Find Out What Octomom Is Up To Now!!!

What’s Octomom Up To Now???

In January 2009, Octomom, who’s real name is Nadya Suleman, had eight children on her own in one pregnancy. Many people criticized Nadya and her doctor for the methods with which she got pregnant, while many others had her back claiming she should be able to make her own life decisions. As American media goes, no one could take their eyes off of Nadya and her crazy family but even though there were many low points, Nadya always got back up. Now over ten years later, find out where Nadya and her family are today!

Dreaming For Lots Of Kids!

Nadya always dreamed of having a large family as she was an only child growing up.  Her life goal was to have lots of children that she could someday have an emotional connection with.

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Obviously no one, including Nadya, could have expected the lengths to which she would go to in which to achieve this dream. Some people would say she went too far while others would empower her to make her own decisions.

Early Path To Motherhood

Nadya would set out on a path to motherhood from a very early age. As soon as she finished high school, she made steps going forward to insure her future motherhood. While this is much earlier than normal, Nadya was very determined.

Even with her plan to have many children, Nadya still wanted to attend college and receive a degree. However, everyone knows when you have a dream, that normally takes precedent and an opportunity soon came for Nadya to try having kids.

Nadya’s First Chance

Nadya met produce manager Marcos Gutierrez in her early twenties and fell in love. She thought that her dream would finally materialize with Marcos and that she would finally have the family she’s always dreamed of.

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Marcos of course knew of Nadya’s desire to have a large family. He himself had a very similar sentiment towards wanting a family. The pair had the same goal but they had no idea that the goal was un-achievable while still together.

The Psychiatric Facility

In the same year Nadya  earned a psychiatric technician license from Mt. San Antonio College and began working at Metropolitan State Hospital, she also married Marcos. Metropolitan State Hospital was a psychiatric facility in California where Nadya would work with mentally struggling patients. This would prove to be one of the largest struggles in Nadya’s life.

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While having a family was always her number one goal, a close second was having a successful career. As committed as she was, the psychiatric facility was a difficult place to work.

Riot Breaks Out

The day was September 18, 1999 when the  psychiatric facility at which Nadya  worked at fell into complete chaos. A riot was started by twenty patients and Nadya was right in the middle of it. While trying to calm down the patients, Nadya had a desk flipped onto her back, injuring her in the process.

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Filing for workers compensation following the outburst, Nadya earned $170,000 after suffering a herniated disk. However, the psychological damage went much further than that.

Delaying The Dream

The work injury had made it difficult for Nadya to make a living and continue to work. Luckily the workers compensation she earned made it so that she wouldn’t have to focus on that for now. She had more pressing issues to worry about.

Now having been married for three years, Marcos and Nadya were struggling to have kids. With Nadya’s dream now in doubt, the next step was to visit a doctor and see if the reason for their lack of children was medical.

The Worst Possible News

The doctors suggested many different pointers for conception and as the couple very much wanted kids, they took the tips very seriously. Unfortunately, no matter what they tried, nothing worked. The constant failure obviously had a negative impact on both Nadya and Marcos.

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While the couple was extremely frustrated, the next bit of news would be the worst for both of them. They learned that Marcos was sterile and unable to have children. This was a huge blow to Nadya as her only dream was to have a large, loving family.

Close To The End

With the traditional method of having children now off the table, Nadya started to look into alternative directions which assist in conception. However, Marcos wasn’t in favor of these alternative methods and let his wife know.

When Nadya suggested in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a procedure through which an egg is fertilized outside of the body, usually in a test tube, to her husband, Marcos saw it as the last straw. Nadya has to choose Marcos or in-vitro fertilization.

Sticking With The Dream

Having to make the most difficult decision of her life, Nadya was left between two things she’d wanted her whole life. On one side was her husband whom she loved, on the other side was her lifelong dream of having children whom she could nurture and love.

Ultimately Nadya decided her desire for children was too great and made the decision to split from her husband to go through with IVF. As sad as she was to be divorcing Marcos, she was equally excited to finally start the process of having kids.

Everything Has Risks

While IVF was in Nadya’s eyes the best option, to many it isn’t as plausible. The success rate is still below 100% and it’s a relatively expensive procedure to go through with. Obviously, none of this concerned Nadya, she was all the way in.

