Game of Thrones Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Game of Thrones Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!

Famous for its dramatic (and often bloody) twists and turns since it first came out, “Game of Thrones” has always kept its audience at the edge of their seats as they try to think their way to the actual end of the saga. One of TV’s most scrutinized storylines, mainly because it has promised to be unpredictable time and again, we have all read at least one theory about “Game of Thrones”. As the series begins it’s countdown to the end, we shall try and pick the most famous theories out there. Put on your cloaks because winter is coming!


Given that the Night King has the power to reanimate the dead, it would seem one of his strongest tactics would be to simply  lay siege on Winterfell using his army of the dead and the dead already located inside the northern castle. This theory states that the Night King might actually bring back some of the corpses that are in Winterfell, specifically those buried in the crypts, to attack the people from inside the walls!This would be a strategic move for the Night King. Aside from the obvious surprise, it might also have a strong psychological effect to the northerners. Imagine the Starks seeing all the people they grew up with, the Northernmen seeing their own mothers, daughters, brothers – all of them trying to have a taste of their flesh.


“What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter. That’s not how it ends for you brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.”

The hound uttered these words to his brother, The Mountain, during Season 7’s final episode. As is with everything on the show, this sounds like a storyline that will unfold during the last season. We know the Mountain and the Hound’s troubling story goes way back. The Mountain found the Hound playing with his toys so he pushed the latter on a fire, hence the scar.

Ever since he walked out on King Joffrey at the Battle of the Blackwater, The Hound has had one of the most interesting story arcs of any character. After losing to Brienne on a cliffside brawl and having Arya leave him for dead, he found a way to live peacefully with a strange village until the violent life took him back. Who wouldn’t want to see him fight his big brother once and for all?


“I’m a part of you now.”When Ramsay Bolton said those words to Sansa (before she fed him to the dogs), we all had the same reaction. “What?” Fans think that Ramsay may have impregnated Sansa with a Bolton child. This theory was strengthened by Sansa’s own words to Littlefinger:“I can still feel it. I don’t mean ‘in my tender heart it still pains me so’ — I can still feel what he did in my body standing here right now.”This would drastically change how Sansa makes decisions for the show’s final arc. However, since it was foreshadowed way back Season 6 and Season 7 did not show Sansa with a baby bump, this theory might already be squashed.


One of the  show’s most beloved characters, Sam, is theorized by a few fans to be the Prince that was Promised as was prophesied in the series. This theory hinges largely on Sam having Dornish looks, much like his mother, his soft features, desire of knowledge, and gentle manner of handling things.

Fans suggest that these are attributes that he got from his secret parents, Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell . They say that Varys smuggled their secret baby to one of the Targaryen’s oldest and most famous allies, the Tarlys, in order to hide him from the Baratheons and other pursuers.


Arya’s Kill List moments are often noted as the Westerosi version of “Kill Bill”’s The Bride going on a vengeful killing spree, and rightfully so. Ever since we saw her potential, we often wondered about the hows and whens of her next assasination. We all saw what she did to  Lord Frey in killing him after feeding him a meat pie made out of his dead sons, so what’s next for her?

After executing Littlefinger, fans speculate that she will wear his face next and walk to King’s Landing in order to finally finish off her list. Beric Dondarrion and The Hound are seemingly off the list for now. Will the last war be where she will kill Ser Ilyn Payne , The Mountain, and Cersei?


Since demonstrating her devastating assination skills and adding Cersei to her kill list, we’ve always wondered if Arya would wind up  killing the current Queen. One thing fans took note of is that the showrunners, and the actress Maisie Williams herself, insisted on learning how to fight left-handed as Arya was left handed in the books. In a show known to have compromised small details from the book to the screen, there must be a reason why the left-handed mannerisms of Arya were kept. People have speculated that it could be because Arya might eventually use Jaime Lannister’s face to get near the Queen and kill her, effectively erasing her from the kill list. Of course, Arya would have to kill Jaime first, but that’s a whole other theory.


Fans were blindsided when “Game of Thrones”  killed off its first major character and from that moment on we learned that no character is safe from the gritty fangs of thrones. The major character in question was Ned Stark, the honorable Quiet Wolf, then Warden of the North and Hand of the King. When he learned of the Targaryen conspiracy, he was executed before the first season’s end with his severed head displayed in public for all to see. However, that is not the case for this theory.

