The Hells Angels: Legacy Of The Notorious And Bloody Motorcycle Club

It All Started After World War II

1948 hells angels gang

It is no debate that the Hells Angels had their roots in 1948, in the then not so hippie Fontana, California. The gang stated out as a post WWII motorcycle club, where traumatized veterans of the gruesome war came together and formed the Pissed Off Bastards, which would later be rebranded into Hells Angels.

Why did they form after WWII? Well, according to members of the Hells Angels, the war concocted motorcycle club for 2 reasons – military surplus became available after the war, which would make motorcycles affordable. Lastly, life after the war left many hard-living young men lusting for volatility, and missing a sense of “soldier comradery”.

As a matter of fact, the name “Hells Angels” was inspired by the US Navy, as well as the Army and Marine’s. Don’t believe me? Read on to learn more.  

“Hells Angels” Was A Squadron In China During World War II

hells angels squadron in china during ww2

Arvid Olson had served in the Flying Tiger’s “Hells Angels” squadron in China during World War II. After the war, Olsen and many other veterans lived a compatibly dull existence, and decided to form a hard-living motorcycle club. Olsen suggested they call it “Hells Angels”, after the squadron in China.

Olsen’s nickname for the club has it’s roots in WWII for a good reason – American soldiers would traditionally give their squadron intimidating and ferocious nicknames, so as to appear dangerous to their enemies. Olsen had this vision with the now cutthroat Hells Angels.

For the first several years, Hells Angels was NOT a unified organization- so what led to the establishment of internal codes and admission standards?

Independent Groups Formed Across California

hells angels 1950s

After rumor spread about the so-called Hells Angels, independent gangs starting swarming the streets of San Francisco, in addition to other hopeless cities in California. These gangs called themselves Hells Angels, but were completely indifferent to one another.

These gangs were only concerned with themselves, until eventually, sometime in the 1950’s, the different groups came together and established a set of internal codes, as well as rigorous admissions standards. This move, would concoct the large-scale organization that is known today as Hells Angels.

This organization would eventually become the cornerstone of counterculture in America. More about that on the next page.

The Mama Of American Counterculture

hells angels counterculture

Hells Angels played a major role in the counterculture movement in California, especially in San Francisco. They were frequently seen causing a racket in music and social events, and their presence in the city played a strong influence on highly impressionable teenagers.

As a matter of fact, various leaders of Hells Angels were known to have ties, and were seen hanging out with counterculture music and expression stars such as Ken Kasey, The Merry Pranksters, Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, and much more.

Apparently, as hard as it is to believe, the Hells Angels are NOT the attention seekers they appear to be, as you’re about to explore on the next page.

The Hells Angels Don’t Want A Bad Reputation

hells angels good vs bad

Despite how perceive them, and the hilarious depiction South Park made of biker gangs, the Hells Angels do not want to be seen as outlaws who have nothing better to do than to wreck bars and make loud noises everywhere they go.

The Hells Angels call themselves a “percenter biker club”, based on the alleged statistic that 1% of the club’s members are troublemakers who give the gang a bad name, while the rest of the 99% are just innocent bikers who suffer the bad reputation. It’s worth mentioning however, that a sizable handful of members were convicted of crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder.

So when did the Hells Angels become an international brand? That’s what we’re going to dissect next. 

Becoming An Internationally Recognized Brand Name

hells angels london

Up until 1961, the Hells Angels were only seen and heard of in California, that isn’t until a few counterculture fanatics in New Zealand caught on to their brand, and started their own charter in the streets of Auckland. This triggered an epidemic of proclaimed Hells Angels gangs forming around the world.

The first European Hells Angels charter opened in London, in 1969, and onward, the brand spread across Europe, amassing 275 charters in the region. And before we even heard them coming, their were Hells Angels in Brazil, South Africa, and even Asia.

But what differentiates a Hells Angel from other biker gangs? Let’s delve into their cultural differences.

