Shia LaBeouf: The Unsettling Childhood That Marked His Destructive Path

Oh Shia LaBeouf, you have failed to disappoint us, from the wildly popular Even Stevens, to Holes, to Transformers, Indiana Jones, and Disturbia, all the way up to the hilarious DO IT! motivational rant, and the priceless “I Am Not Famous Anymore” stunt, you’re the best. But what drove this celebrity to exhibit the last 2 mentions? What made him the hostile, alcoholic mess he’s known for today? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article, without further a do..

Born In The Dangerous Echo Park Neighborhood

shia labeouf born

Shia Labeouf was born to an inevitably destructive path; he was raised in Echo Park, a gang-ridden, drug-infested neighborhood in Los Angeles. Children of Echo Park were deprived of basic necessities, and were endangered by violence; Shia was no exception.

Growing up, Shia was on the receiving end of a largely Latino community.