Growing Up In Hollywood – 5 Reasons Child Celebrities Go Haywire

1. Their Parents Smothered Them Into It

tiger parents
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In any scenario, not just in acting, kids who are ‘tiger parented’ grow up not knowing who they really are, resort to drugs and alcohol to compensate for their emotional detachment, and worst of all, become absolutely resentful towards their parents. In certain cases, parents pushed these child celebrities into fame because they wanted to brag (or humble brag) about their ‘celebrity parent status’. But most of the time, these child celebrities were pushed into acting and singing simply because their parents wants to get shit rich off of them, after realizing their potential during some school play. Bear in mind, that parents or guardians are in complete control over their celebrity angels’ finances until the latter turns 18.

Nick and his little brother Aaron Carter have been clawed into their musical talents. There wasn’t a single soul who didn’t hear the ‘Carter’ name, with Nick Carter’s band entitled ‘The Backstreet Boys’, and Aaron Carter’s reputation as THE ‘high school sweetheard’, things were looking bright for the young Carters. That is, until they both succumbed to the dark pits of drugs, alcohol, DUIs, and other textbook child celeb shenanigans. Their father, Robert Gene Carter, was somewhat of a celebrity himself, pushing the boys into prosperity. Now i’m not saying their dad was evil, but he was the claw that led them into the celebrated abyss they found themselves in later in life. But who was the real culprit behind the Carter Tragedy? Their dad may have started their fame, but it was their mom who tore every fabric of their soul. Remember that pun about celebrity moms leveraging their son’s talent for a fuck load of cash? Yup, that was the Carter mom.. Here’s a statement made by Aaron himself: In 2003, Aaron alleged that his mother, Jane Carter, withdrew over $100,000 for some kind of plastic surgery.

Most of you remember Michael Jackson for 2 things; his god-sent musical talent and his lust for children. However, deep into the mind of the late ‘Pop King’ lived a little child, terrified to death of his ruthless father, who would beat him into musical perfection, and who once ‘belted’ him for coming second place at some competition. Michael did not succumb to the usual destructive path of a child celebrity, until however, he severely burned himself during a fire stint he was trying to pull off. From that day onward,  Jackson discovered his true love – Pain Killers. He presume his use of prescription drugs, even after he fully healed, because the euphoria he got from it helped him escape his Joe’s claws. This addiction to Morphine and Valium led to his eventual overdose, in which he was found dead..