Celebrity Moms Crazy Birth Stories

Even if you are a popular actress, singer or an internet celebrity, no one is exempted to feel how painful giving birth is. Just like a normal woman, these celebrities also struggle to push their infants coming out of their womb. In this article, we will know thirty empowered celebrities who experienced the crazy ride and pain of delivering a baby.

Megan Fox

The Transformers star gave birth to her first son Noah in 2012. Megan thought that she would relinquish the use of medicines during birth but she was screaming for an epidural when her husband, Brian Austin Green was taking her to the hospital. She said the level of pain was intense and hurts so bad. She expected to labor for 8 cm but the first contraction was dreadful. Interestingly, she tried to blow dry her hair first; before allowing her husband to drive her.

Kristen Bell

When Kristen Bell, the breakout star of Veronica Mars (2004) gave birth to her second daughter, Delta, she was “disassembled” according to her husband, Dax Shepherd. Bell was in labor for 33 hours but later had a caesarean delivery. After many hours, Shepherd felt happy when the doctors finally lifted their daughter. However, he was in shock upon seeing his wife being a complete mess. He immediately told the doctor and nurses to help his wife with her recovery.


The famous Pop Rock Singer, Pink, expected to deliver her daughter, Willow on natural birth. However, her cute baby had other plans in mind. Pink gave birth through cesarean in June 2011. When Willow was inside the womb, she was in a frank breech position – a pike position with her heap up and her legs up by her head. They tried everything to turn her around but she was resistant. However, it turned out perfectly in the end.

Mayim Bialik

This Big Bang Theory main star, Mayim Bialik, is a popular advocate of attachment parenting. However, some say she went with her advocacy too far by allowing her 2-year old son, Miles, to observe how Mayim gave birth to his baby brother in 2008. Mayim told People Magazine that Miles watched the entire procedure while sitting on his high chair while eating granola. But he freaked out when he saw blood. They prepared him by letting him watch homebirth videos.

Kourtney Kardashian

Being part of the Kardashian family is being too attached with the limelight, just like Mason, Penelope, and Reign. These are the lovely children of the petite mama and Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star, Kourtney Kardashian. She gave birth with her kids naturally but was televised on their reality show, making it crazy and historic! According to Kourtney, when Penelope was coming out she was hesitant to pull her but with Mason, she was firm that’s what she’s supposed to do.


The popular Pop star, Beyonce rocked the world when she gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy in 2012. She told Australian Marie Claire, her baby was like pushing through a heavy door while she was having contractions. It was painful but her baby was doing everything to keep pushing until it gets out of her womb so she couldn’t think of her pain. It sounds crazy but Beyonce felt the communication between her and Blue Ivy.

Christina Applegate

When the Up All Night star, Christina Applegate gave birth to her daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble in January 2011, she got an epidural. However, she was not impressed by the numbness and thought it was uncanny. She instructed the doctors and nurses to turn it off and went on with the procedure. After 18 hours, Applegate and her husband, Martyn, welcomed their daughter. Interestingly during the procedure, the doctors also found out she had undergone surgery before which removed her two breasts.

Miranda Kerr

Giving birth while deciding not to use epidural is an extremely brave act and not a joke. When the Australian famous Model, Miranda Kerr gave birth to her son, Flynn, she refused to use epidural and felt the intense pain throughout the process of giving birth. She thought she’s going to die by feeling the out-of-this-world pain. Her husband, Orlando Bloom actually urinated in a PET bottle because Miranda didn’t allow her husband to leave her side.

Angelina Jolie

When the American Actress, Filmmaker, and Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie gave birth to her oldest daughter, Shiloh, she didn’t just go to a famous hospital or a local clinic. She gave birth in a tiny hospital in Africa with only her, Brad Pitt and the doctor. In spite of the “cottage” setting, she was able to have a medical C-section and found it amusing. She told Vanity Fair, “I didn’t consider it as a painful sacrifice. I consider it as a miracle what our body can do.”

