Do You Remember All These Royal Family Childhood Moments?

Royal Family’s Best Moments As Children

Britain’s Royal Family practically lives in the spotlight every moment of their lives so it would only be natural that many of their intimate moments be shared in public. Personally, I don’t really mind, especially the bits that include their childhood. Let’s take a peek at some of the best childhood moments of the Royal Family focusing on the main stars of the show, William, Harry,their wives and of course their kids. Some of their cousins make cameo appearances here and there but we are basically just keeping it within the immediate family circle.

Prince William and Kate Introduce Prince Louis

Photo: FB Page Hits95

After Kate gave birth to their third child, the air of excitement was still the same as the first two times. What added to the buzz was the couple never shared the baby’s name until the fourth day when they told everyone that the boy will be known as Prince Louis Arthur Charles. The name Louis is believed to be a tribute to the late Louis Mountbatten, a decorated British soldier and a second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Charlotte’s Kiss

Photo: FB Page World Wide Gossip

Princess Charlotte showed some sisterly love after the birth of Prince Louis, tenderly kissing her baby brother for this adorable photo. Actually, the latter’s birth paved the way for Charlotte to make history. The old law of succession stated that girls will only be considered heirs to the throne if there are no sons. However, the new law now says girls will not be overtaken by their younger brothers, meaning Charlotte rectifies her position as fourth in line to the throne.

Savannah Shushes Prince George

Photo: James Watling/MEGA

Boys and mischief naturally go hand in hand, even if you’re a royal. In this instance, Prince George’s chatty nature apparently didn’t sit well with his cousin, Savannah, granddaughter of Prince Anne. Savannah hilariously shushed the Prince’s mouth in an amusing photo with the rest of the family. Savannah may not have a royal title herself, but she sure made an impression with this photo.

Anyway, a little backstory here: Savannah was pretending to conduct the national anthem when George joined in on the fun. Sav realized this was probably not what they should be doing and stopped George before anything  could go wrong.

Now, you know!

But They Were Not The First!

Photo: Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar

It certainly appears as if mischief runs in the family!

Before Sav and Prince George had their funny shushing instance, Prince Harry had a similar moment of his own, covering the mouth of his two-year-old cousin Princess Beatrice almost 30 years ago!

Looking back at this photo, it’s funny to think about how everything comes full circle as Harry and Beatrice are in the background of Sav and Georges picture, only all grown up! I also totally understand Harry’s stunt here but in all honesty, I think I’d probably just poke fun at Beatrice’s bob cut instead.

Princess Charlotte’s First Day Of School

Photo: FB Page New Idea Royals

I think two years old is way too young to be going to school but the level of adorableness here is beyond compare!

The Duchess of Cambridge shared two photos of Charlotte on her way to her first day of school. She wore matching Mary Janes, a pink scarf, a red dress, and all smiles. Not to mention that leg and hand positioning, I say she’s a model in the works.

You got something here, Kate! This one will make you proud.

Prince George Meets President Obama

Photo: FB User Alison Grande via Pete Souza/White House

I mean, how cute is this? If somebody asked me to rate the cuteness here from one to 100,  I’d definitely go with 100. Easy! I’m kind of tempted to create 1,000,000 burner accounts on Instagram and like this picture as many times as I can!

I bet the pint-sized welcome is all Barack Obama needed to feel secure in London. If somebody that cute offered me their hand to shake, I’d sit in that squatting position all day long if I had to.

Winter Wonderland

Photo: Nunn Syndication/Paris

Just when I thought Prince George and Princess Charlotte couldn’t get any cuter, we are treated to a family vacation pic with Prince William and Duchess Kate (a few years before Prince Louis’ arrival), in the French Alps. The kids have knit hats to match their parents’, smiles, and are just cute from head to toe. The combination of the setting, the matching outfits, and the snow just make this moment too much to handle!

