Rare Photos Of Meghan Markle Before She Became A Star

Meghan Markle is best know for her role as Rachel Zane, on the American legal-drama series Suits. However, outside of Hollywood, she is known as The Duchess of Sussex, the proud wife of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, the most royal family in England. We’ve all seen pictures of her, at least those of you who landed on this page. But I am pretty that you haven’t seen the rare photos that follow.

So, without further ado, here’s the first one! The last one is just priceless.

Daddy’s Little Girl

thomas markle with his baby meghan markle

Meghan Markle is the perfect example of a ‘Daddy’s Girl’; her father, Tom Markle, had always cherished her, and although he lives a very secluded life in Baja, California, he is still on “speed dial” for his daughter, available to speak with her whenever she needs to reach out to him.

Here’s baby Meghan with her mother.

Mrs. Markle Posing With Her Future Star

meghan markle as a baby with her mother

Although Megan was more of a ‘Daddy’s Girl’, her mother cherished her equally. I have to say, this photo gave me goosebumps, what do you think?

Meghan had always been an adorable little girl, as you will see next, in one of her early school photos.

Even As A Small Child She Got The Spotlights

meghan markle early school photo

This is young Meghan Markle posing for one of those routine school photos. Funny thing is about this photo, right around the time it was taken, a psychic claimed she spotted a rare line on her palm, indicating that she is an ambitious little girl who will rise up in society by nothing but charm and wit to get what she wants.

Next up: another shot with Daddy!

Posing With Her Celebrity Dad

meghan markle with her dad as a kid

Tom Markle was no stranger to the paparazzi, but perhaps the most intriguing of his photos are those that include his young daughter, not just because it isn’t generic, but also because it depicts the both of them as just everyday, normal people, free of any acts.

Many of you know that Meghan married the royal Prince Harry, this next photo shows her “preparing” for that wedding, as a little girl..

Little Meghan Preparing For Her Special Day With The Prince

meghan markle wedding girl vs bride

This image sprite is just priceless; maybe it’s not an epic foreshadowing, but it’s a reasonable glimpse into Meghan’s future wedding. The photo on the left shows Meghan in her aunt’s wedding, she was chosen to be the adorable little flower girl at the wedding, but she is posing eerily similar to her future self, at her own wedding.

Another mind blowing foreshadow of Meghan “preparing” for her special day: you’ll be baffled by this one.. 

15 Year-Old Meghan At Buckingham Palace

meghan markle buckingham palace

When Meghan was 15, she decided to go on a trip to London with her friend. It begs the question, was she planning on marrying Prince Harry all those years ago? I mean, obviously not, but the picture on the left shows 15 year-old Meghan posing at Buckingham Palace, the very place she married her prince about 22 years later.

Is that 15 year-old Meghan drinking alcohol In London?

I’m Hoping That’s A Milkshake

15 year old meghan markle drinking something in london

This is 15-year-old Meghan on her trip to London. She is sitting with a friend at a restaurant, and appears to be drinking a milk shake. Whether it’s alcohol or not, well, who cares!

Wait till you see this next wedding foreshadow.

8 Year-Old Meghan Playing Royal Princess

meghan markle playing princess as a girl

Jeeeeez Meghan, you sure seemed to have a taste for princes growing up! This is a photo of Meghan, at 8-years-old, pretending to be a royal princess. Let’s not overreact to this one, I mean, don’t all girls do this? Still, it is very bewildering..

This next photo shows 10 year-old Meghan rubbing elbows with a highly celebrated actor. 

Young Meghan Posing With Ted McGinley

meghan markle and ted mcginley

Meghan, to the very left, had the honor of posing with “Married With Children” star Ted McGinley. It’s funny how Meghan is blushing as the handsome actor is wrapping his arm around her.

Did you know Meghan is bi-racial? She looks pretty charming in these next photos, with her naturally curly hair.

Little Meghan And Her Naturally Curly Hair

meghan markle as a kid with black curly hair

Meghan is remarkable not just for her acting talent, but also the fact that is the first person with African ancestry to join the British royal family. As a child, Meghan exhibited naturally curly hair, it’s too bad she decided to straighten it.. Looks pretty good to me.

We all know that Meghan is a feminist. Did you know she accused Proctor & Gamble of sexism when she was 11-years-old? She looks pretty pissed in this next photo, when she was addressing an issue with one of their commercials.

11-Year-Old Meghan Shows Her Feminist Side

meghan markle 11 year old feminist

This photo was taken when Meghan was 11-years-old, when she was discussing a ‘sexist’ ad on Nick News, by Proctor & Gamble. Apparently, the ad said “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans”. Little Meghan was outraged by this statement, saying “I don’t think it’s right for kids to grow up thinking these things that just mom does everything. It’s always ‘mom does this,’ and ‘mom does that.” Proctor & Gamble were hoping to target a female audience, which they believed would drive more conversions. To their debacle, they were forced to drop the ad amid public outrage.

