The Horrors Of Everyday Life – Everyday Things That Terrified Us As Kids

13. Flushing The Toilet

flushing the toilet fear

You would be surprised at how many kids have an irrational phobia when it comes to flushing the toilet. Why? The list could go on – But here are some interesting illusions Redditers conjured up. They should make more horror movies about toilets….

1. I somehow got it in my head that if I flushed the toilet, Ursula would creep out and kill me and my family. – u/haiyouguize

2. Put the toilet lid down before flushing for fear of poop-water splashing on you. – u/sethery839

3. After taking a huge !@#$ and flushing while staying seated, the toilet will clog up and rise up to your butt. u/writingforpennies

4. I’m terrified of being devoured by the toilet upon flushing it. – Me

12. Glue

billy madison teacher glue

Many folks had an insidious feeling in their guts whenever being handed glue – the fear of touching some of that white stuff, and having your fingers stuck together for the rest of your life, that’s enough to give any small child the shivers.

I was particularly phobic about super glue – one time my teacher got her fingers stuff together with it; since then, I refused to touch the bottle.

11. Looking Up At The Sun

looking up at the sun

Now this is more reasonable than any other childhood fear you may have had – only sometimes you have to catch a glimpse of the sun.

As kids, we’re often told that if we so much as look at the sun, we will go blind. That is enough to give any child a phobia, and it is not necessarily true, only if you stare at it long enough – with a telescope.

10. Car Washes

larry david car wash

As kids, we had an unholy feared towards car washes; when I was a kid, I was hysterical whenever my parents took me to a car wash. Here’s how it works – you’re in the car enjoying a lollipop, you are aghast to notice that dreaded car wash sign in the premise of your dad’s vehicle. To your horror, he drives into the car wash, and you cry hysterically as the car moves closer and closer into that dark, cold, noisy, and watery passage.

The primary fear many of us experienced when entering a car wash was the illusion that we will be trapped inside there, with no way out. Many folks have also expressed the fear of being attacked by one of those robotic arms – no kid wanted to get spanked by one of those!

9. Elevators

vision quest elevator

I can only presume that all kids are, and were afraid of elevators. The thought of being stuck in one of those is something straight out of a horror movie, and god help your mom if it did, most kids would scream their lungs out while being caught in that scenario.

One time the elevator got stuck on me when I was a kid; I was completely alone, and a few minutes in I was dreaming up the possibly that I’ll be entrapped in that dense space for the rest of my life. Another fear that isn’t as irrational is the thought of the elevator spontaneously falling to your demise. And another related phobia involves being mutilated by the elevator door as it closes.

8. Escalators

funny escalator

When I was a kid, my mom told me to jump upon reaching the end of the escalator, because if I don’t, that crack at the end will absorb me. LOL MAMA! That’s one of the few reasons some kids are intolerant of escalators. Some of these fears are in-tangent, some of them are totally reasonable.

1. Fear of being absorbed by the crack at the end of the escalator

2. Fear of falling over the escalator,

3. Fear of rolling down the escalator

4. Fear of the escalator mutilating you.

7. Popcorn Ceilings

popcorn ceiling

“My childhood bedroom had a popcorn ceiling and I swear to god I always saw scary faces within the ceiling … I know it was my imagination playing tricks but I would lay there at night afraid of my ceiling. – u/lenerz

Popcorn ceilings are everywhere; in your parents home, in your friends home, in your home, in your grandma’s home. I am yet to meet a kid who does not know what a popcorn ceiling is, and I have not met a lot who weren’t terrified of it. Here are a few oddball fears; seeing creepy faces on the ceiling, fear of the ceiling falling and all of the pointy stuff falling right on your face, it just looks spooky. I was always a little unsettled with popcorn ceilings, though I never understood this irrational fear towards them.

6. Camera Flashes

camera flash on kids

I don’t know how it is these days, now that every 6-year-old has an iPhone, but back in the day, we were all terrified of camera flashes. Here’s an example:

Nearly all of the pictures of me aged between 3 and 5 show me with my hands in front of my face. – u/impossiblevoyage

There are a number of possible reasons for this, but here are a few of the more significant ones. I was never crazy about camera flashes myself when I was a kid.

5. Fear Of Swallowing Seeds


Most kids don’t like seeds, and it’s not because they don’t find it tasty or amusing, it’s because they are terrified of choking on the shells.. Growing up, your parents make sure to remind you of the dangers of choking on these things, perhaps they overdid it a bit.. I mean they basically concocted one of our greatest phobias!

4. Revolving Doors

revolving door fear

I don’t know about you, but I was always terrified of revolving doors – and I am positive a lot of kids were/are. The thought of getting stuck in one of those, while the oblivious mommy just keeps going and leaves you there, it’s enough to bring any small child to tears. There are kids who wouldn’t walk into a toys store for fear of getting caught in one of those.

I’m afraid that I’ll end up halfway out when the turn is over and the end will slice my back in half. – Some deleted reddit account

Whoah! I thought I was the only one! So I actually have the most insane reason why I think I’m scared of them. When I was little, I remember watching an episode of “V” where someone was cast into space in a glass coffin. I had a nightmare about it, and ever since then, I’ve been fairly clausterphobic, but add to that the glass factor of the door…NO THANK YOU. It’s my worst fear to get trapped in there – u/tonepoems

That’s just plain weird, but I suppose any child can manifest an illusion of being sliced in half by a revolving door.

3. Taking A Bath

drowing in bathtub

Lots of kids love baths; however, I am pretty confident that most of us were at one point terrified of taking baths when we were little brats. The thought of getting caught on something and drowning, falling asleep in the bath, or perhaps being pulled in by that Samara girl from The Ring, that terrified a lot of us.
It’s not unusual for parents to have to force there kids to take a bath..

2. Shower Drains

shower drain

As children, we have unusual phobias, it is not unusual for kids to be weary of certain objects, perhaps conjure up illusions about things. As such, shower drains is not an uncommon phobia among children – as kids, a lot of us were tormented by the though of being sucked up by one of these “black holes”.

Some folks also expressed fear of monsters emerging out of their shower drains.

1. Storm Drains

storm drain

Similar to shower drains, only much worse! These things are huge, and at the time when we were taking the form of small children, naturally we were horrified of falling into one of those.

Again, similar to shower drains, some scared individuals expressed fear of being grabbed by the boogyman’s hand..