Uncle’s Flower Girl

FB Page Royalty 101– Past and Present

Kate’s motherly instincts are fully displayed here as she connected seamlessly with Princess Charlotte in her duty as a flower girl at her Prince Harry’s wedding.

Charlotte, for her part, seems to be much calmer than her brother right in front of her. I’m sure Kate felt the pressure to get her kids to behave because  messing up a 40-million dollar wedding (according to some estimates) would not be very good.

The Sneeze

Photo: FB Page New Idea Royals

While the entry at No. 8 showed how prim and proper, Princess Charlotte is, this one right here shows the complete opposite but is totally relatable regardless. Being surrounded by flowers in the picture, it’s completely understandable why Charlotte felt the need to sneeze.

Once again however, her impeccable manners shone through as Charlotte gracefully covered her nose mid-sneeze. A princess is a princess even if flowers get in the way and attempt to mess up her  posture.

Another Mischievous Plot?

Photo: Getty Images, WPA Pool

Based on these pictures alone, I am ready to declare that my new royal family favorite is Prince George. (I’m sure Barack Obama agrees with me.)

While Princess Charlotte was all ladylike and every bit the royal she’s supposed to be, George seems like he’s  at the wedding to create havoc. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. I think he’s the type of person ‘not go by the  book’ all the time.

We won’t ever know what exactly prompted this silly look but my guess is he is plotting something outrageous, at least to a kid. Nevertheless, I think we could all relate to the quirks of this little royal boy.

The Christening

Getty Images, FB Page Baby Magazine

Prince Louis’ christening is of course a family affair, so every royal went to celebrate at the Chapel Royal, St. James Palace in London. The proud parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate, were obviously there with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The scene captured in this photo is very simple yet just as heartwarming. While blue is a color normally associated with being sad, the fact that almost the whole family is matching in blue only makes this pic cuter.

The Cutest Page Boy Ever


If Princess Charlotte is the most lady-like toddler ever, then big brother George definitely has to be the most dapper. He looked adorable in all his royal wedding outfits and didn’t cause any trouble.

While you’d think there would be no comparison for cuteness like this, there is one person who Prince George reminded us of on aunt Pippa’s wedding day…

George Is Williams’ Spitting Image

Via Hello Magazine

Before Prince George became the cutest royal page boy, somebody did it first, and it was his dad, Prince William! William is seen here, not at his best behavior apparently, looking every bit identical to Prince George.

The wedding, by the way, is Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s with William being just four at the time whereas George was three in the picture above at Pippa Middleton’s wedding. It’s pretty much a stalemate when it comes to comes to deciding who was cuter.

What About Harry?

Photo: Pinterest

We’ll be waiting to see whether baby Archie will be able to  hold a candle to  Harry when it comes to performing page boy duties, but it looks like Prince Harry (left) is taking his assignment very seriously here.

The wedding pictures was that of Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, and Victoria Lockwood in 1989. By that timeline, Harry would have been around five years old in the picture. Oh, how time flies!

Prince Harry and Meghan Introduce Archie

Photo: FB User Rebecca White

Proud parents Prince Harry and Meghan introduced their baby, Archie, to the world. Archie’s full name is quite a mouthful being Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and even though millions want to see him grow up, the couple plans to raise him in a private environment.

While we don’t know exactly what that means, we definitely respect the couples decision.  Archie, by the way, is the seventh in line to the throne after Charles, William, William’s three kids, and Harry.

Meghan Shares A Picture of Archie’s Feet

Photo: FB User John Blackman

On Mother’s Day, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan celebrated by sharing a picture of Archie’s feet on Twitter. The caption also featured excerpts from the poem “Lands” by Nayyirah Waheed.

If you follow the Royal Family long enough, you would certainly have noticed that the flowers in the background were forget-me-nots, a favorite of Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana.

Could Meghan be paying a tribute to Princess D with this picture? It’s highly possible. After all, neither Harry nor Archie would be here without the Princess of Wales.

