Beloved Characters Who Were Written Off Of Shows Because Of The Actors Portraying Them

Desperate Housewives – Nicollette Sheridan Had An Equal Amount Of Drama Off Screen


There’s a reason Nicollette Sheridan scored $200,000 per episode in Desperate Housewives – she is a natural drama queen. Unlike most of the actresses who made it to season 8, Sheridan only scraped season 5. Presumably, Marc Cherry, the drama-crazed creator of the show, was being pressured to cut costs; he rationally came to the conclusion the best move would be to sack the neurotic sorority queen making $200,000 an episode.

Following this decision, Sheridan filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cherry; turned out he merely tapped her on the head, and the judge decided to throw out the case.

Next Up – why was Charlie Harper killed so brutally on Two and a Half Men? 

Two and a Half Men – Charlie Harper Faced Consequences For His Wild Antics

charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen is celebrated for his drug addictions and public shenanigans more than he is for his critically appraised Hollywood performance. It was not a surprise that he got canned following negative comments he made about the creator and producer of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre.

Following Lorre’s decision to write Charlie Harper (Sheen’s character) off the show at the beginning of season 9, Sheen predictably refused to make an honorable departure from the show. Due to this circumstance, Rose, Harper’s lover, announced that he got hit by a train, and his body was completely dismembered; due to this, Sheen does not have to be in the casket, only a bowling shirt and a pair of cargo shorts.

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South Park – Chef Took Scientology Too Far

darth chef

For years, Issac Hayes voiced the wildly popular South Park character Chef. Hayes showed no resistance from taking part in a show that is all about stretching boundaries and pushing buttons, but as soon as South Park was introduced to Scientology, all hell broke loose with this acclaimed voice actor, who just so happens to be a Scientologist.

Hayes did not take kindly to the show’s depiction of Scientology, and proceeded to selfishly quit the show without notice, disappointing South Park fans significantly. However, nobody was as disappointed as the show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the two of whom showed their frustration by killing Chef in what was perhaps the most gruesome death in TV history.

Coming Up – how did Dr. George O’Malley find himself in a hospital bed on Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy – Dr. George O’Malley Finds Himself On A Hospital Bed

tr knight greys anatomy

T.R. Knight played a questionably loved doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. George O’Malley. Following 5 seasons of drama on-stage, O’Malley apparently took that drama off stage, with the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes.

To make a long story short, Rhimes fired Knight, and predictably, Knight expressed his belief that Rhimes fired him because he is gay. Understandably so, Rhimes sent Dr. George O’Malley to the hospital, by running him over with a bus ( on the show of course 😉 ).

Here’s one – did Charlie really die for his fellow survivors on Lost?

Lost – Charlie Pace Was Not Happy About His Pitiful Role On The Island

charlie pace

For 3 seasons on the epic drama series, Lost, Dominic Monaghan played the drug-addled Charlie Pace, whom though a decent addition to the show, is not exactly the role-model that Sawyer, or Jack is to the young audience ( OK maybe not Jack! ). This was not to Monaghan’s enthusiasm, with the actor expressing his frustrations about playing a smaller role within a sizable cast. Monaghan had been feuding with co-star Matthew Fox, who played the cringeworthy Jack Shephard; Monaghan was dumbfounded by the fact that such a hermit could be the star of the show, and believed that his character was more worthy of that status.

Following a string of disputes, Monaghan was ecstatic to learn that Charlie Pace will die heroically, by sacrificing himself to help fellow survivors on the Island, giving him a shred of dignity from that character.

Two More Actresses Getting Sacked On Lost!

Lost – Ana Lucia & Libby Were Not As Innocent As They Appeared On The Show

libby and anna lucia cortez

Of all the luck for the already cursed Hugo, the only woman he ever hooked up with, Libby, departed off the island of Lost. Apparently, Michelle Rodriguez, who portrayed Ana Lucia, and Cynthia Watros, who portrayed Libby, did not take Hawaii for granted while filming the show; according to the show’s producers, they spent more time partying than they did acting.

