Should Your Favorite Disney Movie Be Remade In Live Action? Find Out Below!

With seemingly every animated Disney movie available being churned into a live action remake , it begs the question, which movies do we actually want to see remade in live action? Lucky for you I’m here to answer that question, complete with my own childhood biases, stupid plot reimaginations  and overall intellectual examintation of each, not yet live, Disney/Pixar film!

Toy story

We’re talking about the original “Toy Story” here, so keep in mind that this would mean altering a groundbreaking animated film. To be honest, I don’t really see a point of making a live action version of this. All the characters would still need to look like toys, therefore negating most of the appeal of remaking this using real people. The only way this could work is if they decide to completely flip the movie on it’s head and create a universe where toys play with humans. Then Andy and his family would be toys playing with human Woody and Buzz. Actually, I’m going to nix this idea before it fully forms because even beginning to imagine Sid’s toys as humans is downright terrifying.

Verdict: NO


I’d say Hercules is near the top of my  “best songs from a Disney movie list”. That should put a lot of pressure on a live action version to get it right but I think it could be pulled off. This entire movie could be a huge CGI spectacle. Hades would need to have constant fire surrounding him, ala Nicolas Cage’s “Ghost Rider” (I also wasn’t expecting a “Ghost Rider” reference and I wrote it). Hades’ monsters would also have to be top notch and we could even have a Chris Evans in “Captain America” moment where one instance, Hercules is a skinny little kid and the next he looks like 70’s Arnold Schwarznegger. I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I think this could be a hit.

Verdict: YES

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. was my favorite movie growing up and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. That said, I have no interest in seeing this movie as a live-action remake. I just feel like some of the monsters might look like a dialed back David Cronenberg mess which isn’t something I want to look at. On the other hand, flipping this universe into a horror movie under the same David Cronenberg influence could be a masterpiece. You could even have Mike Wazowski  performing stand up at the end of the movie to whatever poor kid they’re trying to get screams out of as a sadistic joke. As someone who’s partial to the horror genre I think I would enjoy that, otherwise, as my favorite former “American Idol” judge used to say, it’s a no from me dog.

Verdict: NO (But yes as a creepy horror movie)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A monument to animation and cinema as a whole, “Snow White” is itching for a live- action remake. This movie is as classic as it gets and I think it deserves to be remade properly. I know a lot of you are probably saying “but there already is a remake in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’” but let’s not pretend like that’s the same story. It may have all the same characters but it couldn’t be further from the original. Kids these days deserve to be introduced to the story that paved the way for every animated film to this day. I’m not saying they can’t deviate from the script a little bit as it is noticeably dated being from 1937 , but it needs to be distinguishable similar to the original.

Verdict: YES

The Incredibles

I don’t think anyone is asking for more live-action superhero movies. Since the year 2000 there have been nearly 70 superhero movies based on Marvel and DC heroes and that’s not including superhero movies from other brands not named Marvel or DC (such as “The Incredibles). One of the main reasons this film stands out, while seemingly drowning in  an ocean of films like it, is because it’s animated. Making it live-action would turn “The Incredibles” into just another superhero movie. I don’t want that, you don’t want the, the royal “We” doesn’t want that. Let’s all just agree to leave “The Incredible” alone because it’s perfect the way it is. Besides, I don’t think there is an actor alive who could accurately emulate the elegance that is Edna Mode.


Lilo and Stitch

In my opinion “Lilo and Stitch” is the second most underrated Disney movie (Number one is coming up later on this list). It was also the first movie my family took my little sister to see in  theatres so I think I’m a bit partial to it being left alone. While I can’t think of any legitimate reason as to why this wouldn’t work as a live action film, I also can’t think of any reason for it to be live action. I know there isn’t any legitimate reasoning here but I like this film the way it is. Will Disney listen to me? No, but that’s also probably because they won’t ever see this. If anyone reading this knows someone who does the decision making at Disney, please ask them kindly to leave this movie alone. When they ask why, either run away or come up with a better excuse then the non existent one I’ve written.