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During IVF, several eggs are typically used in case not all the eggs succeed in being fertilized. This raised another conceivable issue, would Nadya be able to handle the possibility of multiple babies if that were the case?

More Babies!

As previously mentioned, the main risk (or in Nadya’s case advantage) to having children through IVF is the possibility of having multiple children through one pregnancy. This would make Nadya a single mother with multiple babies.


As can be expected, Nadya wasn’t concerned at all. With her dream to have a large family almost in full swing, she would have welcomed more children! Of course she had no idea just how many children she was about to welcome into the world.

Welcome, Baby Elijah!

For someone like Nadya, having twins or triplets wouldn’t have been considered a risk, she wanted as many children as she could have! Even with that desire, I don’t think anybody would be ready for the amount of children Nadya was about to have.

Luckily for Nadya, the IVF worked and she welcomed her first baby into the world in 2001. A little son named Elijah. After all her struggles, her dream was finally being realized and Nadya was finally a mother!

Lots Of Kids!

The following year, Nadya would have her second child, a baby girl named Amerah. Due to the success of IVF treatment, there was nothing slowing Nadya down from having more children, and that’s exactly what she did! With the continued help of the treatment, she’d go on to have another two sets of twins which made her a mother to six babies!

Evening Standard

For most people, six children is already more than they can handle, but not for Nadya. Not only was she happy to deal with her six babies, she wanted more!

 An Unprecedented Choice

Up until now, Nadya was just a single mother of six . Little did she know that her decision in 2008 would transform her into a national tabloid seller. With the help of Dr. Michael Kamrava, Nadya went in for another IVF treatment.

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As someone who was adamantly pro-life, Nadya didn’t want the six eggs she still had frozen from her last treatment to go to waste. With her mind made up, she asked Dr. Kamrava to implant all six eggs in her at once in an unprecedented decision.

Six More Babies?

With such an extreme decision made on Nadya’s part, Dr. Kamrava was hesitant to go forward with the procedure. Nadya was persistent however and Dr. Kamrava eventually agreed to the procedure, but that’s not all!

Dr. Kamvara didn’t add only six extra eggs, he added twelve! Six more than the original number and significantly more than the recommended number of eggs for IVF. With the risks understood, Nadya was ready to face any problems head on.

Eight Babies?!?

Any other person would probably be terrified having that many embryos implanted in them but not Nadya, she was only excited. On the other hand, the move was highly criticized by the medical community and would eventually land Dr. Kamrava in hot water.

After the procedure, eight of the twelve embryos stuck, leaving Nadya pregnant with octuplets. Now, the question was not if it was ethical but if Nadya’s body could handle being pregnant with eight babies.

The Birth Of The Name

A regular nine month pregnancy takes a huge toll on a person. That multiplied by eight sounds almost impossible to handle. With this impossible task at hand, the media took notice of Nadya and gave her the moniker of “Octomom”.

Naturally, the media was extremely interested with Nadya as she was about to embark on a record setting, life-changing journey. Of course, the media also loves controversy and there was plenty of that in Nadya’s story.

Healthy Babies

When the day of the delivery came, the births went off without a hitch and Nadya gave birth to eight healthy babies. The moment everyone had been waiting had arrived and the media was on it to let everyone know the news.

The miracle that was her octuplets didn’t go unnoticed. They were the first octuplets to be born that survived their first week. With her eight babies born, Nadya was ready to bring the babies home but the media wasn’t ready to leave her alone. They had many questions and issues to raise.

The Mystery Of Octomom

While the media was completely enamored with Nadya’s story, they weren’t the only ones. The medical community was also amazed at how Nadya had become pregnant with eight babies and given birth to them healthily. Obviously, they had no idea of the IVF and Dr.Kamrava.

Researches started asking many questions that even the average person wondered. How did Nadya become pregnant with eight children? How did she function being pregnant with eight children? To many doctors the answer to these questions was a complete mystery.

Media Sweetheart

At the time the babies were born everyone knew of “Octomom”. Nadya’s face was plastered on every tabloid magazine and news source, whether that be TV or the internet. We all know that reality stars have trouble balancing their lives between real life and their shows but that’s exactly what Nadya attempted to do.

