The Horrors Of Everyday Life – Everyday Things That Terrified Us As Kids

13. Flushing The Toilet

flushing the toilet fear

You would be surprised at how many kids have an irrational phobia when it comes to flushing the toilet. Why? The list could go on – But here are some interesting illusions Redditers conjured up. They should make more horror movies about toilets….

1. I somehow got it in my head that if I flushed the toilet, Ursula would creep out and kill me and my family. – u/haiyouguize

2. Put the toilet lid down before flushing for fear of poop-water splashing on you. – u/sethery839

3. After taking a huge !@#$ and flushing while staying seated, the toilet will clog up and rise up to your butt. u/writingforpennies

4. I’m terrified of being devoured by the toilet upon flushing it. – Me