Not sure if this was the work of her father, but Meghan sure seemed to be fond of the arts at a very early age, as you will see next.

Meghan, Far Right, Is Performing In This Cheesy School Play

meghan markle performing as a little girl

With such a celebrated father, it’s only natural that Meghan would stumble upon the arts, or perhaps she herself is naturally tending to the arts? Anyways, this photo shows Meghan (far right) performing in one of those boring school programs. Unlike the rest of these girls, Meghan would proceed to stick to her passion, and perform on a much larger scale.

Get a load of Meghan’s yearbook photo.

Posing For The Yearbook!

meghan markle far right performing as a little girl

Meghan sure looks like somebody who lusts for the spotlight in this photo. This was her yearbook picture, taken in 1999, at the all-girls Catholic school Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles. Apparently, she was a kind and caring student, with more brains than spotlight.

Here’s another yearbook photo with her classmates.

Meghan Markle Classroom Yearbook Photo

meghan markle yearbook photo with classmates

Meghan seemed to be the center of attention even before she joined the spotlights, she is literally at the center of this photo! She really does look like an driven young lady with a lot of optimism.

Now the most enlightening yearbook photo, Meghan’s graduation!


meghan markle graduation photo

Here’s Meghan’s graduation photo. She is completely oblivious to her celebrated future with the royal Prince Harry. I have to say, she has nice freckles.

After High School, Meghan attended Northwestern University. In this next photo, she poses with her sorority sisters.

Meghan Was Very Active In Her Sorority

meghan markle in a sorority

Meghan attended Northwestern University in Chicago, where she became an active member of the highly reputable sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. According to her fellow sisters, she was very active in the group, contributing to literally every single event, and even placing it before her grades.

Here’s another baby photo with mommy.

Another Baby Photo With Mama Markle

meghan markle as a baby with her mother 2

You could clearly see where Meghan gets her good looks from! Meghan’s mom, is the where she gets her African roots from. Not sure why the media depicts Meghan as a ‘Daddy’s Girl’, she seems to have tended fairly well to her mom.

Although Meghan’s parents divorced when she was just 6-years-old, she seemed to have led a very happy childhood. That’s the vibe I get from this next photo.

Meghan Was Always A Cheerful Girl

meghan markle as a little girl in her bedroom

Her smile seems naturally merry to me, it does not look superficial in any way, nor is there any reason for it to be, she was just a little girl. On account of both her parents, Meghan had always reflected a lively aura growing up, even after her parents’ divorce.

Even as Meghan progressed to teenagehood, she retained that upbeat vibe in her persona, as seen in this next photo. 

A Happy Teenager

meghan markle as a happy teenager

Most teenagers struggled to control their hormone-driven demon, almost never smiling in photos, at least not a genuine smile. But here is 13-year-old Meghan Markle, and she seems more contented than ever!

Meghan was an aunt at a very early age. This next photo shows 11-year-old Meghan playing with her nephew.

Don’t Eat Him!

meghan and her baby nephew

Meghan was fortunate to have a nephew to play with when she was 11-years-old. She had always expressed a lot of fond memories of him, and this picture clearly shows it. I still can’t believe she straightened her hair, most girls would kill to have those curls!

This next photo is just hilarious.

Just Look At Those Sunglasses

meghan markle litlle girl with sunglasses

Meghan seems like quite a wild little kid in this photo, and she sure has a taste for Ernie dolls!

Meghan had always been close to her family. Here’s a photo of them together.

Markle Family Unite!

meghan markle family photo black

Tom Markle had it all; he was no stranger to the spotlight himself, and he scored a $700,000 lottery, which helped make his daughter Meghan the celebrated woman she is today. But the most precious thing Tom had in his possession, is what you see in this photo right here. His young son on his lap, older son between him and his wife, and his beloved daughter, Meghan Markle.

Here’s one – Meghan’s homecoming photo!

This Is Just Fantastic..

meghan markle homecoming

Meghan probably does not want to be reminded of this, and neither does the dude next to her. I mean who gets a kick out of seeing their old homecoming photos? No me, I’ll tell you that much. Still, you have to envy the guy next to her, I mean, as embarrassing as this photo must be for him, he must be thinking “OH YEAH! WHO’S WITH MEGHAN MARKLE?!?! ME! THAT’S WHO!”

Meghan Markle really dazzled as homecoming queen in this next photo.

Meghan With Her Inferior Homecoming Friends

meghan markle homecoming queen

Apparently, Meghan was homecoming queen. This is a picture of her and her friends right around that time, with Meghan, of course, at the center of the show.

Next Up: Popcorn Time!

We All Fond A Good Snack

meghan markle eating popcorn

Even celebrities and princesses enjoy some unhealthy snacks, like popcorn. Of course, Meghan was a young girl in this photo, naturally, she’d be more inclined to avoid broccoli.

