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Hollywood’s Best Villains of All Time!!!

Best Movie Villains Darth Vader- Star Wars

The consummate villain. The fact that Darth Vader is still the most recognizable movie antagonist more than 40 years after his cinematic introduction goes to show the impact this character has had. He’s evil, tragic, sympathetic, menacing and powerful all at the same time. Let’s not forget that scene at the end of “Rogue One”, it was pretty baller.  Villain O’Meter: 10/10 Vader has murdered hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lifeforms, destroying entire planets at a time. All this with no remorse until the very end. He’s got a tragic beginning and ending creating the perfect villain arch. Again, the consummate villain Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious- Star Wars

If I told you that Emperor Palepetine has under 8 minutes of screen time combined throughout the original trilogy, you probably wouldn't believe me but it's true. Palpatine still manages to create quite an impression with his 6 minutes of screen time in “Return of the Jedi”. HIs political endeavours get much more time in the prequels but they’re pretty boring in my opinion so we’ll just forget about that. Villain O’Meter: 8/10 You could technically argue that every transgression Vader has commited is a direct result of Palapatine. From the very first prequel, he’s intricately orchestrated and manipulated all those around him until he gainedunlimited power”. Pretty evil. Hannibal Lecter- The Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal is only in this film for about 16 minutes, but those are some of the most impressive 16 minutes in cinema. Anthony Hopkins Oscar winning portrayal of our favorite cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, is one of the most chilling and goosebump inducing performances in history (and one of my personal favorites). The calmness with which Hannibal informs Clarice he killed one of his victims and then ate his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti still sends shivers down my spine. Villain O’Meter: 5/10 For as disturbing as Hanibal is, he’s not quite so villainous at a second glance. Yes he’s a murderer and a cannibal but it seems he completely realizes the insanity of what he’s doing. In addition, he doesn’t murder very many people and keeps relativly to himself. While still very evil, he’s not such a villain. Wicked Witch of the West- The Wizard of Oz

When a person imagines a witch, they picture green skin, large pointed hats and a cackle that makes hairs stand on end. That’s all thanks to Margaret Hamilton’s performance as the Wicked Witch of the West which apparently had to be cut down as to not scare kids too much. Probably the first recognizable cinematic “bad guy”, everyone else on this list owes at least a little bit to the Wicked Witch for paving the way. Villain O’Meter: 7/10 She’s downright terrifying and really does nothing to make you think she isn’t a villain. Pitting and entire army of flying monkey against an innocent teenage girl and essentially threatening an entire city in the process. I can’t give her full points because there isn’t any villain arc here,  but there's no denying she’s pure evil. Norman Bates- Psycho

The original slasher flick, back in the day this was the pinnacle of horror and Norman Bates was the man who delivered the scares. From an unassuming, slightly awkward young man at the beginning of the film to a completely psychotic murderer who dresses up as his mother whose mummified corpse is being kept in the house in which Norman lives, Mr.Bates inspired an entire genre of film. Villain O’Meter: 3/10 It’s hard to call someone with such transparent psychological problems a complete and total villain. While he’s a murderer and is unquestionably in the wrong, it’s hard to look at Norman as a purely evil person considering his mental issues. Criminally insane would be a better way to describe him. Joker - The Dark Knight

To be clear, as much fun as Jack Nicholson’s take on the Joker was (we’re going to ignore Jared Leto), we’re talking about Heath Ledger's masterful performance here. The complete chaos Ledger evoked through this iteration of the Joker is downright terrifying, especially when talking about that boat scene. There’s a reason people often site this version of the Joker as the best movie villain of all time. Villain O’Meter: 9/10 What puts the Joker so high up on the meter is his motivation. Pure chaos. He doesn’t have any other reason for destruction and killing besides for creating complete chaos everywhere he goes. It’s arguably the ultimate motivation for a pure villain. Colonel Hans Landa- Inglorious Bastards