Baby Prince Harry and Prince Charles

Photo: Tim Graham, Getty Images

Prince Charles, Harry’s father, is 69 years old now so this picture right here is more than three decades old. Harry looks like he isn’t a day above two years old in this picture.

Harry was a pretty cute baby. Speaking of cute babies, do you think Archie will have strawberry locks like his dad or a brunette like Mommy Meghan? Either way, the genetics are  in Archie’s favor. He could even have his dad’s ginger hair and his mom’s big bright smile. That’s a total win-win situation right there.

William and Harry’s First Day of School

Photo: PA

Looking at the picture alone, it would seem that both Prince William and Prince Harry are in good spirits on the first day of school. Especially Harry, all smiles while carrying that weird-looking bag.

Anyway, Prince Diana also looks like she’s having the time of her life dropping her kids off at school. If anything, they look like the Beatles crossing Abbey Road! Either way, the kids sure look like their having fun on their way to school.

Prince William’s Christening

Photo: FB Page Royalty From Around The World

Christenings will always be a big thing for the Royal Family and Prince William’s was no exception. What’s interesting was it happened on August 4, 1982, mere weeks after the Michael Fegan broke into the Queens room and days after the IRA bombed Regent’s Park and Hyde Park. Still, the 25-minute long ceremony was a joyous one coinciding with the Queen Mother’s 82nd birthday.

As per the Royal tradition, William wore the long robe/gown all the other Royal babies before him had worn on their christening. That robe was around way back in 1841 when Queen Victoria had it made for Princess Victoria’ christening and has since been retired because of the fragile state of the garment. Prince George and Princess Charlotte had worn only replicas of the robe.

Prince Harry’s Christening

Photo: PA

Harry’s turn to wear the historic christening robe came in 1984 and it was attended by almost everyone in the Windsor and Spencer families. Everyone from the Queen Mother to the Queen and her husband Duke of Edinburgh were there. Unfortunately for Harry, who barely knew anything at that age, it was still William’s show.

William took center stage in the photo while other members of the family looked on in amusement. (I bet Harry wasn’t in a joking mood.) Anyway, a good bit of trivia is that blue shorts and shirt set has later been worn by his own son Prince George.

Harry, Meghan, and the kids pay subtle tribute to Diana

Photo: PA

It was a really sweet moment when Harry and Meghan paid an understated tribute to Princess Diana by posing with the green sofa (at the back) on their wedding day. Of course, not to be outdone are the kids, Harry and Meghans flower girls and page boys, as you can see Princess Charlotte and Prince George led the way with toothy smiles.

Royal Family followers and those of us with extremely  keen eyes do remember that the sofa was the same one Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II sat on in the day of Harry’s Christening. (See No. 20) The flowers in Meghan’s bouquet are forget-me-nots, again a subtle nod from Harry to Diana.

Them Royal Tongues

Photo: FB Page Lady Diana Spencer

It’s no secret a little childish playfulness runs in the family– just like the rest of us.

In this photo, Princess Charlotte showed she is just as lively as Uncle Harry, sticking her tongue to reporters. One of Prince Harry’s most memorable pictures as a kid involved him riding in car sticking out his tongue.

Not the most flattering, but hey they are kids! What else are they supposed to do?

It’s Not Easy Being A Royal

Photo: Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage

A royal baby’s introduction to the world is not always a comfortable one and this scene of Prince William with kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte in tow wholly depicts that.

This is where  William and Kate introduced Prince Louis to everyone, and by everyone, I literally mean everyone. People came from all over just to catch a glimpse of the baby. In addition, reporters from every news outlet on Earth came, sometimes even with ladders, to try and get that perfect shot.

No wonder Harry and Meghan kept it private with Archie. Sometimes,it would probably just be easier to have no royal ancestry.

The Majorca Visit

Photo: via Blick

Whether it’s spelled Mallorca or Majorca, it doesn’t matter. While the family made the most of what Mallorca could offer, the kids looked bored when they posed for formal photos at the steps of the King’s summer house. I’d have to think all that boredom was short lived. After all, how can one pout after visiting the Copa del Rey regatta, the Cabrera Island, and the marine waterpark there?