Eventually, Rodriguez and Watros got arrested on a DUI, humiliating the producers of the show, and prompting them to write off Ana Lucia and Libby. The producers claimed that Rodriguez and Watros were “too much of a liability to keep on set”.

What ever happened to Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire? 

Boardwalk Empire – Jimmy Darmody Was Just As Incompetent Off Stage

jimmy darmody

The questionable Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire, played by the cantankerous Michael Pitt, only lasted 2 seasons on the show before being written off for reasons of incompetency. Apparently, Pitt was notorious for having a mellow attitude, always forgetting his lines, and consistently improvising his script, which would cost the producers a lot of time.

Eventually, the producers couldn’t take it anymore, and Jimmy Darmody was shot in the face and killed. Following his departure from the show, Pitt’s agent told Deadline that UTA sacked him because he was “too difficult to work with on set”.

Next Up – Special Agent Jason Gideon couldn’t handle all the rape cases on Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds – Special Agent Jason Gideon Got Fed Up With All The Rape Cases

jason gideon

Mandy Patinkin, who portrayed Special Agent Jason Gideon in the epic crime drama Criminal Minds, had a good run with the show from the start, amusing lots of fans who were enthused by his “tough cop” persona. Eventually, a new era of culture kicked in, and the show jumped on the Law and Order bandwagon, crippling into an endless abyss of rape, with women getting killed and assaulted every minute of every episode.

According to Patinkin, this new rape plotline was “destructive to his soul and to his personality”. Patinkin became a terrible employee, playing hookie almost every day until the producers killed him off the show, setting him free of this rape apocalypse.

And yet another agent gets a “Special Assignment” on Criminal Minds!

Criminal Minds – Special Assignment Or Anger Management?

thomas gibson

Thomas Gibson controlled his temper for 10 years while taking part in Criminal Minds, but alas, his inner demon came out. For what was apparently “creative differences”, Gibson got into a violent altercation with one of the producers of the show; proceeding this event, CBS and ABC decided to send his character on a “special assignment”, and he was never seen on the show again.

Next up Breaking Bad – the ruthless drug dealer had an epiphany..

Breaking Bad – Tuco Salamanca Had A Change Of Heart

tuco salamanca

Raymond Cruz was not in sync with the violent, psychopathic, meth-fueled drug overlord that he portrayed on Breaking Brad. According to the show’s producers, Cruz is a “laid back individual”, who does not take kindly to bloodshed, which is essentially every fiber of his character Tuco Salamanca. Due to this circumstance, Cruz was not looking forward to returning to the show, because he was struggling to portray this wild character.

As a result, Cruz was perhaps the first actor to have asked to be killed off of a wildly popular TV show; the producers asked if he could do another eight episodes, but he declined. This makes me wonder how excruciatingly difficult this part was for him..

Whatever happened to Ned Flanders’ wife on The Simpsons?

The Simpsons – Maude Flanders Was Not Worth A Plane Ticket

maude flanders dies

Maggie Roswell, the actress who voiced the late Maude Flanders on The Simpsons, was sick of having to pay for her flights from Denver to Los Angeles, since the travel was too expensive in proportion to what she was making per episode. She threatened to leave the show is Fox refuses to pay her travel expenses, which they did, so she left the show.

Fox hired a few other actresses to replace her, but neither of them worked out, so they finally killed Maude off. Personally, I understand why Roswell left the show, but I also don’t believe Maude Flanders was worth the travel expenses for Fox.

Why did Cheers sack Carla’s husband after a 9-year relationship?

Cheers -Eddie’s Dirty Mouth Earns Him A Freak Accident

eddie gordon

Eddie LeBec survived a 9-year relationship with Carla on the infamously nostalgic show Cheers; that is until he opened up about his pain while hosting as a morning DJ for KPWR-Power 106 in Los Angeles.

While hosting the morning show, Thomas was asked what it’s like to work on Cheers; he responded by complaining about having to kiss Rhea Perlman, who played his wife Carla Tortelli on the show. Much to his debacle, his beloved half, Perlman, was listening to the show at the time, and he was never seen on Cheers again.