Sometimes the scariest villains are the ones that seem normal and personable on the surface but are secretly monsters underneath. Hans Landa fits all those tropes besides for the “secret” aspect. In the very first scene of the movie we hear him lauding his nickname as “The Jew Hunter” prior to having his men execute the murder of a Jewish family. He’s intelligent, charming, calculated, intimidating and evil. Villain O’Meter: 7/10 Hans is a Nazi who’s main task is to hunt Jews. Nazi’s are pretty synonoumous with villany in this day and age so I don’t really think I have to explain much more when it comes to explaining his score here. Pretty straight forward stuff. Hans Grubor- Die Hard

While Alan Rickman is now most recognizable as Severus Snape, he had already become a household name as Hans Gruber before J.K Rowling had even typed the first letter for Harry Potter. A German terrorist who completely underestimated the power of John McClane, Grubor is almost as synonymous with the “Die Hard” series as John himself which is rather impressive considering he’s technically only in the first movie.  Villain O’Meter: 5/10 Trying to steal millions of dollars and holding people hostage just doesn’t have the same gravitas as murdering civilians. Having said that, Hans is trying to steal hundreds of millions of dollars and is holding dozens of people hostage so it’s still pretty bad. Lord Voldemort- Harry Potter

For a villian who only appears as himself in half the films, Voldemort sure does make a lasting impact. While he’s significantly more fleshed out in the books, movie Voldemort is just as menacing. Arguably the most powerful wizard to ever exist, Voldemort's ultimate quest of immortality is undeterred and his desire to kill Harry even more so. Villain O’Meter: 8/10 Killing anyone who stands in his way without any remorse, Voldemort is right near the top in terms of inducing fear. The fact that he’s apathetic towards every other living creature (besides Nagini) and is powerful enough to achieve just about anything on his own makes him even more terrifying. He discards of people as if they’re nothing, that puts his villainy close to the top. Scar- The Lion King

The first and only kids movie on this list, everyone knows Scar. He attempted to kill his own nephew, Simba, before murdering his own brother Mufasa purely out of jealousy for the throne. Obviously, this is probably the saddest scene in movie history and the fact that Scar perpetrated it makes it that much harder. Villain O’Meter: 4/10 Killing your brother and trying to kill your nephew is pretty awful but aside from that, Scar isn’t as villainous as other villains on this list. An argument could be made here that he should get extra points simply for being a Disney villain, but theatrics aside, he’s staying put. Agent Smith- The Matrix

Although he’s technically a computer program, Agent Smith is very formidable. While in the Matrix, he has superhuman abilities which eventually lead to him being able to replicate himself. These abilities, and training with those abilities, make Agent Smith equal, if not superior to Neo throughout much of the movies. Villain O’Meter: 1/10 It’s hard to give a program a high villain ranking when compared to other villains on this list. Agent Smith is programmed to do what he does, you can make an argument that he isn’t even evil because of that. If you can argue that a villain isn’t evil, they don’t receive a good villain score. IT- IT

IT takes the shape of the creepiest clown you can imagine but his true form is the furthest thing from that. The beginning of the film where he rips off Georgie’s arm is still terrifying after watching it for the fifth time, which is really saying something. He’s murdered hundreds of children over hundreds of years, parlaying that into becoming maybe the scariest villain on this list. Villain O’Meter: 7/10 As previously mentioned, IT is by far the most frightening villain on this list which gives him a ton of points. He’s also murdered lots of people, controlling the minds of the weak willed and inhabiting childrens absolute worst nightmares. He’s pretty villany. Michael Myers- Halloween

The most recognizable slasher bad guy, Michael Myers in his white mask will give anyone nightmares. Michael has murdered countless people throughout the Halloween series in various creative ways, but all in silence. Of course, when a horror character is used for 40 years, a lot of his so called “fear luster” gets diminished. Nevertheless, Michael Myers in his prime is one of the scariest movie villains ever. Villain O’Meter: 7/10 As with other slasher villains, Michael Myers is completely insane. He escaped a mental asylum solely to kill people and even killed his sister in childhood. His only motive is killing people and being extremely scary which gets a good villain score. Freddy Krueger- A Nightmare on Elm Street

