7 Cursed Games You Should Avoid Playing

We all love games right? Especially video games 😉

But there are certain games that you are better off not playing; and I am here to help slap some sense into you 🙂

So without further ado, here are 7 cursed games you should avoid playing completely. 

7. Polybius


This arcade game was supposedly released in 1981, when arcades were wildly popular and kids would actually get out of the house to indulge themselves.

According to nerds who played it, this game produced powerful visual effects, with bizarre graphics and an apparition of cloaked texts during gameplay.

These gamers claimed that they suffered from debilitating side effects, including amnesia, insomnia, night terrors and hallucinations.

going Insane

Arcades alleged that gamers would PHYSICALLY fight eachother while waiting in line to play the game, as this game was said to be extremely addictive.

But there is one phenomenon that makes this game incredibly chilling:

Gamers and arcade staff claimed to have seen ‘Men in Black’ enter the arcade and “tweak” the Polybius machines.

men in black
Men in Black

Conspiracy theorists believe that the ‘Men in Black’ were collected data from the people playing these machines, are were allegedly running a social experiment out of this ghastly game. It is also believed that the government was trying to brainwash young individuals.

About a month after it’s release, all the Polybius machines spontaneously and mysteriously disappeared without a trace, as to this day nobody knows what happened.

6. EA Madden NFL

ea madden nfl

If you are selfish as fu!@ and don’t care what happens to other people, you could play this game with serenity.

However, if you are a selfless individual, you could be causing a lot of harm to someone else.

EA Madden NFL is a rather popular game that was around for a while, and the developers added a new feature where gamers can play with one another, and since then, terrible things happened to features sports figures shortly after agreeing to be on the cover of the game.

football injury

That’s right, 14 out of 16 of the sports figures who agreed to be featured on the cover of this video game ended up injuring themselves shortly after they became a part of this cursed video game.

5. Ouija Board 

playing with the ouija board

OK this one is too obvious, but most people doubt it’s catastrophic peril.

If you wanna keep your soul, do not invite your friends over to play on this thing. If you don’t want Lucifer ogling in your bedroom, STAY CLEAR of this demented piece of wood.

Basically the board consists of letters, as well as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

ouija board

You take the curser, which you, and each of your daring friends, place fingers on it.

placing fingers on ouija board curser

You apply only a little pressure on it, and hope that it moves rapidly by itself, spelling out a word, or responding with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Here is just one example of a Ouija board session gone wrong:

ZoZo & The Convulsing Girl 

This is by far the creepiest encounter; Zozo is a well known demon among ouija board fanatics. These twats in the video were messing with the board, eventually their swipes spelled out Zozo, after they asked the “ghost” what his/her name was.

They received a response, it was Zoho; one of the girls had the gonads to laugh at the name, and seconds later starts convulsing violently while giving a grisly laugh.

4. Pokemon Red – Lavender Town

pokemon red lavender town

I have so many good memories playing this game on my Gameboy Color; everything about it was priceless 🙂

However, this game yields a dark side, and it has to to with the background music in Lavender town.

The background music in Lavender Town?

That’s right, it is said that the background music in Lavender Town caused kids between the ages of 7-12 to commit suicide, becoming mentally unstable.

suicide by train

This phenomenon is known as Lavender Town Syndrome, and most fanatics believe that the high frequencies of the background music “is the culprit behind these mysterious suicides”.

Lavender Town Syndrome

The high frequencies of the background music was buzzing in these children’s sensitive ears, which apparently led to the development of mental illness.

3. Taboo: The Sixth Sense

taboo the sixth sense

This NES game tries to “predict” the player’s future using computer algorithms; it requests the player’s name and age, among other information, and you wait for the tarot reader to predict you’re future.

Sounds harmless right?

Not really, because this game actually predicted the tragic death of some young players.

taboo the sixth sense prediction

In addition to this, it has also been known to make children extremely irritable, and those kids who played it often went on a destructive path.

Here is one case study:

Some guy bought this game for his oddball son, who was quite the creepypasta fanatic.

After a little while, the kid started displaying irritable behavior, and his grades were plummeting.

Eventually, the kid disappeared without a trace; it is believe that he joined a cult that used this game to lure in children.

It was eventually taken off the market.

2. Lair

lair 2007

Lair is an action-adventure video game that was released in 2007.

This was a game that literally did not wanna be released; so many tragic things had happened during it’s production, and after it came out.

These were the events from start to finish:

Power Outage 

power outage

While game data was being transfer to the master disk, there was a massive power outage at the company office.

Creative Team Members Fell Ill & Lost Relatives


During the game’s elaboration phase, several members from the creative design team suffered from debilitating illness, and a few of them had close relatives who passed away.



Despite the game being decent and achieving reasonable reviews, the company that developed it went bankrupt months after it’s release.

1. Killswitch 


Killswitch was a game that was allegedly created by Soviet gaming company Karvina Corporation, in 1989.

Only 5,000-10,000 copies of the game were produced, which had some positive criticism from it’s Soviet players.

Basically, it was a survival horror game, you had to choose between a girl and an invisible demon, and everyone who played it picked the girl because it was impossible to place the game with an invisible character.

A few folks did play with the demon, and actually beat the game; however, for some unknown reason all the game data was removed from their hard drive upon beating it.

Now let’s get to the creepy part:

Something possessed a man named Yamamoto Ryuichi to buy a copy of this game for $733,000; he planned to document his gameplay on his popular Youtube channel.

After he uploaded his gameplay to his channel, the only thing his viewers saw was ‘him staring and his computer screen and crying’.

The clip was removed from his channel; however, somebody uploaded a few unsettling seconds of it.