Princes William and Harry Met King Carlos I

Photo: Daily Mail

Prince George may have been taught how to meet and greet royalty by his dad Prince William, because, well, he did it first here  with Spain’s King Juan Carlos I, no less.

Again, on their trip in Majorca, the kids, seen here in matching T-shirts, got up close and personal with the Spanish king and it seems like William did enough (or is comfortable enough) to rest between Juan Carlos I’s lap.

The Queen and the Kids

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/FB Page Royal Families

Let me throw you a curveball and teach you about the  current Royal kids not named George, Charlotte, Louis, and Archie. No, they are not all Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren because James and Louis (the bigger kids on the left) are her son Prince Edward’s kids.

The cute little girl holding the bag, which I presume is the Queen’s, is Mia Tindall (the Queen’s great-grandchild through Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall), then there is Princess Charlotte sitting on the Queen’s lap, and Prince George in between Savannah and Isla Phillips. The Phillips sisters are the daughters of Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter.

James, Viscount Severn

Photo: FB Page Royal Families

That sounds like a strange name for a Royal but James surely doesn’t mind. He is the 12th in line to the throne  at age 11!

The explanation of why James is known as a Viscount is a little tricky, but to make a long story short, Queen Elizabeth II wanted it that way and the Queen always gets what she wants. Just want to add a fun fact here: A lake in Manitoba, Canada was named after James following his father’s visit there in June 2008. James was barely a year old during that time.

What about Lady Louise?

Photo: Royal Families

Lady Louise was already an expert horseback rider at an early age. In fact, she got so good at riding that at 14 years old, she was privileged to lead carriages at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The Royal title “Lady” is not as weird as “Viscount” but she should have been called “Her Royal Highness Princess Louise of Wessex” until the Queen decided against it. Just like  her brother James, there is a lake in Manitoba, Canada named after her.

Savannah and Isla

Photo: David Hartley, FB Page Royal Families

The Phillips sisters, daughters of Peter Phillips, Prince Anne’s son don’t have titles like their cousins but they are part of the Royal Family nonetheless. Savannah is 15th in line to the throne but, as we saw before, she is best known for shushing cousin Prince George during the “Trooping the Colour” ceremony. Not only that, Savannah is seen horsing around with George during ceremonies which means, she must be a really fun girl!

Isla is right next to her sister in the pecking order, being the 16th in succession to the British throne. Her middle name is Elizabeth, so it must be a nod to the Queen, but her parents never really confirmed this.

So why do the girls not have any royal titles? It’s because Princess Anne and husband Mark Phillips declined the Queen’s offer to give Peter a title. Since their parents don’t have Royal titles, the girls don’t get one either.

Mia Tindall

Photo: FB Page European Royal Families

Finally, we get to the cute little lady holding the Queen’s purse.

She may not be as famous as the other Royal kids but yes, her name appears 19th in the British line of succession to the Royal throne. Her parents are Mike and Zara Tindall, the latter being the daughter of Mark Phillips and Princess Anne. A fun fact, Zara actually competed at the 2012 London Olympics in Equestrian for Britain.

Mia and Prince George are of the same age and it looks like they are the best of pals. They are often seen playing around, comparing heights, and telling jokes as we all do with our cousins. It seems like the now-five-year-old has gone a long way from that purse-carrying toddler a few years ago.

The Well-Travelled Kate

Photo: The Middleton Family via AOL

Kate’s dad worked for British Airways which explains why they had to move to Jordan for two and a half years. Kate here is shown basking in the Jordanian sun (the background is the Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan) with dad Michael and younger sister Pippa.

At around that time from 1984 to 1986, Kate started elementary school in an English establishment in Amman. The Middleton family returned to Britain in September 1986 and there, Kate started schooling at St. Andrew’s in Pangbourne.

Say, Cheese!