From one iconic slasher to another, Freddy Krueger is just as synonymous with the horror genre as any other name. The gloved hand with knives as fingers, the burned face and the supernatural control of all his victims sleep. Being scared to go to sleep is something that would upend anyone's life. Now if that fear of sleep is because there’s someone trying to kill you in your dreams, you’d probably go crazy. That’s exactly what Freddy does. Villain O’meter: 7/10 Before being killed in a fire and being relegated to torturing peoples dreams, Freddy was known as child murderer. Killing children is pretty reprehensible in my opinion, add that to not letting people sleep, which is one of the worst things a person can do to another, and Freddy gets 7 points. Nurse Ratched- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

An unconventional villain, Nurse Ratched is more like that awful person in the office you dislike. She’s the head nurse at Salem State hospital (a mental institution) where she exerts her absolute and complete power with no regard for the patients mental or physical health. She mentally and physically abuses the patients with various treatment, and in one tragic case at the end of the movie, this leads to a patients suicide. Villain O’meter: 2/10 While Nurse Ratched is an awful person, her crimes don’t add up to others on this list. This doesn’t excuse her actions however, mistreating the mentally handicapped is one of the worst things a head nurse can do and even though she doesn’t actively kill anyone, her actions directly lead to at least one death. Gollum- The Lord of the Rings

The former hobbit known as Smeagle, Gollum has a split personality. Through the power of the “One Ring”, which Gollum calls “my precious”, he’s managed to extend his life way past its natural limits. While not recognizable as a villain throughout the entirety of “The Lord of The Rings”, his willingness to do absolutely anything in order to reacquire the ring turns him into one. Villain O’meter: 1/10 As creepy and evil Gollum seems, he’s been completely brainwashed by the power of the ring. It’s obvious how the ring has altered his mind and turned him into what we see in the movies. With that in mind, it’s hard to rank him near many of the other villians on the list. Sauron- Lord of The Rings

The real main villain of the “Lord of The Rings” trilogy, Sauron is essentially just an all seeing evil eye in the movies. In the prologue of the film however, it shows Sauron as an almost invincible being. Alone, the eye itself is almost physically powerless however. It manages to flash into Frodo’s mind and, as previously mentioned, can see everything, but aside from that it hasn't got much. Villain O’meter: 9/10 Up until this point, only  Darth Vader and Emperor Palpetine are on par with the destruction Sauron has caused. Sauron has manipulated a countless amount of beings, resulting in an extremely deadly war and the death of even more lives. He was ruthless in his pursuit of power and the ring. Loki- The Avengers

Loki is one of the most memorable villains in the entire MCU, that's really saying something considering there are 23 movies. Serving as the main antagonist for the first Avengers film, Loki really was the first large scale threat the superheroes ever fought. Played amazingly by Thomas Hiddleston, Thor’s adopted brother is a conniving, scheming, charming and overall a very formidable foe. Villain O’meter: 7/10 Loki is a bit complicated as a villain. On one hand, he’s killed people and put millions of lives at risk all in the pursuit of power. On the other hand, Loki is the only one on this list who’s genuinely likeable which makes him slightly more difficult to root against. He could be higher or lower than 7, but with all these factors, 7 is the number. Thanos- Avengers

The most dangerous villain on this list, Thanos was behind the scenes of all the ill doings in most if not all of the MCU films. With a single snap of his fingers, Thanos disintegrated half of the human population. He’s powerful enough to take on the full force of the Avengers and intelligent enough to have fail safes in every plan he concocts. 21 movies built up to Thanos actions, and the fact that he lived up to the hype is almost unbelievable.  Villain O’meter: 10/10 There are various factors that lead to Thanos getting a full score here. First, he’s as powerful as any villain we’ve seen. Second, He’s just as intelligent as any other villain on this list. Lastly, Thanos actions aren’t a result of a blood lust or hunger for power, he genuinely feels the only way to save the universe in the long run is by going from planet to planet and eliminating half the population. He’s almost relatable, and with a villain of this scale, thats a monumental achievement by Marvel. John Doe- Seven

A serial killer who isn’t present until the latter half of the movie, John is obsessed with the seven deadly sins, murdering a person in honor of each one to make a statement about the world tolerating sin. One of the things that makes John more interesting than others is the mystery surrounding him. While Michael Myers kills in silence, we know it’s him doing the killings, that’s not the case for John. Villain O’meter: 6/10 John get’s a 6 ranking because his transgressions are on smaller scale. However, he’s a very formidable villain, outsmarting two detectives and manipulating them into ultimately doing his bidding. He only got caught because he achieved his goal and turned himself in. Tommy Devito- Goodfellas