The Hells Angels Apparel

hells angels attire

Simply being a crowd of noisy insecure middle aged men is not enough to differentiate from other biker gangs, so the Hells Angels conjured up a unique attire to let everyone know who they are. Merely wearing a leather, or denim “cut” so they slang it, is no different from other biker clubs, so they made sure to include a colossal patch on the back with “Hells Angels” written on it, as well as the name of the specific charter on the bottom.

However, only a “full member” is worthy of flashing the red and white-winged “death head” logo, the HAMC (Hells Angels Motorcycle Club) and the number 81. What’s 81? 8 is the letter H, and 1 is the letter A, with H being the 8th letter of the alphabet, and A being the first; hence, 81=HA, short for “Hells Angels”. As a member proves his worthiness, he can earn other patches.

But what does a member have to do to prove his worthiness? How does one become a Hells Angel? Here’s how.

The Admissions System

hells angels initiation welcome

You don’t just walk into a Hells Angels bar and say “I would like to become a Hells Angel”. Becoming a member of the Motorcycle Club is a process that can take up to a few years to achieve, assuming you’re even a good fit to begin that process.

First off, you gotta have a valid motorcycle license, second, you must own a Harley Davidson motorcycle well over 750 CC. In addition to this, you need to have a “bad boy” personality that is adhesive to the other gang members. The last 2 requirements that are known to the public is that you cannot have been accused of molesting a child, or have ever applied to become a police officer or prison guard.

Once you meet those requirements, you are at first only eligible to “hang around” at the club. Learn more about that on the next page.

First Assignment With The Hells Angels: Hang-Around

hells angels the hang-around

Once a candidate is eligible to begin the “Hells Angels process”, the first level up the hierarchy would be that of a “hang-around”. As a hang-around, you are entitled to attend club meetings, as well as meet other club members at open-gathering locations, such as the traditional Hells Angels bar.

The purpose of this step is to give new members an opportunity to meet other members, make connections, and have a taste of the “Hells Angels lifestyle” before fully committing to it.

Next 2 steps up the Hells Angels ladder – Associate and Prospect. 

Associate → Prospect

hells angels prospects

After a grueling few years, and assuming you are still psyched about it, you may be offered the opportunity to become an associate. As an associate, you will maintain your privilege to attend events, meet other club members, and prove your worth to the club (so basically nothing new).

After another few years as an associate, you can move up to become a prospect. This time, you will be able to attend closed meetings, though you will not be allowed to vote on “club business”. The possibility of you becoming a full-patched member rests on the decision of other full-patched members, who have the power to decide whether to initiate prospects as full-patched members. Prospects also get a to wear a cut with a patch displaying the state, or territory, of their respective charter.

But how do fully-patched members decide whether to initiate a prospect as a fully-patched member? The answer to this is that they vote unanimously, as you will read about next. 

Fully Patched Members Vote On A Prospect’s Initiation

hells angels initiation ceremony

In order for a prospect to become a fully-patched member, all of the fully-patched members in the specific charter have to vote for his initiation, unanimously.

Once, and assuming if, the prospect gets the votes in his favor, he becomes the subject of an initiation ceremony, where he finally receives his top Hells Angels rocker and winged death head logo. The process of being voted a fully-patched member is referred to as “being patched”.

But there is yet another patch to be earned after this, and you must never mess with a member who flaunts it..

Beware Of The “Filthy Few” And “Dequiallo” Patches

hells angels the filthy few

These two patches give even the spookiest fully-patched members goosebumps. A member who exhibits the Filthy Few patch on his cut is letting the other members know that he had at one point committed a murder for the club.

And yet another patch equally as bloody, the Dequiallo patch, is worn by members who have engaged in violence towards law enforcement while being placed under arrested. These meaning behind these two patches was spilled by a former member by the name of Tony Thompson, in his novel Gangs.

Ever heard of Hunter S. Thompson? This man rode with the Hells Angels for a year, and proceeded to exploit them. More detail on that next.

The Man Who Exposed The Angels

hunter s thompson

Hunter S. Thompson was the granddaddy of the Gonzo journalistic movement, where a journalist gathers information about a particular group by joining them, which is precisely what Thompson did, he rode with the Hells Angels, and by god he got a lot of information from them.

