The Hells Angels: Legacy Of The Notorious And Bloody Motorcycle Club

“Hells Angels” Was A Squadron In China During World War II

hells angels squadron in china during ww2

Arvid Olson had served in the Flying Tiger’s “Hells Angels” squadron in China during World War II. After the war, Olsen and many other veterans lived a compatibly dull existence, and decided to form a hard-living motorcycle club. Olsen suggested they call it “Hells Angels”, after the squadron in China.

Olsen’s nickname for the club has it’s roots in WWII for a good reason – American soldiers would traditionally give their squadron intimidating and ferocious nicknames, so as to appear dangerous to their enemies. Olsen had this vision with the now cutthroat Hells Angels.

For the first several years, Hells Angels was NOT a unified organization- so what led to the establishment of internal codes and admission standards?