Joe Pesci received an Oscar for his portrayal of the short tempered Tommy Devito. The diminutive mobsters fuse can be lit by just about any comment and once that happens, he’s as unpredictable as they come. Shooting people for petty insults, killing people because he feels like it, Tommy Devito is not the type of person you want to be around. Villain O’meter: 4/10 To me, Tommy is less of a villain and more of a school bully who's been given way to much equity in the mafia. He’s done plenty of evil and reprehensible things and is definitely a bad person, he’s just more of a character whos had power go to his had rather than a full blown villain. Alex Delarge- A Clockwork Orange

Alex and his gang commit many crimes, including the worst kinds of violence and sexual assault. Alex tries to stay away from murder, but as evidenced in the movie, his mindset is along the lines of, if it happens it happens. A complete and total psychopath, Alex is manipulative, crazed and has no concept of consequences in regards to actions. Villain O’meter: 4/10 Alex’s saving grace is the state of the dystopian world he lives in. A place where it seems that chaos runs rampid and free, therefore a place that likely impedes Alex’s ability to register wrong from right when compared to our world. That doesn’t excuse his truly awful actions, it just lowers his score on the Villain O’meter. Jack Torrance- The Shining

While in the novel, the entity that possesses the hotel and ultimately Jack is unquestionably the villain, Stanley Kubrik decided to go a different route for the film version by making Jack turn insane from the isolation of the hotel, thereby making him the villain. He eventually attempts to kill his wife and child after being rendered completely insane by the hotel. Villain O’meter: 2/10 While he may have one of the most famous villain moments in film history by axing through the bathroom door and screaming “HERE’S JOHNNY”,  Jack isn’t much a villain on this list. He murders one person and attempts to murder two others out of complete insanity. I’m not saying that good, but we have Thanos on this list. Patrick Bateman- American Psycho

Patrick Bateman is one of the more peculiar villains to right about in this list. He’s a serial killer who kills purely for pleasure and to feel superior. However, after confessing everything to his lawyer over the phone a night after committing multiple high profile murders, he wakes up to find that his lawyer found his phone call very funny and the man he supposedly killed was apparently in Europe. To sum it up, by the end of the movie it's unclear whether Patrick actually killed anyone. Villain O’meter: 3/10 Just as before, this is one of the hardest villains to rank. On one hand, all the signs at the end of the movie point to Patrick not having harmed a single person. On the other hand, Patrick actively murdered people for pleasure, whether that happened in his head or not might not be relevant, it still makes him a pretty awful person. Keyser Soze- The Usual Suspects

Soze is a genius level criminal. He’s able to manipulate coax, and coerce anybody into doing just about anything, all without them ever suspecting a thing. In addition to this, his name has a legendary status in the crime underworld and gives him basically free reign. He’s powerful and intelligent beyond compare, hard to compete with that. Villain O’meter: ?/10 This is probably the hardest villain on the list to rank. We have almost zero information about the actual criminal himself other than that he’s killed a man and has a lot of power. Could that have been the only person he’s killed? Unlikely, but possible. Could he have killed thousands of people? Also unlikely but possible. The answer for this one is we just don’t know. Terminator- The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career defining role and a role responsible for one of the most quotable lines ever (I’ll be back) , the original Terminator sent to kill Sarah Connor is as iconic as they come. Destroying whatever comes between him and Sarah, The Terminator is pretty terrifying, especially when combined with Arnold’s crazy physique. Villain O’meter: 4/10 Just from this movie alone it has to be a 4 ranking. Terminator kills a bunch of people and is extraordinarily scary, but he’s sent from the future as an assassin to win a war. On top of that, he’s also a robot so his motives are programmed in, taking away a lot of the evilness. T-1000- Terminator 2