Jessica Alba

When the Fantastic Four actress gave birth to her second daughter in 2011, she and her husband, Cash Warren were fascinated. She gave birth through “En Caul” where the infant is born inside the entire amniotic sac; which is a rare case. “The doctor who assisted my delivery found it fascinating and called the nurse while I’m in the middle of pushing the infant out of my wound”, she told “OK! Magazine”. The amniotic sac burst on its own after Haven came out.

Kelly Preston

When Kelly Preston was interviewed in the “Today Show”, she revealed that she was silent during the birth of her son, Benjamin in 2010. Kelly, the wife of the famous actor, John Travolta practices Scientology. She expressed that there were no words as much as possible, but it is normal to cry or moan because of pain but trying to avoid it as much as possible. She advocates delivering her child in a peaceful and gentle way which she thinks the reason why her kids are calm, peaceful and happy.

Maya Rudolph

Being a mother of four lovely kids, Maya Rudolph should be a birthing pro mother by now. However, when she was giving birth to her daughter Lucille way back in 2009, she didn’t expect delivering her through homebirth. She revealed this through her guesting at “Chelsea Lately”. She said her daughter couldn’t wait coming out of her womb and excited to see the world. Luckily, she just came out very fast and glided into her father’s arms without any hassle.

Mariah Carey

When the diva, Mariah Carey gave birth to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe with her TV host husband, Nick Cannon, it was over the top that a diva can only pull off. The couple played the 1995 performance of Fantasy while she was giving birth to her young ones. There’s no any scientific reason for this but Mariah just wanted to give her kids the grand entrance which coincides with the applause from the show. Nick prepared the whole production.

Gisele Bundchen

Everyone who knows Gisele Bundchen would think she is superhuman. The famous model seems to be natural on everything including childbirth. Gisele gave birth in a bathtub and avoided anesthesia so she won’t be drugged up. She wanted to be aware of the whole procedure and be present during the birth. I always think every contraction that my son, Benjamin is closer to coming out. Interestingly, Benjamin didn’t cry when he was taken out of my womb.

Rachel Zoe

Similar instance with the popular TV Star Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Zoe also gave birth while filming it on a small screen. During her delivery, Zoe’s husband, Roger Berman snatch a camera and took a video of what’s going on for documentation; so that fans of The Rachel Zoe Project could see the experience of their idol giving birth. “I’m feeling so much pain but I was fixing my hair in the bathroom between contractions,” said Zoe.

Marla Sokoloff

When the celebrity blogger, Marla Sokoloff gave birth with her second daughter, Olive, it was a little dramatic. She fainted before going into labor last March 12, 2015. She couldn’t contain how stressful the process and her nervousness intensified when the doctor told her with a little excitement on her voice, “You’re going to have a baby today!” Her daughter was a premature baby and was born 6 weeks early; she was puzzled regarding her baby’s condition which added stress.

Amy Poehler

“Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler shared her first pregnancy experience through her book “Yes Please,” She was lucky on having Dr. G as her doctor which avoided her to feel stressed. The day before the scheduled date of her delivery, she took a break from SNL and confirmed her doctor’s appointment. However, she was shocked to know that her doctor died. It was really a nightmare but I have decided to trust another doctor before the delivery of my healthy baby boy.

Jill Dillard

The American TV personality, Jill Dillard was very prepared for the birth of her firstborn and has done everything to push with the plan of giving birth naturally. She readied two midwives on her home to give birth through a birthing tub or shower. However, things don’t always go the way they plan it. She was in labor for 70 hours and ended up having a C-section. Luckily, she gave birth to a cute little boy named Israel David.

Kate Middleton

It was really a buzz of the town when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton gave birth to her daughter, Princess Charlotte. Not everyone noticed that she had suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. She gave birth very quickly for only two and a half hours and without an epidural. Although, the craziest thing was when Kate was standing in the steps of the hospital and waving to spectators less than 10 hrs. It was surely a quick recovery!

Giuliana Rancic

The longtime E! News host shared her difficulties with fertility. She has received shots on her stomach each day, feeling the pain of having her ovaries overstimulated, suffering miscarriage with her first IVF and failing to produce a baby on her second attempt. By the time she went for egg retrieval, it was revealed she had breast cancer. The doctor warned the risk of becoming pregnant; so she proceeded with surrogacy. Her son, Edward Duke was born through surrogacy in 2012.