Thompson spent a year with the club, living their lifestyle, riding a Harley Davidson, engaging with the members, and hanging out at his charter’s clubhouse. The writer was able to gather enough information about the ins and outs of the notorious motorcycle club, before he had a falling out with them. One night at the club, one of the members was viciously beating on his wife, and Thompson heroically tried to stop him, only to be on the receiving end of a monstrous beatdown. That was the breaking point for Thompson, and he decided to publish his work. The Hells Angels were furious, accusing Thompson of “exploiting them for his own personal gain”, hence, demanding a share of the profits. Thompson courageously didn’t give them a dime, and his novel, Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, was a huge success.

This next guy wasn’t so lucky with the Angels..

The Bloody Altamont Concert Incident

altamont concert incident

On one dim day in 1969, a concert was held at the Altamont Speedway, and somebody had the dumbfounding idea to hire the Hells Angels for event security. A short while in, the musicians performing in the concert, as well as the crowd indulging in it, realized it was a very foolish idea.

An altercation arose that involved a bunch of rowdy concertgoers, where the Hells Angels brutally beat them without mercy. The bloodshed escalated when a man by the name of Merideth Hunter pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at the Hells Angels. Fortunatly for the wild bikers, Hunter was quickly pinned down by fellow bikers. One of the Hells Angels, Passaro, stabbed Hunter to death while he was on the ground. Passaro was swiftly arrested and charged with first-degree murder, but was set free amid video footage that showed Hunter with the gun, ruling the barbarous stabbing as self-defense.

Following this incident, claims of racism within the Hells Angels have surfaced. Are these claims true?

Are Hells Angels The Racists They Are Presumed To Be?

hells angels black

The Hells Angels claim that they are not racially segregated, but one has to ask just by going inside one of their clubhouses, where are all the black people? Well according to the founder and key leader of Hells Angels, Sonny Barger, who stated in an interview “The club, as a whole, is not racist, but there are probably enough racist members that no black guy is going to get in.”

It’s long been a universal understanding, that if you are white, you join the Hells Angels, if you are black, you join the Dragons. On the contrary, Tobie Leningston, the leader of the Dragons, had been notorious for having a long-lasting and close friendship with Sonny Barger, and that the two clubs have been seen to get along with one another.

But do Hells Angels always get along with each other? Not exactly….

Clash Of The Charters: The Lennoxville Massacre

lenoxville massacre hells angels

Some of the charters within the Hells Angels don’t see eye-to-eye; in particular, those that are demographically close to each other. An that’s exactly what led to a bloodbath in 1985, when five members of the Hells Angels North Laval Quebec we brutally murdered by members of the Montreal, Quebec, and Nova Scotia charters.

Apparently, the North Laval victims were presumed to be liable members, so they were sneakily invited to the Lennoxville clubhouse, where they were viciously beaten and shot to death. Their bodies were dumped into the St. Lawrence River, where they were eventually discovered. Five of the members involved in the slaying were sentenced to life in prison, but were somehow all released by 2013. This incident is known as the Lennoxville Massacre.

Ever watched Sons of Anarchy? Some of the recurring actors were REAL Hells Angels! 

Sons of Anarchy: The Real Deal

sons of anarchy

If you have ever watched sons of anarchy, you should know that this show is loosely based on the Hells Angels. A whole bunch of the plot points are actually happened in real-life, and the show depicts some of the chaos that the Hells Angels experienced throughout their history.

Now for the interesting part; actors who took part in the show, including David Labrava, Chuck Zito, and Rusty Coones, were/are real-life Hells Angels. Kurt Sutter mentioned that he had Labrava as his technical adviser, to help make the show realistic, and as representative as possible when depicting the Hells Angels. He played the character “Happy”, a major character, for the entirety of the show.

To make matters more interesting, a founding member and leader of the Hells Angels was also a recurring actor on the show. More on him next.