It would be silly to not try and take advantage of all the publicity Nadya and her family were receiving, so she hired a public relations manager in order to alleviate the pressure of the situation. Even with a manager, the attention would prove hard to deal with.

The Criticism

The most difficult thing for Nadya to deal with was the media accusation. Many sources were saying she only had all her children to be thrust into the spotlight. That’s an extremely difficult thing to live with while trying to raise fourteen young children.


The “Octomom” phenomenon became more and more difficult for Nadya to deal with. She would get daily threats accusing her of abusing the American taxpayer and generally representing everything wrong with society as a whole.

Speaking To The Public

As with most of these situations, the media became too difficult to deal with. It started to control how people viewed Nadya, all of this without hearing her side of the story. Nadya knew that if she was to weather the storm, she had to reach out to the media herself.

Nadya went to People Magazine and explained her situation to them. Unlike how many perceived her life to be, she wasn’t living a fairytale, stress free life. In fact, she was barely sleeping because of all the care she needed to provide for her children. For certain people, this had the opposite result to what Nadya intended, as they felt right in their criticism of her having to many children.

Welfare Payments

Due to the media and the pressure caused by it, Nadya soon found it difficult to care for her children. America couldn’t leave her alone, even years after she’d given birth, the criticism never died down.


Due to her struggles with raising her fourteen kids and the outside pressure, Nadya found herself in a situation where she had to accept welfare payments. This wouldn’t be her last issue however. Along with struggling mental health, Nadya would have to deal with legal issues in the future.

Child Protective Services

Of course after some time, certain rumors started to spread, one being the extremely serious allegation that Nadya was mistreating her kids. The argument that many used was how could she be treating them properly? She has fourteen kids and is living off of welfare. It got to the point that Child Protective Services decided to look into the issue.

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After their investigation, the Child Protective Services deemed the allegations untrue and Nadya’s home to be perfectly safe and sound for her kids. Unfortunately for Nadya, the main person who had control of her home still didn’t trust her.

Being Evicted

Although the Child Protective Services gave their ok, Nadya’s landlord evidently felt as though she wasn’t fit to live in her house. The landlord claimed that she violated a certain term in her lease which was grounds for eviction.

The landlord’s main issue was obviously Nadya’s living conditions and he took these issues to the media. While Nadya had accomplished her dream to have a huge family, she was now about to be homeless with fourteen kids to look after. This left Nadya in an extremely desperate situation.

The Need For Money

Unfortunately there was no negotiating with the landlord, she had to leave. That meant she also had to find a new place for her family of fourteen. Although the media portrayed her in a very specific way, in reality she was a loving mother whose main concern was always her children. Obviously finding a new place to live was her number one priority.

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Unfortunately, Nadya had no money and as we all know it’s hard to find a place to live with no money. To try and make up some quick real estate, she dabbled in the film world and other small ventures.

A New Name

Once Nadya finally recognized that the pressure of the media had finally taken full control of her, she decided to step away. She understood the person she had become was not the person she wanted to be and ultimately, she needed to create new boundaries for herself in regards to the media.

After her decision, Nadya really turned her life around. She finished her college degree, began working as a family therapist and changed her name to Natalie in order to signify a new start in her life.

For The Good Of The Children

Today Nadya’s kids are doing great. The octuplets are nine years old and are healthy kids. They even eat a vegan diet, which demonstrates more self discipline than most adults have!

Nadya has decided to be completely open with her children as to what transpired during the media circus that controlled her life. Even though many still see her as an attention seeker, she claims everything she’s done has been for the good of her children.

Going Back To Who She Was

Nadya’s life is now on a good track and back to where she wants it to be after going off the rails for a few years. She believes that there is a higher power who allowed for her to put what transpired previously in the past and help move along towards a better life.

Nadya said that while she was in the film industry, a man walked up to her, grabbed her by the hand and said you don’t have to do this. She said that this brought her to tears and she realized that she had to go back to being who she was.

Moving Forward

Although she recognizes that she might have overlooked a few details before bringing all her kids into the world, Nadya still doesn’t regret it at all. After having all those kids and raising them, how can you look back and say you shouldn’t have had some of them?


Nadya is now completely and totally focused on raising her kids in the proper way. With all her past transgressions behind her, she realizes what’s right for her children and understands the importance of raising them properly. She even updates everyone about their lives frequently on her instagram page!