Kim Kardashian’s Most Outrageous Outfits!

It was in 2007 when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Star, Kim Kardashian, rose to prominence; not only in reality TV but also in magazines and fashion trends. According to reports, Kim Kardashian uses USD 30,000 a week just for her luxurious wardrobe and styling. Of course, she does have tons of money to splurge with so we can’t fault her. Although her clothes are expensive, not all of her fashion statements are the most tasteful. Let us go through this list of 40 outrageous outfits of Kim Kardashian which made everyone’s jaws drop.

Major Fur Coat

Kim Kardashian surely knows how to catch the attention of everyone. In September 2016, she wore lace-up leather pants, a fur coat with a mohair crop top. Everything was sultry black (as, it matches her skin tone) but she was able to carry it with class. She was definitely a stunner at the Buro 24/7 Fashion Forward Initiative during the 2016 Paris Fashion Week.

Athletic-looking on a Date

Dresses are the common thing to wear when you go out on a date. Who would have thought an athletic bra top could fit such a situation? That’s right. Kim Kardashian wore an athletic-looking bra top in 2017. She paired it with high-waist legging (which show off her curves) and skin tone heels. Kanye West surely has a taste in choosing a woman with fashion sense.

Lady in White

We all know about Kim K’s fashion statements; they’re always outrageous and can be a hot topic on social media. However, it is more outrageous to see Kim Kardashian being subtle in her look, like what she wore in 2017 Met Gala. She attended this event with a pretty off-the-shoulder white gown, created by Vivienne Westwood, without her beau, Kayne. Critics and watchers have had mixed opinions on this one. But certainly, Kim K is redefining her style so people won’t find her boring.

 Latex Pink Dresses

You can only name a few Hollywood celebrities who are fashion risk-taker; one of them is Kim Kardashian. She pulled  a latex pink dress out of  her closet matching it with pink heels; enough to stir a strong reaction among the press. This whole look of Kim K would be totally underwhelming if a  normal person were to wear it, but Kim was able to nail it and impress everyone.

Deep V-line White Gown

On her 34th Birthday celebration, Kim K held a red carpet event at Tao Nightclub located at The Venetian in Las Vegas. On her big night, Kim wore a sexy white dress with a very deep V-neckline showing off her assets and the dresses ruffle detailing. The white dress complemented her skin tone; looking sultry yet classy.

Beaded and Feathered Gown

Met Gala is an annual event where celebrities and designers are safe to showcase their outrageous fashion ideas. Kim K, a definite risk taker, took a leap of faith in wearing a sheer beaded and feathered gown which flaunts some skin by Roberto Cavalli. She finished her look with a sleek ponytail and a smokey eye; reminding everyone to keep a less-catching look while wearing the show-stopping gown.

Nude Dress

Kim rose to prominence with her reality TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but her fame solidified when her nude video started to circulate on the internet. However, these days she gets high-praise when she wears any nude-colored dress like this one. She usually wears this top on a casual day, strolling around Hollywood.

Mustard Goddess

Kim K is fond of wearing a neutral wardrobe palette which is her trademark. So, this mustard yellow look shook all fashion critics because it was something new to her. She wore this mustard gown with matching  golden blonde hair and a golden pair of heels. She’s like a walking gold bar but with vintage Hollywood vibe.

Army Jumpsuit

Army Jumpsuits looks tough when women of the Army wear it, but when Kim sported it, she turned it into a fashionable and sexy ensemble.  The olive green jumpsuit should have been a casual outfit on a sunny day in California, but she improved it and made it more glamorous by wearing stilettos and loose blonde highlights. Who would ever think army jumpsuit could be sexy casual wear?

Adidas Jumpsuit and Yeezy Coat

After her Army Jumpsuit casual wear, Kim K rocked another jumpsuit but this time  from Adidas. She covered this jumpsuit with a Yeezy brown coat.This is the type of outfit only Kim herself could ever dream up, but she nailed it anyways . She finished her total look with brown boots and platinum hair. She really is a fashion risk-taker.

Kanye’s Belt as Accessory

Kim K likes to experiment not only to her dresses but also to her accessories. She went to an event one time wearing the belt of her husband, Kanye West. She completed her look wearing a brown dress, white heels, and loose hair. She looked great in a nude bodycon ensemble during a night out on the streets of Hollywood, California.


When Kim K’s make-up and hair are both subtle, it means you better be paying attention to what she’s wearing. Take this outfit for example. A subtle look for a simple cocktail dress which turns into a head-turning sexy outfit thanks to the detailed velvet fabric and thigh-high slit. She didn’t overdo her make-up and her hair was simply black making the look sophisticated.

