These Photos Demonstrate The Evolution Of Women Since 1903

1903 – Beautiful Soul Sealed In A Box


Even with Suffragettes in place, as well as the advent of the Labour & Liberal parties, women still had very few options in 1903, not to mention they were deprived of political rights.

Take a look at the woman in this photo – she’s dressed conservatively, her hair is calculated, her face reflects a sense of insecurity, and there is a vibe of hopelessness in her expression

1908 – Enhancement Of The Trapped Soul

1908 women

5 years passed, and feminist groups have achieved a more significant mark, but not sufficiently significant.

By the looks of these women, they appear to reflect a more rebellious expression than that 1903 woman – they look dissatisfied, and it appears that they have no problem passing on a vibe of disappointment; however, they still lack confidence, and they are dressed very conservatively.

1913 – The Soul Is Set Free, But Not Without Baggage

1913 women

This photo mirrors a significant difference from the women you saw in 1908. Suffragettes made significant strides in how women experience the world around them.

These women have a “happy” expression on their faces; in addition to this, they are wearing tank-tops, showing their legs without irrational feelings of shame, and they appear to have a more confident posture. However, notice their faces – it seems that they have no makeup on, and their hair is not made with assurance. Despite their smiles, the women in this photo, at least a few of them, still echo a gloomy aura (their eyes give it out).

1918 – It’s Time To Make A Stand

1918 women

These women appear to be more conserved this year, but perhaps it was just trendy at the time; at least they are dressed nicer, shows they are in control of their own preferences.

These women seem to have a tougher expression on their faces – they appear to reflect a “screw you, I am a woman and I’m proud” kind of attitude, but still, they are a long way from being fully content with themselves. They pass a rather bitter vibe, and they appear to lack confidence in themselves, despite their tough exteriors.

1923 – Making A Mark For Ourselves

1923 women

Not much difference from 1918. but if you notice something, please mention in the comments. The women in this photo (Cheer Ladies) appear to be dressed in their own choosing, but still seem rather conserved.

There still appears to be a lack of glee in their facial expressions.

1928 – Time To Toughen Up

1928 women

This photo was taken in the 1928 Olympics. Right away you can notice a momentous contrast – women are engaging in sports, and the ladies in this photo undoubtedly have a convincing chunk of muscle tone.

I still detect a touch of insecurity from a couple of them, but hey, we’re getting there!

1933 – A New Kind Of Star

1933 women

These are the stars of the 1933 film Little Women. Feminist groups have already played a monumental role in this image – women are starting to make their marks in Hollywood, and we are seeing a formation of female stars.

The faces in this picture appear to be less apprehensive, albeit they are still rather gloomy.

1938 – Let Girls Be Boys!

1938 women

This marks the year for cross-standards. Reasonably, girls are still girls, and boys are still boys, but girls are engaging in male-dominated activities, which they would have originally been frowned upon for engaging in.

The girls in this photo are showing a considerable amount of skin, and this photo clearly displays a mark in how women address themselves today. The girls in this photo are fishing like boys, and if you look closely, you’ll notice a footprint of bright radiance that is observed in women today.

1943 – The Moment We Integrate Into Society

1943 women

The photo you are seeing is more than just a couple of hard working individuals – it is the manifestation of 1943, when women achieved wage equality in Minnesota, and the beginning of an era for women in the workforce.

Right away I can sense a glittering vibe from these 2 women, and it appears they aren’t as hoarded in their demeanor. Their uniforms blend in with the male workforce.

1948 – Prosperity Is Out There

1948 women

The women you see here are union women – these are highly successful women who have a lot to prove, and their articulation speaks for itself.

They certainly have a diminished superficial daze in their smiles, and they parade a more confident posture; although it could still use some work.

1953 – It’s Time For Some Recognition

1953 women

If I were to observe this photo with color, I would be convinced it was taken in 2018, but it’s not. This photo was taken in the 1953 World Championships for Basketball – these women are the stepping-stone for women in sports.

Aside from just flaunting a trophy, their smiles show us how content they are about themselves.

1958 – Women In College

1958 women

The women in this photo are studying architecture at the moment; attending the University of Southern California. This is a significant step-up for women everywhere – education (college at the time) is the constitutional prerequisite for a glorious life, and women are getting a piece of the action.

They appear to be free of abashment in this photo.