After the first terminator terrified with sheer size and power, James Cameron knew he had to do something different if he wanted to make an impact with his next Terminator, after all you can’t get much bigger than Arnold. What he did was create character that can essentially shapeshift into anything and is standing in front of you before you even realize he’s there. Villain O’meter: 5/10 The description here is going to be almost identical to the previous one. The reason this terminator get an extra point is, just like the film itself, everything was on a much bigger scale in this one, so there was just more of everything. The Alien (Xenomorph) - Alien

While the “Alien” may have lost some of its luster over time due to its complete and total overuse in cinema, you can’t argue that it’s probably the most enduring movie monster of any film or franchise. It’s physical perfection and dominance is ever present, paired with its inhuman lust for killing, this is one of the best movie villains out there. Villain O’meter: 5/10 A physical specimen with no human conscience, the Xenomorph just seeks to kill, making it one of the scarier villains as it has no real motive. That’s also why it doesn’t go any higher than 5 though. While it serves amazingly as a horror movie villain, it wouldn’t stand up well in comparison to other villains listed. Annie Wilkes- Misery

Kathy Bates won an Oscar for her role as the crazed former nurse Annie. By now the story of the author who crashes his car and is woken up by the psychopathic Annie is a classic, and that's a testament to how strong a villain and performance were given for the movie. Just a quick note, this is the third character we’ve seen based off of a Stephen King novel. It’s no surprise that one of the best horror novelists ever has made multiple appearances on this list. Villain O’meter: 5/10 Annie is completely insane, aside from kidnapping Paul and forcing him to rewrite a novel for her, it’s revealed that she murdered multiple people while working as a nurse effectively making her a serial killer. While visually she might not be as intimidating as any other villain on the list, she definitely holds her own in terms of dirty deeds. Detective Alonzo Harris- Training Day

The role that shed Denzel Washington of his “nice guy” typecast, Alonzo Harris was just so deep in his own previous transgressions that he couldn’t dig himself out. Regardless, his morals were more than questionable, especially as a cop, and he made plenty of awful decisions. Villain O’meter: 1/10 We don’t ever see him kill anyone. The worst thing we see him do is put his gun to his partners head and forced to do drugs. While that’s definitely not advisable, its not much compared to mass murder, starting ideologically flawed wars, or just general evildoing.

Djokavic Defeats Federer In Historic Wimbledon Final

In what has already gone down as a legendary match, Novak Djokavic defeated Roger Federer in the longest five set single matchup in the Wimbledon finals history. The two tennis legends duked it out for almost five hours finally ending with a 13-12, sweat inducing final set. With both men exhausted and the match finished, Kate Middleton came down to help present both the champions and runner’s up trophies. Roger, who was interviewed first, said while his family wouldn’t be happy with a plate (the second place trophy), he gave all he could in the finals matchup and isn’t mad.    Image Credits:;

Sam Jackson And Chris Rock Set To Star In New “Saw” Film

A new film in the “Saw” series has been announced and is set to release on October 23,  2020. The film will star Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock in hopes to increase the low box office numbers of the latest release from 2017. Samuel L will be playing the father of Chris’s character, a police detective who’s been assigned to investigate a multitude of crimes. Rock has been invested in the franchise for a while stating, “I’ve been a fan of Saw since the first film in 2004, I’m excited by the opportunity to take this to a really intense and twisted new place.”   Image Credits:;

Los Angeles Clippers Sign Kawhi And Trade For Paul George

The Los Angeles Clippers are just the latest team to upend the NBA landscape in this whirlwind of an offseason. Coming in at the 11th hour, the Clippers signed reigning NBA finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and then traded seemingly every first round pick in human history along with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari to the Oklahoma City Thunder for fellow superstar, Paul George. The crescendo in what was one of the most operatic NBA offseasons in history, the Clippers have now fully hoisted themselves into NBA contention and have most likely claimed  the title of championship favorites according to most NBA analysts and fans.    Image Credits: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports; Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Who Are The Worlds Highest Paid Celebrities???