Verdict: No thanks

Finding Nemo

This is the one film I’ve probably had the most internal debate about. It’s one of my favorites and I think it would be really cool to see it be remade in live action, the issue arrives with the “how” of making it live action. I can’t imagine it being done justice. I know they’re remaking “The Lion King” using life like animals with human speech but that formula doesn’t seem like it would translate to fish. The only time I remember seeing life like sea creatures with human tendencies is the first “Spongebob Squarepants” movie right before David Hasselhoff saves Spongebob and Patrick by launching them back into the ocean using his pecs. Not to besmirch the Disney name but I don’t think they’d be able to top the emotional rollercoaster that was that scene. In conclusion, the answer is ideally yes but until Disney aquires Spongebob level technology, no.

Verdict: YES but also mostly NO

Finding Dory

There is a very distinct reason that I’ve created two separate slides for the “Finding Nemo” cinematic universe. While all other sequel and prequel films to other franchises would have the same answer as the film thier based off of for essentially the same reason, this sequel is different from the first “Finding Nemo”. Although it might seem unconventional, I think this should definitely have a live action remake. Why you may be asking yourself? Well because with this film, the stakes aren’t as high, if they screw up the whole “realistic talking sea creature” thing people won’t care. This film just isn’t on par with the first one is. On the other hand, if Disney somehow nails the aesthetic and realism, everyone will be focusing on the technical feat achieved and not the story. It’s basically a low risk, high reward.

Verdict: YES


This is, again, one of Disney’s early classics which, in a sense, garners it a yes for being remade in live action for that reason alone. The only issue is, I don’t want to deal with Bambi’s mom’s death again. There are certain excellent films that, although are beautifully crafted, need time between viewings. This film came out in 1942 and I haven’t had enough time to cope since first watching it back then on the Euoropean battlefields. Ok, so obviously I wasn’t on the European Battlefield, I was back home sewing soldiers uniforms to be sent overseas, I would not be able to deal with fighting. That’s aside from the point though, the newer generations should be allowed to find this film on their own time and not through Disney advertising it as a live action remake.

Verdict: NO


Mulan is awesome and it’s the perfect movie to re-release in live action. I don’t feel the need to explain myself because I know you all agree with me but I need to fill the pages so I’ll do it anyways. We’ve got a diverse female in the lead, if that doesn’t scream 21 century I don’t know what does. There’s Mushu who would make for some great CGI moments and hopefully bring Eddie Murphy his mojo back after losing it somewhere between finishing “Shrek” and having 10 children with 5 different women. The songs are the toppest of possible notches and to seal it all up (no, not “Kiss from a Rose” Seal), there are some pretty awesome action sequences just waiting to happen. At this point, I’m waiting for Disney to just “get down to business” and make a live action “reflection” of this movie…sorry, I won’t do that again.



Named after everyone’s favorite dish they’d never heard of, “Ratatouille” is by far Disney/Pixars’s most eclectic film. This is a really fun movie with a great message, and it’s a joy to watch. But I don’t care. I don’t want to see a lifelike rat touching food or hiding in someones hat. The only reason the animated version wasn’t gross is because it was animated. As much as I’d like to say looks don’t matter, all of Remy’s charm disappears when you replace his wide-eyed, child friendly character design with the black beady eyes of a real rat. The only positive I can see from this is a possible Gordon Ramsay on “Hell’s Kitchen” cameo with him screaming “Everyone out! Except for you”, then the camera will pan around and reveal he’s pointing at Remy. Everyone will be shocked and television will never be the same.

Verdict: Nope Nope Nope


Up may be the most romantic and heartbreaking movie in cinema history, and it’s only because of a five minute segment. I don’t care about the amount of letters Ryan Gosling wrote to Rachel Mcadams, I don’t care about where or when Harry met Sally and I definitely don’t care about how dirty one may have danced in the 80’s. Nothing will ever top that one scene and that’s why I don’t want to see this remade. Could “Up” be remade in a way that does the film justice? Absolutely, but I still don’t want to see it. You don’t mess with stuff when it’s this good. Now, “Up” isn’t my favorite Pixar film, mostly because I’ve got too much childhood nostalgia wrapped into the earlier Pixar films, but I recognize “Up” for the genius it is and don’t want it touched, changed or altered in anyway. It deserves to be left alone.

