Can You Believe These Celebrity Tattoos???

Ariana Grande’s Eevee Tattoo


Ari has reportedly been a Pokemon fan for quite some time now! She admitted to playing 15 hours of the latest Pokemon release “Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee” in one day. Ariana has never been more relatable and to her credit, she picked one of the cutest Pokemon out there to get tatted.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 Pokemon will never be stupid. This tattoo is amazing and I’d like to congratulate Ms.Grande on her amazing decision.

Ari’s Sun and Moon Hand Tat


Ariana had this tattoo done right after winning the “Woman of the Year Award” at Billboard’s Women in Music 2018 event. It’s a pretty unique style and looks very cool in my opinion. The artist also reportedly drew tattoos for her ex, Pete Davidson, in the same minimalist line style.

Tattoo stupidity ranking:  3/10 This is a really nice looking tattoo. The only issue is the placement, hand tattoos are always a difficult sell but when it’s as subdued and peaceful as this, it’s fine by me.

Zayn Head Tattoo???


This piece is a bold as it gets, but we all know Zayn has never been one to shy away from being bold. This is an extremely intricate piece and it’s pretty stunning if I do say so myself. It also means Zayn is going to have to stick to the shaved side haircut until he gets bored of this tattoo.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 5/10 I’d love to give this a 10 because it’s on his head, but this tattoo is too cool to do that.  If one were to get a head tattoo, this is how it should be done and that’s why it only gets

Joe and Sophie’s Toy Story tribute


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner must be on top of the world nowadays. The “Jonas Brothers” have had an extremely successful comeback, Sophie just finished wrapping the most successful show in TV history with “Game of Thrones” and the couple just got married! Back to the tattoos, these are just really cute, that’s all I can say.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 First of all, this is a tribute to “Toy Story” which erases all negativity points. Second, this is a pretty average tattoo in general so there really isn’t anything stupid about it.

Pete Davidson’s Cover-up


While there’s a lot going on in this picture, we’re here to focus on the tattoo that reads “Cursed” on Pete’s neck. Originally Pete had a tattoo that said “mille tendresse” which means “a thousand tenderness” in French. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Pete’s ex-fiance Ariana Grande had the same tattoo in the same place. After the break-up, Pete felt the need to cover it up obviously.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 7/10 This ranking isn’t for the “Cursed” tattoo. It’s for the original “mille tendresse”. Getting tattoos for a significant other is just never a good idea in my opinion.

Miley Cyrus


For those who don’t know, Vegemite is a common toast/sandwich spread in Australia. Now for those who are even less in the know, Miley Cyrus is married to Liam Hemsworth who is Australian. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots here. Let’s just hope Miley actually likes how it tastes.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 6/10 This is like getting a jar of Smuckers tattooed on you. If you really like Smuckers than I guess it’s a smart decision but otherwise, not so much. Also, this falls into the “tattoo for a significant other” category which is never good.

Rihanna’s Camo Shark


Rihanna has got a lot of tattoos, but none are seemingly as random as this camouflage shark. The tattoo is nothing special really, the reason people freaked out when they saw it though was because Drake was seen shortly afterward with the exact same tattoo on his forearm! It really got the rumor mill rolling.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 2/10 This is a pretty average camouflage shark tattoo. Obviously there could be some crazy backstory to this which could catapult this tattoo to 10, but that’s true with every tattoo.

Hailey Baldwin/Bieber Tattoo


Hailey Baldwin/Bieber got this tattoo which was designed by her bestie Kendall Jenner. This is the second tattoo adventure Hailey and Kendall have had together as they have matching broken heart tattoos.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0.5/10 This is a really tame tattoo. I only gave it a 0.5 because it is on her hands which a lot of people would disagree with. Aside from that, I don’t think anyone would have any issues with this tattoo.

Kendall’s Lip Tattoo


One of the most meaningful tattoos out there, Kendall Jenner got the word “meow” tattoo on her inner lip. She stated that the tattoo has no real meaning, she just wanted to tell people she had a tattoo on her face.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: To be honest, I have no idea what to rank this. On one hand, it’s a 0 because you can’t even see it. There’s no risk! On the other hand it’s a 10. Getting a tattoo just to get a tattoo is probably the worst reason out there.

Hailey and Kendall Matching Hearts


As previously mentioned, Hailey and Kendall have had previous tattoo experience together and this is it! The matching broken heart tattoos, one in white and one red, are pretty cute and as far as matching tattoos go, are very risk free.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 I know it’s on the hand but this is as risk free as a tattoo gets. It’s light colored, will fade after time and is extremely small and easy to not notice. This is the kind of hand tattoo you should get if you do decide to get one.