This theory suggests that the Faceless Men were sent into King’s Landing following the threat of death for Ned Stark, and that Varys  was in on it all along. They planned to replace Ned with a double (wearing his face) before the beheading and escape. Of course, this would mean then that Ned would need to hide away from his family and everyone else, which would explain why we haven’t seen him since. Some fans still believe he will eventually come back and help Jon in the coming wars.


Tywin’s disdain for his son Tyrion was well known. He would insult him, berate him, and ultimately slept with Tyrion’s lover. This theory suggests a grim history to how this all started.

The books went into great and explicit detail on how the Mad King was infatuated with Tywin Lannister’s wife, Joanna. Fans have speculated that one fateful day, Aerys slept with Joanna and impregnated her with a son, unknownst to Tywin. When Joanna died at birth, Tywin saw the baby and knew immediately it was not his son. This would mean that Tywin’s hatred for Tyrion was due to Joanna being unfaithful to him, the Targaryen King impregnating his wife with a son (Tyrion), and that this child (again Tyrion) killed his wife during childbirth.

This would also mean that Tywin’s final words to Tyrion were true. “You’re no son of mine.”


Tyrion has proven himself quite the thinker and strategist, but what if he uses this against his own queen?  During the meeting at the Dragonpit, Tyrion and Cersei spent quite a deal of time talking and negotiating. A few fans have theorized that one of the topics of this meeting could be  Tyrion promising Cersei the Iron Throne for her unborn child if she helps Dany’s army fight in the north. Tyrion believes that Daenerys is unable to have children, leaving the next heir-seat up for grabs.

In light of this, fans will also remember that Tyrion has been observant of the Queen’s affairs in the past, including that one scene on the ship when Jon may have taken a few of those fermented crabs Davos was talking about.


With the infamous “Hold the Door” episode, “Game of Thrones” has shown us Bran’s powers are double-edged. He can disfigure the past as much as he can fix or watch it.

This theory suggests that Bran went back to the past and tried to stop the Children of the Forest from creating the Night King, but messed something up in the process and became the Night King himself. In order to stop the subsequent misfortunes that followed, he went back in time again and tried to restore the balance by  influencing many other points in history.

Asked about this theory, Bran actor Isaac Hempstead Wright said he’d love for it to be true, but it sounds “far-fetched”. Although he did admit that the way Hodor’s died in the famous episode surprised him too.


Although not much in his story is likely to be compared to the said origins of The Prince that was Promised, Bran is as likely to be The Prince that was Promised just as anyone else. People have speculated that he is indeed Azor Ahai mainly for one reason: the Night King is seemingly after him.

This theory suggests that the Last Hero is the first Three-Eyed Raven, and that these ancient enemies have been circling each other since their paths crossed. The Night King has taken great lengths to kill Bloodraven (the previous Three-Eyed Raven) , and it would not be surprising if he does the same for Bran too. It seems a strategic move for the Night King to kill the one person who has the knowledge and ability to actually kill him, aka the hero destined to stop the Long Night.


Many new theories have been established since the show introduced us to Bran’s “almost” time travel powers as the Three-Eyed Raven. One of these theories suggests that Bran actually travelled back in time and whispered things to the Mad King. It checks out, since he was seen to be able to distract Ned Stark in the past with his voice. It is possible that Bran is the one who made the Mad King seem mad to everyone else, as he was hearing voices others could not. It also concludes that Bran might have shared a vision of the White Walkers to the King, which made him utter his famous last words “Burn them all!”. Jaime Lannister was even heard saying that the Mad King was still shouting these words as he stabbed him in the back.


“Sometimes Nan would talk to him as if he were her Brandon, the baby she had nursed all those years ago, and sometimes she confused him with his uncle Brandon, who was killed by the Mad King before Bran was even born. She had lived so long, Mother had told him once, that all the Brandon Starks had become one person in her head.”

Taken directly from the book, these lines sum up the theory entirely: that every important Bran in history was actually Bran Stark.