Verdict: Technically YES but emotionally NO

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The heartbreaking story of Quasimodo is one of the darker Disney tales. With the real life Notre Dame burning down, this film seems to take on a whole new purpose. Notre Dame is as iconic a building as they come and now that it’s half gone, I find myself wishing they’d made a live action remake of this film before the tragic burning if only to have celebrated the cathedral. Aside from the real life implications, this could easily be remade into an excellent live action film. There are some really excellent songs to be resung here, and an amazing period to be recreated in 1482 Paris. This film also feels like it’s begging for a more mature recreation, with the original somehow garnering a G rating despite its focus on infatuation, damnation, genocide and other non-child friendly themes. The gargoyles would also add a nice CG touch to a mostly live film.

Verdict: YES

Emperor’s New Groove

By far the most underrated Disney movie, “Emperor’s New Groove” is still laugh out loud funny to this day. The characters are iconic and perfect in their roles, specifically Kronk. There’s never been a character like him and there will never be one again. I frankly don’t think the comedic timing for this film could be accurately recreated in live-action. The fact that this film is animated allowed them to do so many things which would have ultimately been deemed to difficult to do in live action. In my opinion the film would lose most of its charm with real actors. It really shows the degree to which I believe this  would fail purely because of how difficult the tone would be to recreate, that I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the main character is a llama for most of the film. If Kuzco had been a little bear or a dog, just something a little more cuddly this wouldn’t be an issue, but llama’s just aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. I understand we aren’t allowed to body shame in this day and age but llama’s are ugly, that’s the only way to put it.

Verdict: “Pull the NOO lever Kronk”


It seems as more time passes, the more relevant “WALL-E”s social commentary becomes. Whether it’s the destruction of our planet, or increasing reliance on technology, this film seemed like an inevitable worst case scenario when it was released in 2008 and today. Aside from the always relevant plot, this movie would be crazy cool to watch as a live remake. Essentially the entire movie would have to be CG which, at then end of the day, doesn’t seem that different from animation. While I agree there doesn’t seem to be much of a need to recreate this, it would be such a visual treat to look at that I find myself wanting  it anyways. Basically this is my one selfish pick, I know it doesn’t make sense and I want it anyways. Please Disney, spend 100’s of millions of dollars just for me.

Verdict: YES


Just no. I don’t want it. This movie has taken on a life of its own to such a degree it makes me dislike it. When I originally saw it in theatres, I thought it was a very good movie, now years later, I can’t stand it because of it’s over exposure. Nowadays, anything that even mentions the brand of “Frozen” just smells like a cash grab. A live action remake would reek of cash grabbiness to such an extent that I’d definitely end up experiencing extreme nausea, getting heartburn and having to deal with whatever else Pepto Bismul is supposed to prevent. This doesn’t even have anything to do with the movie, like I said, I thought it was great. Now, before you and your 4 year old daughter attempt to literally burn me at the stake, ask yourself if you really want more “Frozen” content in your life. Hopefully this has helped you come to your senses and decide not to commence with your premediated murder of me.

Verdict: Please NO More


This movie wouldn’t work in live action. Period. There isn’t a point in discussing it. The thing is, if they were to remake this as a  live action film for whatever reasons there may be, I would 100 percent pay money to watch it. It would be the most ridiculously amazing thing to hit cinemas and would make next to no sense. The entire movie would have to be CGI which again completely ruins the point of the live action remake but I candidly couldn’t care any less. What would this movie even look like? Just for a second let’s imagine that they decide to create this movie without any CGI for the animals. First they’d have to find “Air Bud” level animal actors for every character (I swear to God that dog is the best actor of our generation). Second, They’d need dozens of dedicated pooper scoopers to deal with all the animals excrement. Imagine fifty years from now, the biggest actor is asked how he got his start and he answers “Actually I was a pooper scooper on the live action Zootopia”. One can only dream.