Sonny Barger: Face Of The Hells Angels

sonny barger

Although every Hells Angels charter has their own president, and they are completely autonomous, Sonny Barger is the Angel everyone looks up to, and as a result, is the inspirational authority of for the whole motorcycle club. He is the president of the Oakland charter, and is an original founding member of the Hells Angels.

Though now 78-years old, he is still riding with the Angels, and is by far the longest lasting member of anyone in the club. Barger managed to stay out of prison for the majority of his life, although he served a 4-year stunt after trying to blow up a rival gang’s clubhouse in 1988. Barger was naturally chosen to be in numerous films and television shows, and even authored novels about his life, and the Hells Angels.

While Sonny Barger represents the good side of the Hells Angels, this next president is notorious for giving the club a bad reputation.

Maurice “Mom” Boucher: The Mother Of Hell

maurice mom boucher

Maurice “Mom” Barger is one of the most notorious ex-presidents in Hells Angels history. He was the well-respected president of the Montreal charter during the infamous 8-year long Quebec Biker war with the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club; the war brought the whole city of Quebec into a state of catatonic panic. This war, resulted in Barger getting three life sentences after being convicted of murder and drug trafficking.

Before becoming a lawyer, Barger was a member of a white supremacist biker gang called SS. This dude was responsible for the Lennoxville Massacre mentioned earlier, making his THE most ruthless leader in club history.

Despite their vicious opinion of law & order, the Hells Angels are ironically notorious for filing lawsuits. They sure were a headache for these 2 companies.

Hells Angels Sue Disney & Toys “R” Us

hells angels sue disney

Being that the Hell’s Angels evolved from simply being a pile of middle-aged men on motorcycles, to a full-blown “corporation”. they are no strangers to the inevitable legal affairs that comes with it. In 2007, the Hells Angels sued Disney for using the “death” logo of the club in the film “Wild Hogs” without their permission. Just look at how hilarious Mickey Mouse is as a Hells Angel!

Following this lawsuit, they filed a lawsuit against Alexander McQueen for misuse if the trademark winged death head symbol, as well as Saks Fifth and, who sell rings, that exhibits the symbol. To make matters more hilarious, they sued Toys “R” Us, allegedly because they sold yo-yos which had the “Death Head” logo printed on it. The mentioned lawsuits, however, are just nodes in a long string of lawsuits filed by the Hells Angels, because they protect their branding in a way parallel to the reaction Steve Jobs displayed when Bill Gates stole his operating system.

Now lets get to the stuff that matters – the notorious club president who allegedly cooperated with the police.

George Christie – The Presumed Rat

george christie

George Christie was the former President of the Hells Angels Ventura, California charter. He had a good-run with the Hells Angels, proudly being the lead for their noisy and frequent rides in the city, that is, until 2001. That year, the club suspected that he had been cooperating with the police, although that hadn’t been proves. Nevertheless, that’s a big “no no” for any Hells Angels member, and he was thrown out of his own club for a “bad standing”.

Despite his supposed collaboration with the police, Christie was sentenced to a year in prison due to his association with a firebombing, as well as the extortion of a tattoo shop in Ventura.  After his released, he went on to work with the History Channel show Outlaw Chronicles, and is working on a novel, which will supposedly depict his long string with the Hells Angels.

Though Christie was no longer a member of the club, he still rode with the Angels, even fighting for them at a concert in 2003, as you will see next.

Christie Was Denied Access To The Ventura County Fair

goerge christie ventura county fair

George Christie was excited to attend the 2003 Ventura County Fair, but was overwhelmed to learn that he was denied access. This isn’t the first incident, as the guards denied him access to the fair a year earlier, in 2002. Apparently, he violated their policy by wearing the gang attire and tattoos, which was Banned at the fair.

Christie himself: “This is a constitutional thing for one, but it goes far beyond that. This is not something I take lightly, or something I just do on weekends. I’m a Hells Angel 24 hours a day. I’ve dedicated my life to it, and I equate that to religion.”

It was made clear that Christie can attend the Fair without the club attire, but Christie was not willing to give in. See what transpires next..

Christie Cries Discrimination

george christie court

For George Christie, it was a slap on the face that the Fair banned Hells Angels attire and tattoos, and he was very quick to dismiss it as a discriminatory act.