Since the show introduced us to Bran’s various abilities, fans have speculated that he’s had a hand in every important moment in history, which incidentally involved a lot of different Brans, including Bran the Builder who raised Winterfell and possibly the Wall itself. Maybe since he tried to fix the past, he has since been trying to defuse the ripple effects that followed through the course of time.


“The things we do for love.”

Jaime uttered these famous words as he pushed little Bran out of a tower window rendering him paralyzed from the waist down. At that time, Jaime’s love was directed towards his lover and sister Cersei Lannister. However through the seasons, Cersei has steadily ascended to become Queen, and quite the mad Queen at that. With her rise in power, Jamie has slowly grown further apart from his sister.

Parallel to his infamous Kingslayer incident, fans speculate that Jaime will end up killing his sister as she becomes the Mad Queen. Ever since she stated she will do anything to defeat the Snow-Targaryen alliance in the north. Jaime recognized her madness and  left her to fight with the Khaleesi. How bittersweet would it be if Jaime is the one who kills Cersei as the prophesized Valonquar?


Having one of the best character arcs in the show, Jaime Lannister might be best suited to fulfill the prophecy of Azor Ahai. His was born and reborn through steady hardships in the series, and he’s already an actual a prince in a sense being brother to the Queen. One redditor even pointed out that the words ‘Lord’ and “Light’ translate to ‘aeksio’ and ‘onos’ in Valyrian, which sounds eerily similar to the Valyrian words for ‘gold’ and ‘hand’ which are ‘aeksion’ and ‘ondos’. Jaime was even heard referring to himself as Goldenhand as a jest.

It can be argued that his character growth resembles the origins of the legendary Azor Ahai, although in a broader manner. Given the show’s penchant for unforeseen twists, Jaime might actually make a great Azor Ahai.

He already has the title of ‘Kingslayer’, which could also be referencing  his ability to kill the Night King. Already owning a Valyrian steel sword named Widow’s Wail which was formerly his son’s Joffrey, it’s not impossible.


Maggy the Frog told Cersei about her future when she was a young girl. She was promised that she would marry a king instead of a prince, that she will be queen for a time (before a younger, more beautiful one dethrones her), and that the king will have 20 children, and she three (who will all die before her).

She indeed married a king in Robert Baratheon instead of Prince Rhaegar fulfilling the first prophecy. The second prophecy had us believing Margaery Tyrell would replace her but now we think it is about Daenerys herself. For the third prediction, the king indeed fathered a number of bastards where as she had three children whom she saw die within her lifetime.

The prophecy also told her that after these children are dead, she will follow but now she’s pregnant with a  fourth child. Fans speculate that it means a fatal childbirth for her, as to follow the prophecy.


Descendent of the Mad King himself, it is known among many that Daenerys Targaryen has some tendencies of a mad ruler herself. The show has spent a great deal of time on her story arc as she was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne (before Jon Snow’s parents identities were revealed), and yet it would not be out of touch to make her the villain at the end of all this.

She is becoming more and more reckless with her decision making and doubts seemingly everyone around her. Not to mention, her mercilessness has been steadily increasing with her power, and with dragons by her side, envisioning her  screaming  “Burn them all!” just like her father before her isn’t a far reach.


As Missandei pointed out to both Jon and Dany, the prophecy about the Prince was actually translated wrong. In fact, according to the actual story, the gender of the coming savior was only vaguely hinted at. Meaning, it could be a Prince or Princess that was promised.

Even if Jon Snow actually finds evidence of his true Targaryen lineage, fans have speculated that he would let it go for the greater good. In fact, if the Princess that was Promised theory is correct, it means Jon would have to sacrifice himself so Dany can create the Lightbringer. It seems fitting considering prior to Jon’s resurrection, Melissandre always said that the Lord of Light only brings people back for a certain purpose.


We don’t know what could bring these two to turn on each other, but if it happens, it’ll be right up there with the Red Wedding as one of the shows most shocking moments.

In previous seasons we have seen Dany’s vision of the Iron Throne, and the cries of her dragons as she approaches it. This could mean that Dany’s future quest for the Iron Throne will be halted in favor of her children – the dragons. This could allude to Jon or his allies attempted murder of the dragons in order to claim the Iron Thron for himself.