Kim Kardashian West- $67 Million

Probably the least recognizable name on this list, it’s a real mystery as to how such an unknown has come to earn so much only through reality television and beauty products. Kim has even married a relatively unknown person also, a rapper by the name of Kanye West, at least that’s how I think his name is spelled. I’m honestly not sure how this Kim person has found herself on a list of wealthy celebrities but this is what Forbes says so I’ve got to roll with it. Maybe she can find a way to get into the news this year so she’ll at least be recognizable with all the money she’s earning. Matt Ryan- $67.3 Million

The starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and former NFL MVP, Matt is probably best known for losing Superbowl LI to the Patriots and giving up 28-3 second half lead. Signing a then record setting contract in 2018, Matt became the first quarterback with a $30 million per year contract. Add that to his multiple endorsement deals with Nike, Gatorade and Mercedes to name a few, his income stretched to almost $70 million in 2018. That’s probably enough money to put his Super Bowl disappointment behind him. Roger Waters- $68 Million

One of the lead men for Pink Floyd, Roger has found himself in some hot waters (get it???) more recently for his extreme political views which he insists have a role in his every performance. Putting that aside, Roger’s makes his money from extensive touring, and when your a musician of his caliber and prestige, fans come out in droves just to see a performance. Now well into his 70’s, it’s pretty impressive that he still has the stamina for all this performing. Guns N’ Roses- $71 Million

After an extremely public spat with the rest of the band that lasted years, Axl Rose finally reunited with the rest of Guns N’ Roses. Looking at the amount of revenue generated by the band, maybe Axl should’ve given up on his vendetta a bit earlier. I’d probably forgive anyone for absolutely anything  if I knew I’d be making $71 million the following year. I’m just happy that the band is back together to be honest, and am definitely looking forward to future songs named after the months of the year and various levels of precipitation. Ryan Seacrest- $74 Million

Ryan has possibly the most lucrative hosting gig in all of television being the host of American Idol. In addition to hosting American Idol, he has his own radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which provides a large source of revenue. Arguably his biggest money maker though is his production as he’s produced a bevy of popular shows, the most recognizable of which is by far Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Finally to top it off, Ryan spends his day to day hosting popular morning show Live! With Kelly and Ryan. Safe to say Ryan’s pretty busy these days. Jay-Z- $76.5 Million

Jay-Z (AKA Shawn Carter) is a big name in the hip hop world and assuredly makes heaps of money from his music career. However, Shawn’s biggest source of income is simply being married to Beyonce, I’m not entirely sure how but they’re marriage just generates money. Another small money venture is his agency, Roc Nation Sports. Representing small name sports figures like Kevin Durant, Saquon Barkley and Kyrie Irving, Jay-Z has reportedly made at least $5 million from their multi million dollar contracts. Stephen Curry- $76.9 Million

Aside from signing the first $200 million contract in the history of the NBA back in 2017, Steph can also boast that he’s one of the most marketable faces in all of basketball. As a result, he’s become the poster boy for numerous brands, most notably Under Armour, Chase, Nissan and more recently Rakuten. Although he makes upwards of $35 million a year solely from his NBA contract, his sponsorships are what skyrockets his yearly earning and actually account for more than his NBA contract. Roger Federer- $77.2 Million

While the Swiss tennis legend has won millions of dollars in prize money from various tennis championships, similarly to the other sports players on this list, he’s made most of his money from sponsorship deals. Rolex, Wilson, Credit Suisse, and Mercedes-Benz are just of few of the big name companies  who pay to have a man hitting a neon green ball represent them. Just in 2018 he signed a 10 year, $300 million deal with Japanese apparel giant Uniqlo. As someone who really enjoys Uniqlo clothing, I feel a very deep connection to Roger and commend him on his sponsorship deals (Roger if you’re reading this please give me money). Dr.Phil- $77.5 Million

With one of the most watched shows on television today, Dr.Phil’s mustache attracts enough viewers to fund various tiny to small countries. He’s also an executive producer with multiple shows to his name and  a tech developer, co-founding the Doctors on Demand app which allows people to talk to psychologists and physicians. Back to his mustache, it's a complete and total game changer when it comes to Dr.Phil’s income. There are reports of other mustachioed people donating money simply in honor of the doctors stache. Taylor Swift- $80 Million