The Hells Angels claim to be law-abiding citizens, and that the motorcycle gang should not be confused for a gang. More often than not, Christie supports this claim by referring back to the 2002 ruling, where a judge stated that there was no evidence that the Hells Angels was a street gang.

George Christie wan’t the first President to have departed from the gang. Otto Friedli, founding member of the Hells Angels, had to leave amid “legal issues”.

Otto Friedli: The Man Who Started It All

otto friedli

Otto Friedli was the primary founding member of the Hell’s Angels, and one of the original members of the Pissed Off Bastards of the Bloomington Motorcycle Club. He had quite a ride with the gang, until he was arrested and sent to prison, afterwhich Sonny Barger took over a National President of the club.

After he was released from prison, Friedli joined the Black Sheep Motorcycle Ministry, and left the Hell’s Angels, though he remained on good terms with them.

This next Angel was never a President, but he was equally as infamous as Sonny Barger and Otto Fredli, and a good example for what a Hells Angel should truly be.

Terry The Tramp: The Role-Model Of Oakland, California

terry the tramp

Terry the Tramp was an old time, an Angel who rode with the Oakland charter back when they were at their fiercest. He was so notorious, that was features win the moderately popular film Hells Angels 69, and was referenced numerous times in Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

He had the fortune of riding side by side with club president Sonny Barger, where he make his name. After a long and wild ride with the Hells Angels, he eventually had a drug overdose at the age of 30 in 1970, where he was declared dead. However, his name still shadows every single Hells Angel today, and is often used as an example for juniors in the motorcycle club.

This next Angel, however, is a true example for what a Hells Angel SHOULD NOT be..

Yves “Apache” Trudeau: The Coke-Fueled Rat

yves apache trudeau

Tves Trudeau, aka, “The Mad Bumper”, was a former member of the Canadian Hells Angels North Chapter in Laval, Quebec. Bet he was not just any member in the Motorcycle Club, he was THE go-to hitman for the charter; whenever the club didn’t to ‘off’ someone, they would send Trudeau. Over the course of his ride with the Angels, and his rise to infamously within the club, Trudeau started taking to cocaine, and eventually became paranoid, convinced that the other members of his club wanted him wacked. So, he did what every coke head would do, he became an informant for the police.

Trudeau was facing a life sentence without parole, but in exchange for information about himself and the Angels, he would get the possibility of parole in seven years. The beans he spilled shook even the police chief; Trudeau admitted to murdering 43 people between September 1973 and July 1985, giving every last detail. He did not only bring down himself, but a lot of other Angels with him. After his parole in 1994, he was given a new name under anonymity, to protect himself from the vengeful and bloodthirsty Hells Angels. His freedom didn’t last long, when on March 2004, he broke the most sacred rule in the Hells Angels, he sexually assaulted a young boy. Rightfully so, he received an additional 4 years. At some point, Trudeau was diagnosed with cancer and moved to a different prison.

Here’s an interesting one – apparently the Hells Angels tried to whack a famous rock star.. 

Mick Jagger Gets On The Wrong Side Of The Angels

mick jagger

Mick Jagger isn’t just known for his drug fueled relationship with his addled ex-girlfriends, he had a bounty on his head.

Get a load of this, it was concluded that the Hells Angels ordered a hit on him; it was a botched assassination attempt that was situated at his holiday home in the Hamptons.

But why did the Hells Angels want him dead? More on that next.

Remember The Deadly Altamont Incident?

mick jagger hells angels

Mick Jagger and his band, Rolling Stones, performed on that bloody Altamont concert, when attendees went wild, and the Hells Angels, who were hired as security, made a racket out of it. When Meredith Hunter pulled out his gun, an Angel was forced to stab him to death.

This understandably appalled Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, and the band vowed to cut ties with the Hells Angels. The Angels were outraged, and vowed to have their revenge on Mick Jagger.

So how did the Angels plan to assassinate the almighty rock star? 

A Plan From The Angels

hells angels boat

The Angels planned to surprise Jagger from the sea, while he was enjoying himself on his exotic beach house.