Here’s another one of Meghan’s yearbook photos, which also foresees her artistic talents. 

Right Out Of The Yearbook

meghan markle yearbook photo performance

Meghan was naturally inclined to the fine arts; in this year book section, she is playing Lola Bananas (is that what it is?) in the reasonably musical Damn Yankees. That’s Meghan in the bottom left, you could sense that aura of energy exploding in that photo. She actually took this role at the local all boys’ school Loyola, and I’m willing to bet that she would not let them see the light of day until she got that part.

Here’s another photo of her performing in that play.

Try Saying This: Meghan Markle Playing Lola At Loyola Boys’ School

meghan markle loyola play

Here’s a nice close up of Meghan’s time as Lola at Loyola Boys’ school (I seriously cannot say that straight). That’s a very lucky, and handsome man next to her. Sadly for him, he was not the dude she chose for homecoming.

Get a load of this next one: 12-year-old Meghan competing in a talent show.

Little Meghan Performing With Friends

meghan markle perforing at hollywood little red school

As you have already seen, Meghan was a wanna-be actress since she was a little girl. In this picture, she is competing in a talent show at The Hollywood Little Red School, with her friends Ninaki and Celine. I don’t know about you, but I find these talent shows incredibly cringeworthy; maybe it’s because I don’t have talent..

This next one is of 8-year-old Meghan at her friend’s birthday party.

8-Year-Old Meghan At Her Friend’s Brother’s Birthday Party

8 year old meghan markle at birthday party

This dude was throwing a birthday party, and to his dismay, his was forced to let his little sister invite a friend. Over 2 decades later, he realized how much he loves his little sister, after learning that her friend was Princess Markle.

Wanna see Meghan Markle riding a pony? Click next..

11-Year-Old Meghan Riding A Pony

meghan markle riding a pony

Remember this photo. This is the typical rich girl, riding her pony. Regardless, she looks adorable in this photo. This picture was taken at the Knots Berry Farm outside L.A. It is somehow connected to the birthday party you saw earlier. Yup, that disgruntled brother sure has a lot of photos to share on social media now..

Take a look at Meghan posing for her last day at Elementary School.

Meghan Is Excited To Graduate The 6th Grade

meghan markle last day at elementery school

In this photo, Meghan is posing with her classmates, and a couple of teachers, at the private Hollywood Little Red School. This was Meghan’s last day of Elementery School, as she was preparing for a well anticipated Summer, followed by her first year in High School.

Next Up: First Day Of High School!

Meghan Is Excited For Her First Year Of High School

meghan markle with friend in high school colored photo

Meghan sure seems like somebody who is excited for High School in this photo; especially unusual considering there are no boys at that school. But, it isn’t, every Freshman is excited about being in High School at first, only to receive a colossal smack to their soul once they find out what is in place for them.

During the High School Graduation Ceremony, Meghan was photographed with her mother, Doria.

You Can Certainly See Where She Got Her Good Looks From

meghan markle graduation with mother doria

This is a rather rare photo of young Meghan and her mother, mostly because she hasn’t shared many photos of her young self with her mother, nor had it been leaked by anyone close to them. She appears to have a contented relationship with her mother.

After High School, Meghan attended Northwestern University. While there, she played Sleeping Beauty in a theater production, as you will see next.

Sleeping Duchess

meghan markle sleeping beauty college

Meghan was already establishing herself in show business while attending Northwestern University, and she also majored in Theater. In this photo, Meghan is playing the lead role of Sleeping Beauty in a theater production. I gotta say, it suits her.

Before anyone knew she existed, Meghan made 34 appearances in Deal Or No Deal, as a beauty and briefcase model.

Who’s That On Deal Or No Deal?

meghan markle deal or no deal

In the midst of her early Hollywood career, Meghan was one of the briefcase girls on Deal or No Deal. In case you don’t know, this was a wildly popular show where contestants competed to select the best “deal” from a set of briefcases, which was handed by gorgeous models like Meghan. Meghan would be one of the girls who would reveal the amount of money in the selected briefcase, and she did so in 34 episodes, in the span of several years.

You wouldn’t believe what else Meghan did during this time.

That’s One Tough Duchess

meghan markle knight rider fight club

One of Meghan’s earliest roles in Hollywood took place in one of the Knight Rider series, Fight Knight, in 2009. In there, she starred as an army girl, Annie Ortiz, who was seeking to avenge the death of her Drill Sergeant. During this vengeful quest, Annie found herself in an underworld fight club, in a radical bid to bring the killers to justice. Meghan is a tough gal, with well-defined muscles; but nevertheless, her character was destroyed in that scene, by a much stronger girl. Unfortunately for Meghan, the spin-off only managed to score 7.5/10, and so it ended after the first season. Having said that, Meghan did not earn the spotlight she was hoping for.