Covered Up with Black

Kim Kardashian is known for her fondness of showing too much skin. With having said that, it’s quite shocking for the media when Kim goes out in a more modest, covered up look. In this picture with her beau Kanye West, Kim stopped for a photo shoot wearing all black. She  interestingly made the decision of not showing any skin herself but still looks elegant and sexy.

Back to the Roots

In 2006, Kim Kardashian wasn’t making headlines yet, and neither was her fashion. This picture shows how much of evolution she has gone through in becoming the  fashion icon we know her as today. Her white belt and boots combination isn’t so great but it’s excusable considering  this was a long time ago when she was trying to experiment with her look.

Furry Family

Kim Kardashian doesn’t casually go out with a simple outfit. She always thinks of wearing something remarkable and iconic. In this picture, she went out wearing a skinny black jumpsuit with a white fur coat. She completed her look with a black cap and boots. Interestingly, she was with her daughter who was also wearing a fur coat but in a leopard print version.

Girl in the Golden Dress

In 2007, Kim Kardashian wore a gold sequined dress matched with bronze-colored heels when she attended a fund-raising event. These days, Kim would never be seen in a dress like this, however the design is something we could definitely see her rocking. Either way, she really looks expensive here.

Intricate Couture Gown

In April 2017, Kim Kardashian attended the “Daily Front Row’s” 3rd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards. She wore a pretty and intricate sheer Givenchy Couture gown. Kim looked like a goddess in this white gown which she paired with a wet hair look. As per norm, Kim was not scared with showing a little skin in this look.

Chic in a Hippie Blouse

Could you imagine Kim Kardashian wearing a hippie blouse now? Honestly, I can’t either, but here’s photo evidence of it happening. She looks fresh, carefree and youthful.  Kim K has no doubt burned this blouse already to forget that she was once a hippie. She paired the top with a necklace, bracelet and blue jeans.

In Fashion while Shopping

Going around and shopping is one of many hobbies for  superrich celebrities like Kim Kardashian. However for Kim,, every outing is   an opportunity to make a fashion statement. . Here she wore a military-inspired vest, pairing it with white ripped jeans while taking a stroll in the sunny LA weather. Could there be anyone more fashionable than Kim K?

Wonder Kim

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman left a  mark  with  everyone being feisty and sexy. But have you ever pictured Kim K as Wonder Woman? Well, here’s a picture of her wearing the Wonder Woman get-up during Halloween of 2008. With Wonder Woman back in the spotlight, it would be interesting to see if Kim would consider busting out this costume one more time. Her beauty is Amazonoin in nature – strong and feisty.

Can’t See her Top

When a woman enters motherhood, her fashion choices generally also change from hot chic to conservative yet classy. But Kim Kardashian is different, her motherhood didn’t influence  her risky fashion choices in any way at all. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star wore a barely-there bra top with an open blazer, pairing it with jeans on a night out in 2017.

Chainmail Gown

In 2014, Kim Kardashian attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London. She took a major risk by wearing one of many  magnificent creations of Ralph & Russo. This is a see-through chainmail gown which features a leather top. She completed her look by pairing it with her signature smoky eye and nude lips plus a relaxed waved hair. This was a successful red carpet risk.

It’s Freezing Hot

When does the weather generally allow for the wearing of bikinis? The summer.  When does the weather generally not allow for the wearing of Bikinis? The winter, considering it’s freezing cold. However Kim Kardashian is an exception. Kim wore a fur bikini while visiting Deer Valley, Utah with her husband Kanye West. She wore the fur bikini paired with boots for an impromptu photo shoot during which she reportedly felt freezing, however she loved how the photos turned out nonetheless. No one can really stop her from making bold fashion choices.

Latex Girl

Wearing a gown made from latex is truly risky, and no one on this planet could pull off the task as easily as Kim Kardashian. She has plenty of latex-made dresses in her luxurious wardrobe, one of  which she wore in 2014 during her Australian Promo Tour of her perfume, Fleur Fatale. She paired her skin-tight pink latex cocktail dress with grey heels.

Fond of Cut-outs

Kim Kardashian’s natural hair color is dark brown. When she decided to change it to blonde, fashion critics were divided on whether it suited her or not. Honestly, the look was risky but luckily she’s Kim K, so she made it work.The hairstyle fit  her well  paired  with a white mesh Balenciaga dress which she wore during the brand’s 2015 Paris Fashion Week.

Army Jeans

Are you tired of thinking about what to wear while running out to do some errands or just going for  a casual grocery shop? Then, you could try this unique combination of camouflage genie pants, sky-high booties and an opportunity to show a whole lot of cleavage. The whole combination looks great on Kim K; which really urges  me to call her a trendsetter.