According to a Tom Mangold, a BBC presenter – “They planned the attack from the sea so they could enter his property from the garden and avoid security at the front.”

But it seems Jagger was blessed with divine intervention, WELL, more like a natural intervention from the almighty sea..

The Storm That Saved Mick Jagger


This is where the story really get crazy; as the men loaded up on the boat and were prepared to shower Mick Jagger with bullets, a storm came crashing in and the bikers were reduced to Bikini Bottom..

Mangold reported – “A group of them took a boat and were all tooled up, but their boat was hit by a storm and all of the men were thrown overboard.”

This botched assassination attempt brought serious repercussions to the Hells Angels, as you will see next.

The FBI Had Enough Of The Angels

hells angels fbi

After the assassination attempt on Mick Jagger, the founder of the FBI was convinced that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization, and ruled them as such.

So he cooked up a plan; he would assign some of his agents to infiltrate the Hells Angels, in order to gather information about them. It was through one of those agents that the FBI learned that the Angels were responsible for the assassination attempt on Jagger.

How did the FBI act in light of this information?

They Didn’t Have Much To Act On


According to Mangold, because no actual crime had been committed, there was nothing to act on, and there was nothing the FBI could do.

However, this information was the motivating factor behind the FBI’s pursuit on the Hells Angels.

This next incident with the Angels gave the FBI even more reason to pursue them.

Hells Angels VS. Rock Machine: Bloodbath

hells angels vs rock machine

The Hells Angels have a lot of pride, it’s only inevitable that they will feud with a rival motorcycle club that does exactly the same thing, and this is precisely what happened with the Rock Machine.

But it wasn’t merely a competition over who could make the most noise on the streets, or who has the prettiest clubhouses. The war between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine manifested out of drug distribution in similar territories. They were pushing and pulling for control of the Canada-US border, and this drug war terrorized the city of Quebec, and all of it’s residents. It was this war that fueled the FBI’s hatred for the Angels.

Which is the reason the FBI decided to raid one of their clubhouses. More on that next.

FBI Raids Toronto Clubhouse

hells angels toronto clubhouse raid

Due to the violence that was concocted by the Hells Angels-Rock Machine war, and the reputation it gave the Angels, the law enforcement kept their clubhouses on the radar, specifically in Canada.

Eventually, as you see in the image, Toronto Police decided to raid and confiscate the Toronto clubhouse, and put it on the market. The proceeds of the sale went into funding the a new crime bill.

Next up: see what transpired when the police decided to raid a Hells Angels clubhouse in Germany.

100 Police Officers Came Prepared For A Raid In Germany

hells angels germany raid armored vehicle

The German police could not have been more prepared for this raid; they gather 100 police officers, brought them to the clubhouse in an armored truck, and automatic weapons.

When they arrived, they bashed the clubhouse with the truck, breaking down it’s doors. The police arrested 12 members of the Hells Angels, and seized all of their weapons. The raid was motivated when rival gang violence escalated between the Hells Angels and another motorcycle club, the Bandidos.

With all the bloodshed in Canada and Germany, one incident in 1965 really pissed off the FBI, and instilled fear on every community that harbors the Angels.

Incident In An Anti-Vietnam War Protest

anti vietnam war protest

The Vietnam War was a bloody affair that brought upon deep emotions across the United States and beyond. In 1965, protest was held at the Berkeley-Oakland line in California, protesting against the war in Vietnam.

Given the hard-living nature of the Hells Angels, and their roots in WWII, the Angels decided to raid the protest, and stopped protesters from entering Oakland. 35 Angels reaped havoc on the march, until the violence led to a police cordon. A fight escalated, which resulted in a cop from Berkeley breaking a leg. Surprisingly, just two Hells Angels were arrested for the incident.

Following this incident, the Hells Angels were getting a lot of heat from the press, and decided to handle it the right way, as you will see next.

Discussing The Incident

hells angels vietnam war protest incident conference

About a month following the Angels attack on the Anti-Vietnam War protesters, the group made the wise decision to host a press conference. Sonny Barger assured the press that the Angels will not follow through with their plans to disrupt another upcoming anti-war protest.

