10 Awkward Situations We Can All Relate To – And How We Usually Handle Them

10. Awkward Silences

pulp fiction awkward silience

You just had a long day at the office, but your schedule is far from closure. You have a date with a lovely girl in half an hour, at a nice restaurant that serves horse manure. However, you’re at a state of utter speechlessness. You’re on your way to the restaurant, trying to conjure up an ideal conversation to have with this woman upon meeting her. You arrive at the bar; you see a face that resembles the woman you were talking to on Tinder, of course her body does not remotely resemble what you saw in the photos (more on that later), you confront her and she recognizes you, giving you a proper greeting.

After about 3 dreaded hours of awkward silence, you guys finally get a table near the toilets. You sit there for what feels like an eternity of nothingness, eating chicken that tastes like it’s been left out for just as long, with a side of potatoes as hard as cucumbers. Needless to say, you will not get a chance to find out how she truly is on the inside..