Following her 2017 album Reputation, Taylor embarked on  record breaking tour of the same name that grossed the highest sum of money in U.S history with $266.1 million. She also recently released a new single titled “ME!” which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard top 100 and has over 220 million youtube videos to date. Most important though, Taylor wrote the song “Love Story” which introduced to two previously unknown characters named Romeo and Juliet who are now world famous. Robert Downey Jr.- $81 Million

It really doesn’t surprise me that Iron Man made a ton of money last year. What is surprising is that he did so only through his film as opposed to most other people on this list. It’s pretty crazy to imagine being in such high demand that you don’t have to do anything besides for your every day job to earn $81 million in a year. What’s even more crazy is making that much money and being considered poor when compared to your on screen counterpart, Tony Stark. Katy Perry- $83 Million

Aside from being a judge on ABC’s “American Idol” reboot for a paltry $20 million a year, Katy has been touring extensively, garnering over $1 million a show on around 80 concert dates. Orlando Bloom also proposed to Katy recently, capping off a pretty spectacular year for the pop star. Making $83 million and getting engaged to Orlando Bloom is probably a teenage dream for most people, but to Katy it’s just a regular day life. Rush Limbaugh- $84.5 Million

The host of the most listened to radio show in the U.S of A, Limbaugh’s yearly income from his radio contract is around $50 million. That is larger than most peoples combined lifetime income multiplied by 4. Being a prominent political figure, Rush has had his fair share of controversy, but one non-controversial thing he’s done is basically print money by introducing his new app. The app allows fans to listen to his radio show 24/7, therefore raising subscription numbers and raising the number in his bank account. LeBron James- $85.5 Million

Lebron is one of the best basketball players of all time, that title comes with certain perks like being one of the best paid basketball players of all time. King James’s sponsorships are seemingly endless, highlighted by a lifetime deal with Nike that will earn him money for the rest of his life. As the most recognizable basketball star since Michael Jordan, his yearly earnings will probably keep rising until he retires in 2050 once his body finally starts to slow down. James Patterson- $86 Million

James somehow published 20 books in 2018 alone, and reportedly hasn’t taken the time to breath since writing his first book way back in 1976. Rather than take a vacation having written almost 150 books in his life, James just keeps going on his typewriter. He even co authored a book with Bill Clinton by the title of “The President Is Missing”. James’s income goes to show that it doesn’t matter what your doing, as long as you do it to the point of questionable insanity you’ll get rich. Ellen DeGeneres- $87.5 Million

Ellen is beloved by almost everyone for her daytime talk show that's uniquely name “The Ellen Show”. She makes most of her money scaring people from inside boxes or behind doors and by finding flash in the plan viral Youtube sensations who are often extremely cute children. Another venture that brings in some revenue for Ellen is her producing which she’s used in tandem with Steve Harvey to produce “Little Big Shots”. Basically most of Ellen’s money comes from extremely talented cute children. Howard Stern- $90 Million

The former “America’s Got Talent” judge and long time radio show host renewed his SiriusXM contract for an insane $80 million a year. After all the controversial things Stern has said and done, it’s pretty amazing that he’s still this high in demand and is able to command such a crazy yearly salary. In addition to that, Howard has also invested in various apps and streaming services, putting even more cash into his already cash full pockets. Neymar- $90 Million

The Brazillian soccer superstar whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is currently signed on to five year, $350 million salary with French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain. That’s already enough money to get him on this list but what pushed him over the top is his sponsorships. The man with the longest name in human history is sponsored by almost all the big names including Nike, Gillette, Red Bull, Mcdonald’s and Beats by Dr Dre. Conor McGregor- $99 Million

Conor made $3 million just from the payout of his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov alone. Totalling in his percentage of the pay per view buys, he made over $30 million. One night. $30 million. After you’ve gone through all the stages of denial before finally accepting that number, take into account his numerous endorsements with Beats by Dre, Monster Energy, Reebok and Bud Light.On top of all of this, he also has personal ventures, the most successful of which is his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey. Bruno Mars- $100 Million

Touring. Touring. Touring. The singer whose hats add five inches to his height made a ton of money from touring and album sales. How does one make almost $100 million touring you ask? By having 212 separate tour dates which gross over $200 million total. The only downside to this is that you aren’t allowed to sleep for an entire year but I guess making $100 million is worth it. Having your album sell over two million units stateside doesn’t hurt either. Cristiano Ronaldo- $108 Million