Mesh to die for

When she began to die her hair blonde, her fashion choices began to match the risk involved with the hair change. The hubby of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, wore a see-through nude mesh looking gown at the Lanvin Show during 2015’s Paris Fashion Week for Women’s wear. She completed her look with nude lipstick, smoky eyes, nude long nails, and black semi coat.

The 4th of July

4th of July is a historic day for  American people  because it is the date on which the country transitioned from a British colony into its own independent nation, in the process being tagged as the “land of the free”. Being free in America means you have the liberty to express yourself in any way  you choose,  especially clothing. In this picture, Kim K is shown being overtly patriotic, with her outfit consisting of solely American flags. God bless America and Kim Kardashian!

Expensive Bathrobe

Famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier created this gown for Kim K which she wore at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Critics commented that it was like a fancy bathrobe with gilded embellishments. She suffered some backlash on social media but that’s just part of Kim K’s risky fashion choices. Reports say she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the event; so they were busy sewing and safety-pinning.

Fringe-y Ensemble

Balmain is a luxury Fashion House and Kim Kardashian is one of its most loyal clients. In 2015 Paris Fashion week, Kim K wore a structured fringe ensemble from the brand during the Balmain Aftershow Dinner. Her look was really unique and suffice to say quite a head turner; she paired her fringe ensemble with black boots and tight black pants.

Sultry Dress for an Awards Show

In 2014, Kim Kardashian wore a creation from Balmain once again, this time at the MTV Movie Awards. She was wearing a hippie-like creation which shows a white, red, and black combination. Critics say Kim K’s sultriness remained despite wearing a hippie-colored, classy short dress.

Shirtless Underneath

I would suggest Kim Kardashian put plenty of money in stocks for double stick tape because she is a fan of wearing coats without any clothing underneath. But honestly, you would wonder how she saves herself from suffering a wardrobe malfunction. In this picture, Kim K paired her furry grey skirt with a blue coat top. She let her black hair loose and wore her signature nude lipstick and smokey eyes.

The 2008 Kim

Kim Kardashian has certainly evolved her fashion choices from 2007 to the present. In 2008, she wore an outrageously basic outfit, at least by her standards of today; although critics didn’t find it boring. They say it’s completely opposite of how over-the-top Kim K’s fashion choices are these days. She wore a grey dress with a belt and paired it with sequined boots.

Holes on the Outfit

A pretty common, casual outfit for women these days is yoga pants paired with a hoodie. However, Kim K found it too casual so in typical Kim fashion, she found a way to spin the trend on its head. She rocked matching “Distressed” cropped turtleneck top and pants with holes in it. She completed her look with heels while pushing her baby at LAX. Insanely out of this world outfit.

Taupe Lace Dress

Many say the sheer dress trend was started by Kim Kardashian. From the moment she started wearing it on the red carpet, it became a global staple. This grey taupe lace dress manages to show skin but cover it up at the same time. She paired it with loose hair and gold heels. Once again, Kim has mastered the “expensive look”.

Jean Shorts

Kim Kardashian doesn’t go out casually without wearing something different. During a movie date with Kanye West in 2014, she wore typical short jeans but went on for a more innovative twist in her look. Truly, she’s a fashion icon.

Red Hot Stunning Gown

During  pre-Grammy events, celebrities still need to look good as to not make a bad impression in the media. Of course, Kim Kardashian doesn’t come to play when it comes to red carpet events. She wore a vibrant red silk, pleated cropped top and matched it with a red skirt with of same design. She accessorized the look  with cuffs, an eagle choker, and bracelets.

Tie it Up

No one is surprised when Kim Kardashian shows off some skin and wows us, but what makes her special is that she still looks incredible when covered up. She always makes a major impression when she stays covered up and this was proven through her extravagant cream-on-cream dress. She put on a tie to add elegance to the look and paired it with golden heels.

A Dress looking-like Napkin

Cocktail dresses are trendy these days because they can be worn at any kind of occasions. But if you are Kim K who likes to experiment with your clothes, then you will surely find the repetitive design of cocktail dresses  boring. Thus, she shows this black and white dress with front ruffles which totally look like a napkin. Nevertheless, she looked hot and sexy.

Unbelievable Waist

Many people in social media find Kim K’s devotion to keeping her hourglass physique a little bit alarming. But if Kim K feels okay with it; then she should continue to do so. She always wears dresses that showcase her assets like having deep V necklines, tight jeans, and fitted tops. So, if she wants to wear a blouse/dress that showcases her unbelievable waist, like in this picture, who are we to stop her.