1963 – The New Fashion

1963 women

The women in this photo are among the first to reflect a brandishing outlook to the world, contributing to the growing trend of female pride. 1963 exhibits a fashion that is not so distinctive from the fashion women that is typical of women.

Putting aside the clothes they are wearing, they seem to be the master of their own bodies, that is, they reflect a “I will be with whomever I please” attitude. Physically, they appear to be much stronger; they are noticeably more toned than their everyday 1950’s counterpart.

1968 – Ordinary Millennial??

1968 woman

Ordinary Millennial female?? Not quite, but close!

This photo was taken in 1968 – the woman in it is literally an imprint of women today; just look at the way she wears her hair, the egocentric way she closes her eyes when taking a bite of that pretzel, she is the spoor of a 21st century woman.

1973 – Successful Businesswomen

1973 women

Okay so we’ve already seen women in business, women in Hollywood, women in college, women blending into the job market, women fishing. So what makes these women any different? Here’s a hint – it’s not because they are successful businesswomen.

You’re looking at 5 of the first female members in the London Stock Exchange, and in this photo they are celebrating a big success in the stock market. Notice the way they’re holding up the glasses – not a lot of women celebrated this way before the 70’s, albeit they had all the tools necessary to live flamboyantly.

1978 – The Rise Of Hippie Women

1978 women

Looks familiar? You’ve probably encountered hippie women when you were in college – and you can thank the 70’s for that!

While some may not find big glasses, hipster clothing and stringy hair all that appealing, these features represent the fusion of men and women in our society.

1983 – Awakening The Devil Within

1983 women

It’s safe to say that women were making their marks long before the 80’s kicked in – but there is one trait they still harbored; they were all very introverted, and the former photos demonstrate that quite substantially.

But not in the early 80’s; the women you see here are proud, brandish, flashy, and aggressive – they certainly aren’t pushovers. By the face of it, it’s instinctive to feel a wave of confidence coming from them. And to be even broader, it appears women have begun to show their bellybuttons 😉

1988 – Male & Female Hippies Unite!

1988 women

By 1988, women and men are fully united on college campuses, via hippie culture.

College is an awkward time for any hippie, but you have to hand it to them, women in this era are a major contrast to that “trapped soul” you saw in 1903.

1993 – The Rise Of Female Colleges

1993 women

Female colleges existed in the 80’s, even in the 70’s, but by 1993, these campuses were abundant. The photo you see is situated in Jesus Women’s College, and these are the proud women who attend it! 🙂

Amazing how in 37 years we went from “the rise of women in college” to “the rise of female colleges”.

1998 – The Diversity Of Women In Sports

1998 women

Already in 1928 we recognized women in sports, and we were very much observant of them by 1953, but this photo represents a major discrepancy to what we’ve seen prior to 1998. It’s not just women who are engaged in sports, it’s the diversity of women in this vertical – this photo shows Chinese women, black women, and white women participating in basketball as a team.

As of this moment, no woman is being oppressed in our superb country! Women now have all the tools necessary to get ahead; it all depends on what they choose to make of themselves.

2003 – Women In Science!

2003 women

The 21st century has arrived, and as such, we were introduced to some groundbreaking technologies; the rate of technological progress is only accelerating. Here’s the catch – it’s not only men who participated in this colossal wave.

Women flexed the freedom they fought for since the early 1900’s, and received by the early 70’s, and got themselves entangled in the STEM tree.

2008 – Women In The Olympics!

2008 women

Again, women in sports is old news by now; this just further validates the notion that women have all the advantages men have, and it’s depicted in this photo, taken in the 2008 Olympics.

I don’t know about you folks, but I would not want to get on their bad side.

2013 – What’s That About Women Being Vulnerable?

women gym

These women made use of their freedom, and turned themselves in competitive bodybuilders.

I am yet to meet a man who would try something on them.

2018 – Women After The Movement

2018 women

At this point, it’s not just equal rights, women are the alphas of America. A lot of good things came from this movement; that is, a handful of dangerous predators were brought to justice. However, the greatest lesson we learned from this movement is not that there are a few sickos out there, it’s that social warfare never leads to any good.

I am not an opponent of this movement, hell, I am a woman, but I would like to see our society in peace again. Let’s not reverse all that progress we achieved, and let’s reunite together as a team!

Having said that, I cannot be more satisfied with the equality that we have enjoyed for the last several decades, and I cannot deny the divergence from 1903 to 2018.