The Most Overkill Job Titles Ever To Be Concocted By Mankind

Business Development Manager

The responsibilities that rest on a Business Development Specialist are sophisticated; it requires much analysis, as well as strategizing. However, they are really “just” Business Analysts, or Marketing Analysts. These are positions that require a considerable amount of skill (though I don’t think college is the best way to acquire these skills), but why do we have to throw “Development” on there; it makes them look like some sort of Industrial Engineers, but they are actually business professionals.

business development manager

Also, Business Development Managers are not really managers; don’t get me wrong it’s a very respectable profession, but again, they make reports and help organizations strategize, they do not manage anybody, or anything. Despite the necessity to possess some complex skills in order to perform this job, they don’t literally “develop a business”, most of the time they merely provide analyses and reports for an already mature business, and the business certainly benefits from it, but it is not built on it..