

Always Have an All-Black Outfit Prepared

Unfortunately, the all-black outfit isn’t to look slim or attract less attention. It’s actually needed just in case they need to attend a funeral! Sure, it’s a morbid rule to follow, but it actually doesn’t hurt to be prepared and you can’t blame them for being prepared. After all, a royal needs to be prepared no matter the occasion or where they are, but hopefully they never need to use it when traveling!

Charades Is a VERY Big Deal

While the board game Monopoly isn’t allowed to be played with, the common game charades is a huge deal to them. The royal family has to play a game of charades during the holidays, it’s tradition! The Queen watches and plays in amusement the entire time, and it must be such a fun and lively event! Harry may have actually had to warn Meghan NOT to upstage the Queen during the games.

Two Heirs Shouldn’t Travel Together

Taking two or more airplanes for a family trip is a pretty interesting rule to follow. And just like the all-black outfit preparation, this is a pretty morbid rule as well, though it’s often broken. Two or more heirs shouldn’t travel together, especially when their heir is a child. This is in case something happens to the other plane or vehicle, so if there is an unfortunate experience, the next heir takes charge.

Toast the Royal Chef

The royal head chef would come out to the dining room at times, and Christmas is one of them. When he does head out to the dining area, they all share a toast with the family, a lovely way to say thank you for his services throughout the entire year. It’s a heartwarming tradition meant to be followed for years and years to come! And with the delicious dishes rolled out, a thank you is well-deserved.

Wear Hats During Formal Affairs

This is a tradition or rule that a lot of the British would follow as well, and not just the royal family. During formal affairs, like weddings or militant affairs, all the women of the royal family require to wear hats as a part of their outfits. And when you see their hats, you’ll be in love with how it matches their entire outfits. Even their hats look as royal as they do.

Young Princes Need to Wear Shorts

Have you ever noticed that the younger princes like Prince George always wear shorts when outside? You’ve rarely seen him wear pants unless it’s a formal event or for photo shoots! Well, this is actually a rule for the royal family’s young boys. Only pants and trousers are for the older boys and men, so Prince George will need to wait for a few more years before pants become his staple in the closet!

Tiaras Are Worn After 6PM

Tiaras look so beautiful and lovely, and I’m sure if you were to wear one as a royal member of the family, you’d don that tiara for all hours of the day! Unfortunately, that isn’t allowed until 6PM, maybe for security reasons. But there are a few exceptions, such as attending rare formal events like the royal wedding. Furthermore, only married women can wear the tiaras, so that’s too bad for the single ladies!

The Queen Will Determine When Everyone Stops Eating

This sounds like such a harsh rule, but it’s always followed! When Queen Elizabeth II stops eating, all other diners will need to stop eating as well. Sure, it sounds a bit intense, but who can stop the Queen from leading the way? No one, obviously, and that’s nothing to be sad about. Just hope that Queen Elizabeth II is particularly hungry and doesn’t eat as quickly during the meals!

No PDA At All

This is an obvious rule for the royal family. After all, they wouldn’t want a scandal and be put on the news in bad light! Because of this, the royal family shouldn’t put a public display of affection, from heavy kissing to petting. Sure, it’s not a black and white rule, but it’s still heavily followed, especially by William and Kate (we can’t say the same for the cute lovebirds Harry and Meghan!).

None of the Royals Vote

None of the royal members do not vote. Not only that, but no one would weigh in on any politics-related topic, especially to the public. They ARE allowed to vote as there isn’t any law on it, but they choose not to. This is because it’s considered as unconstitutional and they have to keep a neutral stance to prevent swaying registered voters from going to one side because of what they say. That makes a lot of sense, though!

Follows The Church Of England Strictly

All royal members of the family are a part of the Church of England. Yes, even the newest royal member Meghan Markle needed to convert to the faith. All rules and traditions of the Church of England are strictly followed when you become a part of the royal family.

And did you know that the Queen is the Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England? That might be why!

No Selfies Allowed

While celebrities are allowed and love to take selfies with their fans, the royal family can’t do so. Not only can’t they take selfless, but photographs with the public as well! While one can’t hide from a crowd, they don’t engage in selfies and photos as much as other celebrities and famous people do. This might be hard for actress-turned-Duchess, Meghan Markle! But that doesn’t stop anyone from being nice and caring towards the public when out.

How to Enter an Event

When the entire royal family would enter an event, they don’t come in together or in a random order. They have to enter in a specific way! Obviously, Queen Elizabeth II would always go first, with her husband Prince Philip. The next in line would be Prince Charles and Camilla, then Prince WIlliam and Kate, then Prince Harry and Meghan. It’s not that confusing to remember and they go in by their order of role and heir.

First Six People In Line For The Throne Needs Permission From The Queen For Engagement

You read that right again! A royal member of the family so close to the throne can’t marry just anyone. They need to make sure that they are really meant for royalty and look like they can abide to the rules and traditions (and not just the weird ones). So yes, William and Harry needed to ask for permission before proposing to their now-spouses.

No Signing of Autographs

This is a pretty unfortunate rule, especially to those who encounter the royal family! You can’t take photos together, nor can you have an autograph by them, and if asked, they won’t give in to your request. This is for security reasons, to prevent any potential forgers from learning and mimicking the royal family’s handwriting and signatures. Imagine all the false autographs and signatures that can be done if ever! BUT, you can purchase an autograph from Queen Elizabeth I.

The Queen Can Drive Without a Driver’s License

The Queen may be above the law in a few cases, and this one’s one of them. She’s the only one in UK who’s able to drive without a license. Yes, she still is permitted to drive and won’t get a ticket for not bearing a license! And yes, she still drives her state car regularly, even at 92 years old. Talk about that strength and power in a woman like her!

Ravens At The Tower of London

This is more of a superstition than a rule or tradition for the royal family. Whatever may be the case, they are adamant of having at least six ravens that live in the Tower of London. Why? This is because if there are less than six ravens and they leave, then the crown and Tower would fall from power!

Right now, there are seven ravens residing in the Tower, with the names of Merlina, Poppy, Erin, Rocky, Gripp, Harriss, and Jubilee. Cute!

The Queen’s Swans Are Inspected and Counted

The Crown claims ownership of mute swans in open waters from England AND Wales. This was a rule back in the 12th century and there is even an ancient ceremony for the Queen, which is the Swan Upping. It takes place in the River Thames and headed by the Swam Marker. They would identify, weigh, and do health checks on the cygnets before they release them. And no, the Queen usually doesn’t take part of it (except in 2009!).

No Gender Reveals At All!

The royal baby’s gender isn’t revealed throughout the entire pregnancy. Even the parents-to-be aren’t aware of the gender until birth. William and Kate did not know Prince George’s gender before birth, though there are some rumors spread around on the Internet with the gender of the new royal baby on the way, with Harry and Meghan Markle!

Furthermore, they all will have three to four names, picked to honor the previous monarchs and royal relatives.