7 Of The Biggest Pyramid Schemes In Everyday Life

2. Gyms


Now read this before you start sending death threats! Exercise is a priceless necessity, and we all need to get our fat a$$e$ off the couch and lift some weights. However, I cannot shake the bitter awareness that gyms are just another everyday pyramid scheme, masked by a sugar coated principle. Why you ask? Where to begin..

By insisting that you be part of a company membership program, they appear incredibly cunning to companies, possibly big ones; hence, rejecting just a few hermits can score them hundreds of loyal customers. By committing to one year, they get a guaranteed revenue for a year. By insisting that you refer a friend, they built a pyramid of suckers who bamboozle a bunch of equally illiterate suckers. By pretending they care about your training, they concoct an illusion that they offer something you can’t get at home.

How many of you brainiacs watched How I Met Your Mother? Now how many of you joined a local gym because you were “assisted” by a custardly hot personal training dressed in workout uniform? You’re not alone.. Gyms hire models to be sales representatives. Aside from merely hiring naturally good looking personal trainers to assist you when you first walk in, they also build a pyramid of fit and good looking customers. From the minute you walk in that door, you see the most attractive people you can lay eyes on. You won’t just lock yourself into 1 year membership, you will “encourage” your friends to do the same. You can’t say NO to them after you see what’s in store for you, and health clubs everywhere are capitalizing on human sex drive.