Jennifer Hudson

With all the crazy birth stories, the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was really prepared when she gave birth to her son, David way back in 2009. She considered her experience of C-section a less challenging compared to her expectation. “Everyone said it will be very painful but maybe I just have different tolerance on pain,” she said. A night after her delivery, she got up and refused to sit in the bed. She’s aiming to have a quick recovery.

Alicia Keys

When Sun magazine interviewed the Grammy Award-winning and multi-Platinum Artist, Alicia Keys shared her experience of giving birth positively to avoid scaring people. She admitted it was really painful and requiring you to scream unless you have used anesthesia. But Alicia used a particular technique which takes away negative thoughts to banish the pain. Instead of using “contraction”, she called it “surge”. Indeed, words are powerful and they can really change our thinking. She gave birth to her son, Egypt in 2012.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has a body to die for which you can’t tell she’s already a mother of three boys, two of which are twins. When Zoe gave birth to her twins – Bowie Ezio and Cy Aridio, she was totally disassembled and in trauma with the pain. Her thyroid to platelets crashed and protein was found on her urine which prevented her to undergo epidural. Her twins came at 32 weeks under general anaesthetic. She has only met her kids a day later.

Kim Kardashian

Even the famous reality star, Kim Kardashian didn’t escape of having a crazy birth story. When she was giving birth to her eldest North West, she suffered from “placenta accreta”. Her baby came out right away and the placenta should come out next; however, her placenta was stuck inside her uterus. This is a high-risk condition especially when the placenta grows deeply into the uterine wall. Kim’s doctor put his entire arm to remove her placenta; letting her feel his fingernails. It was really painful.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey gave birth to her daughter Alice in 2005 but no one knew how painful and crazy her experience until she shared it. Upon arriving at the hospital, she easily accepted and took Stadol, a narcotic. Many were surprised about this and shared their view that it might hurt my daughter because I have given her a narcotic. However, her baby turned out fine. After she woke up, everyone congratulated her. She has never used a recreational drug before.

Olivia Wilde

In October 2016, actress Olivia Wilde gave birth to her youngest daughter, Daisy. Only a few people knew how difficult her situation was during the delivery; she shared her experience on Instagram after a year. It took a hard time to take Daisy out of her womb as she weighed 10 lbs. Olivia suffered postpartum vagina and has been very vocal regarding blaming her vagina for what happened. Moreover, she thanked gratefully all those who helped her especially her doctors and nurses.

Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes appeared on Live with Kelly & Ryan and shared details regarding her new baby and how difficult it was to give birth. The Scandal star used a mantra that giving birth is just temporary and will just pass after several hours. She repeated this mantra on her head to forget the pain and continue pushing until her kid comes out. Her husband was with her during the process and never left her side. They never looked down, just always up.

Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe is the wife of the famous talk show host, Seth Meyers. Seth shared to his audience on his late night TV show that his wife gave birth in a hotel lobby. She went into labor without prior notice; so, we rushed to go down the hotel room and catch a cab. However, Alexi couldn’t help it so she decided to give birth in the hotel lobby rather than inside the hotel elevator while Seth was calling 911.

Kerry Washington

As part of an on-going series, an artist is responsible for live-tweeting every time an episode is airing. Kerry Washington, the lead star of Scandal always tweets every Thursday nights and if she didn’t send a tweet, her fans would think something is wrong. Three weeks before the scheduled delivery of her daughter, Washington would send pre-tweets of the episode. So during her labor, she was still able to tweet as nothing happened.

Kate Hudson

When the Bride Wars star, Kate Hudson gave birth to her first child, she spent approximately 18 hours in labor. The actress Goldie Hawn (which is also the actress’ mother) went quickly to the hospital to be in Kate’s side but she brought with her strange coping mechanisms. Hawn put her glasses with a headlight on them, took out a magnolia flower and started chanting. She told Kate to imagine her vagina as a giant flower blossoming.