Photo: Tracy Dooley

It’s not the most flattering but this is Meghan Markle in a nutshell. Of course, from this oversized jumper-wearing teenage kid she went on to become the Duchess of Sussex.

The one who took this picture was Meghan’s ex-sister-in-law Tracy Dooley in 1994. She remembered saying “Smile, Meghan” and she readily beamed from ear-to-ear. Dooley said Markle was not a moody teenager as a kid and was always in high spirits. So the smile Meghan wears is not a fake Hollywood product after all.

Meghan’s First Footsteps

Photo: Joseph Johnson via the Daily Mail

Meghan Markle grew in Hollywood so it would only make sense that someone in her family circle documented her earliest days.

The photo was shared by her uncle Joseph Johnson. One of his other  photos include Meghan and her mom Doria in a Los Angeles hospital room on August 4, 1981. The picture above features Doria helping up Meghan as she takes her first steps outside their L.A. home. As tumultuous as her childhood was sometimes, these photographs are of particular significance to Duchess Meghan and her family.

Fitting Right In

Photo: Coleman-Rayner

News of Duchess Meghan and some members of the Royal Family, even Queen Elizabeth II, not seeing eye-to-eye surface every now and then. That’s completely understandable because hey, no two people agree on everything.

But you know where Meghan fits right in with the Royal Family, particularly Queen Elizabeth II? Her love for horses! Meghan started practicing  riding horses at a very young age and is seen in this photo with dad Thomas at age 12. That’s a pretty good way to bond with the Queen!

Kate at 5

Photo: The Middleton Family/Getty

If you’re wondering if Kate Middleton was as photogenic at  five years old as she is now, here is your answer. No one exactly knows what the background to this picture is, other than Kate showing off that pretty smile.

The Middleton family released this photo as part of their campaign to introduce Kate to the world and I think they succeeded. My favorite part of that release was a three-year-old Kate scaling a boulder while they were on vacation in Northern England but this simple yet elegant image of the Duchess-to-be, beaming for the camera is not far behind.

Captain Kate?

Photo: via US Magazine

You know where Kate honed that slim  figure? Sports!

Kate was the captain of the field hockey team (seated at the center) at St. Andrew’s and still holds the school record for high-jump up until this day. Whether that includes the boys or just the girls, I don’t know for sure. Still, that’s an amazing athletic accomplishment.

Asked about her time and sports exploits at St. Andrews, Kate considered it one of the happiest times of her life.

Newborn Kate

Photo: via Good Housekeeping

Of course, no one knew  that one day their daughter (born January 9th, 1982) would become royalty but I’m sure this was one of the proudest moments of Michael and Carole Middleton’s life.

Michael, pictured on the left holding Kate when she was just 15 days old, was a pilot and Carole, pictured holding Kate on the right, was a flight attendant. Both parents worked for the British Airways.

Two Out Of Ten

Photo: Gemma Williamson/Solo Indication

No, that’s not my score on an online IQ test (although it’s pretty close) but it is a statistic related to Duchess Kate’s boarding school days at Marlborough.

As the story goes, some mean-spirited boys began to rate the girls based on their personality and attractiveness. Kate got a two out of ten (obviously, these boys are no experts) but she just shrugged it off and did her thing. She also excelled academically at St. Andrew’s, becoming a student prefect.

Look where she is now boys!

William, Harry, and Peter

Photo: Anwar Hussein, Getty Images

Well, we certainly know that if you’re around the age of these three, every moment is a playful one.

Here we see one of these moments, as the family went to check out a vintage fire truck. Obviously, everyone was enamored at the sight of the vehicle but none more than the three youngsters, Prince William, Prince Harry and cousin Peter Phillips at the wheel.

Rocking The Saddle Horse

Photo: Getty Images

Horses are a big thing for Brits, especially in the Royal Family so of course the royal children would be playing with rocking horses as children.

Anyway, the photo here was taken at the Kensington Palace in 1985 where William and Harry apparently had the time of their lives with their toys. Today, Kensington Palace is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.