Cara Delevingne’s Hand Tattoo


Cara has a bunch of tattoos, but this has to rank near the top just for its unique design and placement. This tattoo is a snake that starts on Cara’s palm and makes its way around her hand and onto her middle finger. On top of that, it’s intricately designed as you can see.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 1/10 This one is too unique (in a good way) to be stupid. It’s got a lot of meaning behind it as well as Cara has said that the tattoo is about reinventing yourself and shedding your skin.

Cara’s Initial Hand Tat

Leon Neal

As previously mentioned, Cara has a lot of tattoos. One of the supermodels most iconic spots of ink is this hand tattoo. The tattoo in question is actually her initials, which is kind of difficult to see but we’ll take her word for it.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 5/10 This is as bright as present as hand tattoos can look. It’s very in your face and I can’t say it looks too good. It’s hard to read and kind of just looks like scribbles in my opinion.

Rihanna Is A Star

Larry Busacca

Rihanna is pretty well known for being tatted up. She’s got a bunch of pretty iconic tattoos from her chest piece to her hand tattoo but this might be just as well known. The stars, starting from the top of her neck and going down onto her right shoulder, are pretty synonymous with the star (pun intended).

 Tattoo stupidity ranking: 3.5/10 This is a pretty bold piece but it’s Rihanna so it kind of just works. If someone else were to get this it would probably look pretty trashy honestly, but on Rihanna it looks great.

David Beckham’s Chinese Tattoo

Lintao Zhang

This tattoo reads in Chinese “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.” David is a well known tattoo addict, and that addiction has passed on to his 20 year old son Brooklyn.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 This is David Beckham we’re talking about. The guy is one of the best looking people on the planet, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing he could do that we would describe as stupid. Tattoos are also his brand at this point, it’s just the David Beckham way.

Meghan Fox’s Shakespeare Quote

Jason Merritt

Tattooed on Meghan’s right shoulder is the quote “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” from the Shakespearean play “King Lear”. Meghan’s tattoo fame arguably comes from her Marilyn Monroe forearm tattoo which she famously had erased from her forearm.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 There’s nothing outrageous or crazy about this tattoo whatsoever. It’s very standard, just regular text on a shoulder blade. If we were talking about her Marilyn Monroe tattoo this would be a different story.  That would probably be a 10/10 just because she got it removed.

Selena Gomez Is A Real “G”

David Livingston

This is one of those blink and you missed it tattoos. Selena has a small, lowercase “g” underneath her left ear in honor of her younger sister Gracie. There isn’t much else to this tattoo besides for that, it’s just a nice nod to her sister.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0.5/10 The only reason this garners a 0.5 is because of the tattoos proximity to Selena’s face. Thankfully it’s mostly hidden behind her ear and hair, making this a very sensible tattoo location.

Emma Watson’s Time’s Up

Getty images

OK, so this is a bit of a departure from the rest of the tattoos on the list. Emma showed up on Vanity Fair’s 2018 Oscar after party with this grammatically incorrect tattoo on her arm. The tattoo which read “Times up” and should have been “Time’s Up”, caused a complete uproar. Having been  meant to bring attention to sexual harassment issues in the film industry, the outcry towards it was defintily a good thing. Emma later revealed that the tattoo was in fact fake and laughed off the grammatical error.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 Only because it’s fake. Otherwise this would be a 10/10. You can’t get a ranking lower than 10 if you have a typo for a tattoo.

Ariana Grande’s Misspelled Hand Tattoo


So this tattoo is a pretty huge mess. She originally tried to get a “7 Rings” tattoo but ended up getting a tattoo that translates to “little barbecue grill”. In an attempt to fix it, Ari added characters and the result is what you see above. The final tattoo roughly translates to “small charcoal grill, finger.” Pretty cool tattoo Ariana…

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 8/10 This is a very stupid tattoo. Anytime you get a tattoo in another language, make sure it means what you think it does. The thing holding this back from a full 10 is the location. This will rub off and isn’t very ostentatious.

Demi Lovato Rose Finger


This is actually a really cool tattoo and it has some pretty cool meaning. Demi got this tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist Winter Stone to celebrate 6 months of sobriety. I also specifically like this tattoo because it looks almost identical to the rose from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 2/10 While this is on the hand, finger tattoos are never as bad as full hand tattoos anyway. The meaning of this tattoo also trumps any real stupidity.