Barger said he feared the protesters “may provoke us to violence.”

And from that point onward, Sonny Barger took many initiatives to give the Hells Angels a better image. More on that next.

Cleaning Their Image

hells angels thrush nightclub

In 1978, following the Berkeley incident, the Manhattan chapter insisted on improving the club’s reputation within the city. So they decided to do something that will surely earn them love and admiration, they threw a party. The party was held at Thrush nightclub on February 28, 1978.

The Angels invited the press, and their female companions to make things interesting.

This initiative was successful with the press, but law enforcement were still not convinced of their innocence. More on that next. 

Not A Club: A Vicious Gang Of Thugs

hells angels police

Despite all their attempts to try and prove they are nothing more than an innocent club, law enforcement had a hard time getting around the numerous incidents involving the Hells Angels, and their obvious inclination to drug trafficking and sex trade.

Even The Richest Magazine stated “This biker gang is responsible for about 90% of both the drugs and the sex trade in Canada. That sounds more like gang activity and not your average club actions.”

Up Next: A Canadian politician had ties to the Hells Angels!

Toronto’s Former Mayor “Rode” With The Angels

rob ford hells angels

It’s no wonder Canada became infested with middle aged men riding boisterous Harley Davidsons. Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto, was caught posing for the cameras with known members of the Hells Angels, and naturally, people of Toronto started to make connections.

When these pictures surfaced the media in Canada, he denied ever knowing them; however, one would have to do some serious mental gymnastics to get around the video footage that was released of him prior to this, which caught him smoking pot and making racist comments.

It is especially demanding to assume the Hells Angels’ innocence following the 1983 documentary Hells Angels Forever. Lets go over that next.

Documentary: Hells Angels Forever

1983 hells angels forever film premiere

It finally happened, in 1983, somebody had the balls to release a documentary featuring the Hells Angels. Everybody was psyched about it, including the late Robin Williams and his wife Valerie, who attended a party to celebrate the film’s premiere.

Even the Hells Angels were flattered, evidential when Chuck Zito, the Vice President of the Hells Angels New York chapter, attended the premiere.

Of all the frenzy that was depicted in the film, viewers were most baffled by the “women culture” in the Hells Angels. More on that next.

Women Who Ride With The Hells Angels

hells angels women

It’s no shock that many women dig the “dangerous lifestyle”, accompanied by “counterculture bad boys”. Having said that, the Hells Angels experienced no headaches in getting women to ride with them, and their communication with them is baffles many people.

Women are typically seen cruising on the back of the bikers, flipping the bird to the cameras. Many of the gals also wear the Hells Angels cuts, exhibiting patches that spell out “support your local 81.”

Women were also seen to be equally committed to the club, as we will go over next.

Female Angels Get A Piece Of The Action

women in the hells angels

Although it’s extremely rare to see a lady commanding a Harley Davidson, the women in the Hells Angels are just as dedicated to the club as the men. These wild women take on the same risks, and make stringent commitments to the club.

Dumbfounding to the majority of normal society, the men in the Hells Angels share the women in the club, taking turns in making out with them, and even engaging in open relationships.

Ladies who ride with the Angels also marry the Angels. Next you will see a wedding that is celebrated Hells Angels style!

Marrying An Angel

hells angels wedding

This photo shows Golly and Sugar getting married like true Hells Angels; both of them are under the age, and they could care less about formalities and fancy wedding outfits.

This is traditionally the case, it’s not uncommon for Hells Angels to spontaneously decide to initiate a wedding, proceeding to horde a church and swift through the wedding. To make matters more bizarre, a lot of Hells Angels weddings end in violence, with Angels, sometimes even those getting married, being arrested for assault.

Remember George Christie? He finally decided to spill the beans, as he opened up about the Hells Angels on a popular TV show. 