The best looking athlete in the world, Cristiano has a contract from which he makes nearly $64 million yearly. He’s also tied with Lionel Messi (who we’ll see further up this list) as the most globally recognizable athlete in the world which means he makes millions more in sponsorships. He’s been in television commercials in probably every country on this lovely planet adding a solid amount of funds to his account. None of that matters though because he’s built like a Greek god. Ed Sheeran- $110 Million

Ed’s made cameos on “Game Of Thrones” and “The Simpsons”, had Beyonce duet with him on his own song and made $100 million in a single year. By the way, all of this is before his 30th birthday. He’s also won four Grammy awards and has some of the worst tattoos in show business which can’t be held against him because of all the success he’s had. Just a lovable ginger guy, Ed’s probably made you cry with one of his songs, and made me cry by seeing how large his bank account number is. Lionel Messi- $111 Million

Lionel is arguably the greatest soccer player in the history of the illustrious sport. He makes more than $80 million a year as part of his salary with Barcelona and makes close to $30 million yearly from endorsements with Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi and Mastercard to name a few. Messi has also essentially blacked out his famous left leg with tattoos and is by far the most fun player to use on FIFA. Although neither of those facts grant him more money in any way, I still think they’re important to know. Coldplay- $115.5 Million

Similar to other musicians on this list, Coldplay has made a mind boggling amount of money almost entirely from touring. That touring has lasted for two years since the release of their latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” and spanned five seperate continents. Bringing in roughly $5 million per show, Coldplay consistently make more per night than most people make their entire lives combined. If anyone knows Coldplay personally, let them know that if they ever need a replacement for a night, I’m available. U2- $118 Million

It seems like U2 has been around forever as we have no evidence that the Irish rockers aren’t immortal. Only adding to this theory is U2’s Joshua Tree Tour which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the legendary album by the same name. Now to beat a dead horse, the tour made around $316 million over its entire duration. What I’ve surmised from this list now that we’ve made our way to the final musical act is that I need to go on tour. Apparently that's where all the money is. Dwayne Johnson- $124 Million

Quite possibly the most muscular man in human history, Dwayne has been on a roll the past few years. He’s starred in hit after hit these past few years and combined with his huge social media following of over 111 million Instagram followers, The Rock has been cooking himself a huge pay cheque. The most ridiculous thing about this though is that Johnson somehow made more money in millions last year than he has followers. Judy Sheindlin- $147 Million

I personally am very surprised to see Judge Judy this high up on the list but after a bit of research it makes a lot of sense. Her yearly salary of $47 million for her TV show is one thing, but she recently sold the rights to her entire library of  TV episodes for $100 million. Yes, you read that right, $100 million dollars. It’s a pretty crazy number but it completely explains Judy’s income from last year. Kylie Jenner- $166.5 Million

Recently becoming the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 20, Kylie has managed to parlaye her families popularity into heaps of money through her business ventures. Aside from reality television, Kylie has collaborated with her sister Kendall on a joint fashion line but more than that, she’s created a hugely successful makeup line called KYLIE COSMETICS. With the amount of money she has in the bank, the $166.5 million she made last year doesn’t seem that significant. George Clooney- $239 Million

Out of all the actors in Hollywood, George Clooney made the most money last year. What's surprising about this is that almost all the money he made last year had nothing to do with acting. Clooney sold his tequila company, Casamigos, which he co founded with two others  to British liquor company Diageo for $700 million. It seems the best way to make money, even if you’re already rich and famous, is to create a hugely successful business. Floyd Mayweather- $285 Million

The man's nickname is money so it’s no surprise that Floyd Mayweather comes in at the top of this list. With fighters, sponsorships aren’t as necessary to bring in huge buckets of cash. When you’re as big of a star as Floyd Mayweather, the pay per view money sometimes gets to astronomical amounts. The Mayweather-McGregor fight alone generated $550 million and definitely assisted in Mayweather taking home $285 million last year. Not a bad pay day for a “retired” guy.