5 Ways ‘Tiger Parenting’ Will Screw Up Your Child

Are you an atrocious tiger parent? Or perhaps the poor schmuck being nurtured by one?

If you are the deranged parent of you’re unfortunate child, turn yourself in to the authorities, and demand a lifetime of solitary confinement, away from your child and any other child.

If you’re the ‘scratching post’ for that tiger parent, contact child protective services ASAP; and if they refuse to help, relocate to Madagascar and just live with the tigers.

Here are 8 ways, based on real life case studies, ‘Tiger Parenting can screw up you’re child!

1. Superior Performance Diminishes In High School 

bad high school student

Ironic isn’t it?

You terrorize the !@#$ out of your child’s psyche for a decade, the child excels in arithmetic, handwriting, and trivial things like music and sports, only to receive some ugly-a$$ report cards, once that exasperated child of your’s reaches High School 👌

failing report card

Notice I used the term ‘exasperated’ – it means exhausted.

There’s a reason I used it; the sheer fatigue that the child accumulated since the age of 4 at the hands of your wicked tiger paws completely debilitated him by 15.

asian student falling asleep

And it’s not just the work-load, it’s also because that poor mother!@#$$% was forced to adhere to a schedule that consisted of activities totally indifferent to him.

bored of lesson

Statistics made by educational authorities revealed that on average, ‘tiger teenagers’ accumulate GPAs that are roughly 22% lower than the average student.

tiger parenting performce chart
Chart showing adolescent performance based on different parent styles – Credits to slate.com

So that perfect angel of your’s gets to High School, and this happens:

Teenage Hood – The Rebellious Stage

rebellious asian teenagers

We all experienced this right?

Teenagers have a !@#$%&^ sh!# load of hormones, hormones results in a complete ‘loss of innocence’, that loss leads to 2 things; curiosity and rebelliousness.


curious teenager

On normal occasions, the lust for experimentation merely involves smoking pot, underage sex, ditching class, and using curse words.


rebellious teenagers

On normal occasions, the adolescent merely questions his parents’ authority, on trivial things like sneaking out at night, chewing gum in class, having underage sex, and doing the exact opposite of what his/her parents tell them, just for shits and giggles.

But what about the unfortunate adolescent child of a tiger parent?

Well, imagine having your brain lobotomized and your balls squeezed by a gorilla. That’s the offspring of a tiger parent 🙂

tiger victim struggles

After a decade of psychological abuse and shaming, a ‘tiger victim’ most often exhibits the side effects of teenage-hood on an extreme level.

Here are a few ways a ‘tiger teenager’ acts out in High School:  

Hard Drugs

teenager drugs

Recent studies suggest that teenagers who are under the care of tiger parents are 6-10 times more likely to abuse narcotic drugs in High School.

I’m not talking about pothead hippie sh!#, i’m talking real devils; heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines, etc.

Violent Altercations 

It is not unusual for tiger teenagers to engage in savage fights with their fellow high school peers. These teenagers are very easy to trigger, as all the tiger abuse they succumbed to made them somewhat delusional, and paranoid.


high school cheating

I’m not just talking about pu$$! stuff like having your older brother do some bullsh!# homework assignment for you, I mean literally stealing exam solutions from the teacher’s desk.

The tiger teenager loses all motivation for any subject, academic or otherwise. This could be an act of rebellion, but it is more likely a consequence of striving to “satisfy mommy & daddy” instead of “finding one’s passion”.

So Why Do Tiger Teenagers Perform So Horrendously In High School?

Because their brains were not programmed to perfection, they were programmed for eventual self-destruction.

A tiger child may be exceptional until high school, but as soon as he fires off those hormones, GOD HELP his shameful parents, who will be receiving either straight D’s, or fake report cards.

2. Psychopathic Tendencies 

teeange psycopath

Hey wanna know how to program a robotic serial killer?

Just read the ‘tiger parent manual’, that ought a do it.

Seriously though, the constant shaming and psychological torture will make your child CRACK at some point.

Unrealistic expectations builds up a hopeless little child from a very impressionable age, this ends with a complete scarcity in motivation and an overwhelming lust for dangerous thrill.

thrill seeking teenager

Flashbacks of day-to-day shaming will build the tiger victim’s obsession with ‘being in control’; things like harming weaker individuals such as women and children will help the tiger victim overcome feelings of inferiority. Sounds Familiar?