Verdict: NO but so much YESSSS

The Nightmare Before

Yes this is a Disney movie, it was only distributed under Disney subsidiary Touchstone Pictures. Now to the movie. No right? Does anyone want to see this in live action? It’s stop-motion style is iconic nearly 30 years later so I don’t think so.           Unless, and you guys have to wait a bit for this one because it’s such an incredible idea, they use real people but film it in stop-motion! Completely unnecessary, unintuitive and a blatant waste of time, this would be a huge undertaking and not even remotely worth the time spent in production. This is Hollywood though and ANYTHING is possible in Hollywood. To prove my point, raise your hand if you thought there would be SIX “Sharknado” films by the end of 2018? I can see none of you raising your hands from where I’m sitting as I’m typing this. Ya this is a pretty stupid idea, but it has to fall into the stupid awesome category of stupid.

Verdict: NOO


Logistically, this is by far the easiest movie to recreate in live action. Only a few animal characters, an animated tree and a bit of magic, this movie would require barely any CGI at all. The main issue people would end up having with the film today is the historical inaccuracies. With information not as readily available in 1995, the movie helped reinforce a false reenactment of Pocahontas’s tale. While historians still haven’t agreed on what exactly happened to her, as many see John Smith’s writing to be untrue themselves, they all agree that the events unfolded in the film are simply not accurate. If Disney were to change the story however, it could cause civil uproar from the many fans who grew up with the film and have come to love it. Uproar could lead to war and that could lead to the destruction of our planet. This is basically a lose lose situation for Disney.

Verdict: Yes but no

A Bug’s Life

I really don’t like bugs, they creep me out and make uncomfortable in ways only a bug can. I’m sure you can see where this is going. It seems that bugs are gross by design and that’s really hard to change. Disney did their best with this project and at least made a movie about bugs somewhat digestible. This however, brings me to the only necessary argument against remaking this movie. If Disney wasn’t even able to make these characters “cute” enough in animation to see passed their overt “bugginess”, how in the world would they make live, life bugs cute enough to watch? Bugs aren’t appealing, most people consider them gross for a reason. I wouldn’t watch this movie if it was remade in live action and I figure most other people wouldn’t either.

Verdict: NO BUGS


The casting for a live action Moana would be one of the easiest casting assignments in film. Slap a wig on Dwayne Johnson and recast Auliʻi Cravalho. Boom, you’ve got Maui and Moana, the movies two main characters. Although there would be a lot of spectacular, over the top CGI effects in this film, I feel as though the most interesting and eye catching would  the animation of Maui’s tattoos. They’re basically a character themselves and they’d have to be well rendered, otherwise the movie would lose a lot of it’s charm. I’m sure they’d figure it out though and I guarantee it would look really cool. The bottom line is that I’d watch this movie if they attempted to remake it solely because of my curiosity behind the project. Also a complete side point, Dwayne Johnson is a gigantic man and I feel the need to acknowledge just how huge he is.

Verdict: Can you smell what this YES is cooking?

The Little Mermaid

If 2006 should be award winning film, “Aquamarine”, taught me anything, it’s that love is real and live action mermaids will always work. Like every Disney of the late 80’s and early 90’s, “The Little Mermaid” is a classic. With “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, and “The Lion King” all already having a live action remake or having one released in the near future, it seems like “The Little Mermaid” is next in line. We’ve all seen this movie and even if you have some personal war against consumerism, you’re still going to see this in theatres, it’s just how its going to be. We’ll all have a nice sing along kumbaya in the theatre, rehash our favorite scenes together and compare it scene by scene to the original because that’s just how classic this film is. We all want this and it’s completely ok to admit that, not to mention it’ll make Dsiney a whole boatload of money.