Justin Bieber’s Face Tattoo


Anytime a celebrity gets any kind of face tattoo its a big deal. When that celebrity is Justin Bieber, it becomes an even bigger deal. Justin got this light tattoo, which says “grace”,  above his right eyebrow. The tattoo was done by celebrity tattoo artist “JonBoy” who has done multiple tattoos on both Justin and wife Hailey.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 5/10 This tattoo gets and automatic 5 points for being on Justin’s face. Luckily for Justin, the tattoo is very light and barely noticeable. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the tattoo if I hadn’t been told about it beforehand.

Ariana’s Anime Tattoo


Ari’s love for Japanese culture is obvious as this is the second tattoo on the list with Japanese roots. This tattoo is of a character named Chihiro who happens to be the main character in one of the most famous and successful anime’s ever, “Spirited Away”. Ariana said that she loves the character so much because of her growth throughout the movie.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 3/10 Getting a portrait of a movie that inspires you is pretty standard practice and a forearm is generally a good place for a tattoo. This piece isn’t over the top and it done pretty well.

Lebron James “Chosen 1”

Lebron’s got a lot of tattoos but this is probably the most iconic. Before ever playing a game in the NBA, Lebron decided to get the moniker given to him by “Sport Illustrated” tatted in a big way on his back. You’ve got to be an extremely confident person to get this tattoo as a teenager.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 4/10 If this was anyone else, I’d probably give this a 7/10 because most people would look stupid with this across their shoulders. Not Lebron though. He’s backed up being labeled the “Chosen 1” and then some so he only gets a 4.

Demi’s Lion Hand

ET Online

Demi’s famous lion tattoo came after the previously mentioned Cara Delavigne had a very similar lion inked on her finger. Demi has had a lot of tattoos with each one having special meaning, while she hasn’t outright stated what the meaning for this tat is, were sure it’s a meaningful one.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 5/10 Any big hand tattoo has to get a bunch of points. The positive with this one is that it’s a very cool and well made tattoo and with the amount of tattoos Demi has, it doesn’t stand out too much.

Demi’s Flock Of 12

Usa today

This tattoo from Demi is meant to signify freedom and is a kind of connection between her “faith” and cross tattoos. While initially an unintentional number , the 12 birds are meant to represent Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step recovery program. It’s also a pretty unique tattoo.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 2/10 It’s hard to hate on a tattoo when you hear the meaning behind it and it’s something legitimate . It seems to be a theme with most of Demi’s tattoos so even though this tattoo is very in your face, it’s meaning takes over any stupidity.

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Face

This is one of those “I don’t actually believe what I’m seeing” tattoos. Located directly on Gucci Mane’s (AKA Radric Davis) right cheek is an ice cream cone. Yes…an ice cream cone…on his face. I’m not really sure what else there is to say about this one.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 500/10 The guy has  an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. I don’t care how tastefully done the tattoo is, I don’t care about the meaning behind it, I don’t care about Gucci Mane’s previous tattoo collection. This is as stupid as it gets.

Zayn’s Glowing Light Saber


This “Star Wars” tattoo is for sure one of the coolest on this list. Made using UV ink, this one apparently lights up with UV lights. With all the crazy tattoos Zayn has, this one seems pretty normal.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 Again, these finger tattoos are bsically no risk so it shouldn’t come as a suprise when one comes in with a 0 stupid ranking. To top of the lack of stupid here, this is one of the most creative tattoos out there which always knocks a few stupid points off.

Paris Jackson’s Tribute To Her Father


Among her many tribute tattoos, this is probably Paris’s most obvious. I direct copy of the cover of her father’s 1991 album “Dangerous”, this tattoo takes up most of Paris’s left forearm. Complete with Michael’s enduring gaze and curl of hair, this is a touching tribute to her late father.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 Ya this is big and bold but it’s a tribute to her father and the best entertainer of all time, you can’t fault Paris for getting this tattoo.

Justin’s Angel Wings


Justin Bieber has a lot of religious themed tattoos with the two black wings on the back of his neck being maybe the most prominent. While this is only our second Biebs tattoo on the list, the pop star has over 50 tattoos all over his body.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 6/10 I remember thinking this tattoo was stupid when I first saw it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad tattoo, it’s actually a very nice piece of art. Just the location on the back of the neck isn’t the best spot.

Kelly Osbourne’s Head Tattoos

Kelly actually has two head tattoos. One pictured above on the left side that says “Stories…” and another on the left side that says “Solidarity” in honor of the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando. I guess she’s like Zayn and really likes the shaved head look.

Tattoo stupidity ranking: 0/10 While this deserves a full 10, I just can’t give it a score above 0. If kelly gets bored of either of these tattoos, she can just grow her hair out and it’s like they don’t even exist.