100 Facts You Didn’t Know About the King of Rock- Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is synonymous for “greatness” and one of the most influential persons to ever live. In music, he is in a league of his own that’s why he is the one and only King of Rock N’ Roll. However, even as a pretty dyed-in-the-wool Elvis fan myself, I concede I do not know everything about the music icon. You may have heard about his stillborn twin, the natural color of his hair (its brown), and his wife Priscilla but what about the more mysterious, lesser-known but fascinating facets of his career and private life? Well, get your jumpsuits and quaffs on because these facts about Elvis Presley will surely ROCK your fandom!

A Freaky Way to Get Attention

Elvis loved his guns as much as his guitars but he always walked a fine line between being playful and downright careless. According to his ex-girlfriend Ginger Alden, Presley once fired a bullet into the bed’s headboard while she was sleeping simply to get her attention! Wow, if I’d do that my wife, she would beat me dead with that same gun and put me into a casket herself.

This living on the edge lifestyle and wild antics became the norm for Elvis and this next one proves that he can pretty much do anything he wants. Or so he thought.