Verdict: YE$$$


Released in 1940, “Pinocchio” was Disney’s second full length animated film. Just like “Snow White”, it’s beautifully hand-drawn and extremely impressive for it’s time. It also happens to be one of Disney’s darkest tales, complete with kidnapping, underage drinking/smoking/gambling  and children being sold into slavery. “Pinocchio” is a story of consequence and redemption, helping children for over 75 years understand the fallout of bad behavior and the importance of being good at heart. However, this is an important story in more ways than just it’s dark theme, it’s a classic film and similar to “Snow White” helped to usher animation into mainstream cinema. Having said all of this, I think “Phinoccio” is more than worthy of having a live action remake. Finally, I want to give a shoutout to “When You Wish Upon a Star” for being probably the most iconic song in cinema history, now essentially being recognized as Disney’s theme song.



What would this movie even be? I’m not sure what I’m even writing about here, this movie barely makes sense in animation. To be honest, the fact that “Cars: The Recarring of Lightning McQueen- Now With Real Cars” (I refuse to talk about this hypothetical movie if it’s under any other title) would 100 percent be the weirdest thing released since that 80’s “Howard the Duck” film is almost reason enough to go see it. But this list isn’t about deciding how intriguing a film would be in live action, it’s a list that carefully and intricately dissects the whys and why nots of every animated Disney movies potential candidacy for a live action remake. Under that porsitigues moniker, the answer for “Cars: The Recarring of Lightning McQueen- Now With Real Cars” is a resounding no.

Verdict: NO, Why are we still here?

Chicken Little

Here we go boys and girls, the movie that defined a generation! The film that single handedly gave animals recognition as living beings for billions of people everywhere, “Chicken Little”! I won’t give a reason, just yes. Please remake this in live action. It’s what everyone wants, trust me I asked. There are only a handful of films I can honestly say I think about constantly, and there’s only one film that I’m always thinking about. If you said “Jimmy Neutron” you were a close second but that movie is the one and only “Chicken Little”. I can still remember when Chicken Little first made me think the sky was falling, then after a year of anguish discovered that the sky was actually an alien spaceship! I’m getting too excited writing this so I have to stop here, all I ask is that someone remakes this in live action. Once that happens I can die in peace.


Wreck it ralph

I’ve been playing video games since I first recognized that my hands were connected to my body. “Wreck It Ralph” was basically Disney saying to me “remember how you always wanted video games to be a movie as a kid but now that you’re an adult, you’ve given up on your dream because “you’re too old for games” and because you just assumed it would never happen? Well don’t worry, we got you bro”. Needless to say, a lot of happy emotions were exuded the first time I saw this film. However, this taps purely into my childhood of gaming and not into my current state of gaming. What I mean by that is as a kid, I never cared about how realistic the game was. Today, if I can’t brush my teeth and do my taxes in game , it’s not worth my time. This movie should stay animated and childlike, just like my childhood of gaming.

Verdict: NO (But honestly I’m happy with any video game content)

Treasure Planet

To be honest I don’t remember much about this movie. I recall having watched it at one point but I had to look up some clips on Youtube to jog my memory. Having rewired my memory with help from our good friend the internet, I definitely want this remade. It has a cool “Star Wars”/animated Disney/pirate vibe (keep in mind this was before Disney bought Lucasfilm and proceeded to milk the “Star Wars” cow until no one wanted anymore) which I would definitely go see in theatres. One thing this movie has going for it is the fact that it’s not as popular, meaning people might be intrigued by an unfamiliar story rather than be bored with the remade versions of movies they know by heart. For those reasons I vote yes.

Verdict: YES

The Princess and The Frog

Released in 2009, “The Princess and The Frog” is unique for more than one reason. First it’s animation is really gorgeous (not unique for Disney, just felt like it needed acknowledgment), second, the New Orleans setting is both amazing and perfect for a Disney film, having so much colorful culture in the area that the movie takes advantage of. Finally, and by far the most important aspect of the film, Tiana is Disney’s first African-American princess. Despite all this, “The Princess and The Frog” doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves and I think I know why. This film, with it’s 2-D animation style, was released to an audience  obsessed with 3-D computer generated graphics. If this film had been released maybe ten years earlier, I think we would be talking about it in the same light as other late 90’s classic like “Mulan”, “Hercules”, etc… Just because I think this movie deserves more attention, I’m going to say it should be remade.

Verdict: YES