“Frozen 2” Trailer Gives More Info On Plot

The latest “Frozen 2” trailer dropped and it’s seems to be significantly more serious  than the first. The trailer, which plays out like that of an action movie, brings into question the origin of Elsa’s powers and their puzzling past. Even with the change in tone, all of Elsa, Anna, Kirstoff, Olaf and even the gnomes are returning for the second “Frozen” installment with the addition of some new characters we don’t know much about.

In the trailer we see what seems to be a giant and a mysterious water-horse/spirit hybrid. The only thing we haven’t seen yet is evidence of any songs, but with the success of the music from the first, I can’t imagine their going to omit it from this one.


Image Credits: ewedit.files.wordpress.com; ewedit.files.wordpress.com