However, it could be vice versa. Jon might actually claim his birthright for the throne and it could be Dany who kills him instead. After all, she has pretty much showed intent to kill anyone who stands between her and the Throne.


One of the best theories out there, this theory suggests that The Prince that was Promised could be several people fighting as one. Notably, the Targaryen sigil has a three-headed dragon. Assuming that the Tyrion Targaryen theory is indeed correct, fans have speculated that the last remaining Targaryens (including Dany and Jon) make up the Three-Headed Dragon.

Each of the three has certain parallels that they can contribute in accordance to the fabled origin of the Prince that was Promised, depending on how you look at it. Ultimately it would make sense for the Three-Headed Dragon to be the Last Hero, the Prince that Was Promised, Azor Ahai or whatever else you want to call them.


With his character arc finally reaching its high point, it’s time that we include him on the “to-die” list for this season. The show is brilliant at killing characters off in a way that moves the narrative forward.

Grey Worm and Missandei’s romance have been prominently featured in the teasers and trailers. To some fans that means the show is signaling the end of the Unsullied Commander’s duty. After all, many of those who have died are those that have been well-loved by fans and given that he fights on the frontlines of his Khaleesi’s army, it’s certainly a likely outcome. The real questions pertain to how he’ll die. Will it be in battle or by betrayal? Will it be a brutal end or a calm one? We can only continue watching to find out.


Up to this point we still do not know why the White Walkers ignored Samwell Tarly when they encountered him. Was it because he was too much of a coward to kill, or was it because he did what he was supposed to, which was step aside and let the White Walkers pass?

Numerous fans have reminded us that we do not know  the true intentions of the Night King and the White Walkers just yet. How do we know if they only want to eliminate Bran because of his time-travelling habit?  What if they are actually after Cersei?

Or maybe they are trying to save the world by killing those who do not deserve to live, allowing the survivors to remake a better world (like a certain MCU big bad villain)?What if the White Walkers are actually the good guys, phasing out the ‘outdated’ humans who would not survive the coming climate?


In one of the show’s most memorable lines, Cersei said “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

That could not have summed up the show better. Almost everyone involved in the competition for the Iron Throne, has ended up sacrificing loved ones or dying themselves, and while the humans of the Seven Kingdoms are busy gathering forces, strategizing, and killing each other in glorious battles, there is one leader they failed to account for, the Night King.

No one has fought him for a long time, or his army at that. The people have forgotten much about their past that could help them fight the Night king and there hasn’t been a single successful mission to scout the army of the dead. That right there gives him a great chance to win this particular game of thrones. With the show’s penchant for killing off those who you want to live, there’s a window of opportunity for the showrunners and George RR Martin himself to make the ultimate move and have none of our characters survive the war, with the Night King creating a space for better kingdoms to rise. Even his.


During the title sequence, fans have adored the intricately detailed rings that seemed to hint at the history of the Seven Kingdoms. When Sam Tarly reached the point in his character arc where he arrives at the Citadel, fans noticed that the strange gyroscope hanging in the middle of the roof looks similar to the rings we see in the title sequence. It was the same place where Sam remarked that there are more poetic and beautiful alternate titles to the tome such as “The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I” which sounds like it could be renamed “Game of Thrones” instead.

This theory suggests that Sam could actually be the one narrating the story to us, with regards to how he learned every angle of it and how he experience some of it. This could explain why Jon Snow always seems to come out as an epic hero in his parts of the  narrative.


If we are basing theories on the latest pre-season 8 teasers, then you will notice something different. When the Stark siblings were shown walking in the Winterfell crypts, they were shown concrete statues of themselves. However, the eagle-eyed fans noticed a tiny detail the showrunners tried to hide in plain sight, both Arya and Sansa’s statues had young features, seemingly close to their current selves.

When Jon’s was shown, his statue seemed like an old man who had a full beard and long hair. Why the difference then? Is this a prophecy of what’s to come? One interpretation says that this means the Stark sisters will die in the last war, the same war where Jon will emerge victorious. He will then live a long life in the North.


All in all, these are some of the best and most fleshed out  theories left for the last season of “Game of Thrones”. How many of these theories will end up being  true, and how many are just fake-outs that will be proven wrong? With the final season of Game of Thrones at hand (and just a few episodes to pack it in), we are about to find out!

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