Longest-Sitting President Spills The Beans

george christie opens up about the hells angels

The longest-lasting president in Hells Angels’ history, George Christie, whom I’ve mentioned left the motorcycle club on fairly decent terms, sent shock waves by opening up about the group in a TV special called Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels. He revealed many of the club’s secrets that we know today, and insisted that the motorcycle club is not a gang.

Quoted by Christie himself: “My position, and I hold it steadfast throughout all six episodes, is the Hells Angels is not a criminal organization, but there are criminals within the organization like there are in any walks of life.”

So what made Christie spill the beans?

I Am Not A Gangster

george christie hells angel

Christie rode with the Angels for 35 years, and understandably so, he was fed up with the bad rep his fellow brotherhood had been getting in recent years. To protect his legacy, he decided to open up about the motorcycle club. He felt, due to the fact that it’s coming from him, and not some third-party source, he could help people understand the true face of a Hells Angel.

Christie tells us: “I figured it was the appropriate time to tell the story from my perspective and my words. It’s interesting because it’s not really from a law enforcement perspective. That’s usually the way these stories are told. It’s very unique.”

Isn’t Christie worried about being targeted by the Angels after spilling their secrets?

There Are Consequences For Speaking Out About The Angels

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George Christie successfully left the Hells Angels following is “revelation”, and managed to remain on friendly terms with them for the most part. However, the Hells Angels have a reputation for hunting those who speak out about them.

Christie isn’t too worried about it, but he has some mixed feelings. He states: “That’s really not an issue with me, certainly there are people that have taken exception. When you’re a leader in an organization for 35 years and you have a revelation and decide to leave, certainly there’s a faction of your old associates that aren’t going to be happy with you.”

Christie has an interesting analogy about how he felt leaving the Hells Angels.

It Felt Like A Divorce

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Christie is not paranoid about the club coming after him after leaving, even after he spilled the beans on them. But he stated that leaving the club shares the same feeling many people get when getting a divorce.

Christie said: “When I left, it kind of reminded me of a divorce: At first, everyone wanted to be amicable. They weren’t happy about my decision, but they understood it. As things progressed, it became aggressive, and it was hard to take.”

Christie even discussed why he joined the club in the first place, and it’s quite inspirational.

What Convinced Christie To Join The Hells Angels?

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Nobody lives and breathes something for decades without an underlying inspiration. For some Angels, the feeling of brotherhood compensated for a scarcity of other things, or it might provide a feeling of security, similar to joining a college fraternity. As for Christie, he valued the rigorous code of honor the Hells Angels abide by.

He says: “I felt there was really a code of honor despite what society-at-large would think, these were guys I could trust. I knew if I confided in them or told them something, they wouldn’t take it and use it against me.”

What was Christie hoping to gain from this story?

He Just Wanted Proper Representation

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As we have already established, Christie does not want his 35-year legacy as an Angel to be viewed upon as “gang membership”. Christie is confident that his story will help shed some new light on the conversation, and help those who don’t understand the Hells Angels view them from a different angel.

“What I want [viewers] to understand is they have completely misinterpreted what the organization is all about and what its primary function is,” Christie said.

Now for the elephant in the room: why did Christie leave the Hells Angels?

We Became The Bureaucracy We Once Rebelled Against

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For a man who spent 35 years commanding the Angels, he must have had some serious resistance to leaving them. For Christie, it was like entering a new world, where everything is as bizarre as the Hells Angels themselves are for most people.

According to Christie, this is why he left the club: “I felt we became the people we rebelled against, and that’s exactly what I told them at the meeting when I left,” he proceeded “At one time, we would interact with all the clubs up and down the coast, and by 2011, we were fighting every major outlaw-bike club in the United States—plus law enforcement.”

So, finally, Christie decided to write his novel.

This Novel Could Set The Record Straight

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Having lived his years receiving uncomfortable vibes from others, who suspected the worst of him and his comrades, Christie hopes that this novel will clear the air, and earn him a decent image that he could live on for his remaining years.

“All of a sudden I had people I’ve never met before, who weren’t even club members, who were maybe who you’d call loose associates or fans or whatever, coming at me, making accusations and whatnot. I decided to set the record straight,” Christie said.