Endless work and no social life leads to this:

the shining crazy jack

Here are just a couple of real-life examples of tiger victims:

Joel Rifkin 

joel rifkin

If you read Serial Killer Joel Rifkin’s biography, you will learn that he had an unhealthy relationship with his tiger dad.

Rifkin was a deranged murderer, and an offspring of an abusive father who shamed him every chance he got, and verbally abuse him by stating that he would prefer “the excelling child next door.”

joel rifkin teenager

When Rifkin got to high school, he began soliciting prostitutes, and discovered a euphoric sense of ‘control’, that is, having power over the women he slept with. The addictive feeling compensated for the insecurity that was manifested by his tiger father’s constant shaming and verbal abuse.

Rifkin finished high school, and after killing his first prostitute victim, he realized the ultimate thrill; and so he went on his pathological murder spree.

patrick bateman bloodlust thrill

Jennifer Pan

jennifer pan tiger parenting

Since Jennifer Pan was 4, she had been clawed by her tiger dad to near exhaustion.

She was pushed into attending multiple music lessons, and was taking advanced math courses from a very early age. If she got less than 100%, she would face the wrath of her vicious tiger dad.

jennifer pan as a teenager

Her mother was resentful to the emotional abuse her father put her through, but she was his collaborative puppet nonetheless.

jennifer pan parents
Jennifer Pan’s parents

Before high school, everything changed for Jennifer.

She was coerced into competing in an advanced math contest. Her parents were watching among the audience, expecting her to achieve 1st place.

jennifer pan parents in audience

Credits: Youtube / Female Killers

She got out 2nd, and her tiger parents conveyed a shameful and demonic look at her as they walked out of the contest.

jennifer pan parents leave contest

Credits: Youtube / Female Killers

And that’s when it all started.

jennifer pan

Since her freshman year in High School, she was close to failing every class in her debilitating state, till she managed to graduate somehow.

How did her dad react to these grades? 

He didn’t.. She forged fake report cards which she showed to her parents, showing only A’s in all her classes.

fake report card

She also proceeded to date a known drug dealer in her school, for which she hid that from her parents as well.

jennifer pan boyfriend

What happened after high school?

She couldn’t and didn’t want to get accepted to a university, but proceed with her pathological lying spree and told her parents that she got accepted to Ryerson University, and even went as far as telling her parents that she will take part in a prestigious pharmacology program.

asian pinocchio

For the next couple of years, her parents were oblivious to the fact she was working in a pizza parlor and fucking her drug dealing boyfriend.

Her father discovered her secret romance with that guy.

angry dad

Around this time, her tiger father learned about her destructive relationship with that drug dealer.  Her parents were furious, hysterically screaming and enforcing that she will be disowned if she keeps dating him..

All her lies were uncovered.

Eventually her parents learned about all the deceit she threw at them all those years; needless to say, they were not pleased.

The tiger dad made a major mistake.

Remember what I said about how a tiger child eventually grows up to be rageful and lacks sympathy.

So it was a major error on her parents’ part when they aggressively demanded that she refrain from seeing her boyfriend again; this last tiger attack would be their undoing with sweet Jennifer.

jennifer pan hit squad
Jennifer Pan Hit Squad

On November 2010, Jennifer payed a couple of hitmen who work with her boyfriend; she viewed it as the only way to keep seeing him, and planned to collect the Life Insurance cash after their deaths.

Well, the hitmen came through the door and mercilessly shot both her parents, her mother died instantly, but much to Jennifer’s inconvenience, her father survived the attack.

jennifer pan house wreck

Her father unleashed his mighty tiger claws and helped put her in maximum security prison, where she will suffer for the rest of her life.

father testifies against jennifer pan

Do I agree with Jennifer’s actions?

No I do not, but I do believe her father had it coming; now he has a deceased wife, and a daughter he expected so much from is serving her life in prison.

3. A Complete Mental Breakdown

mental breakdown

I grew up in the Bay Area, and it was not unusual for me to witness full-blown panic attacks in class.

I was never surprised by this, as I knew them, and I knew their parents, and how barbarous they were in “nurturing” their kids.

I have a story that I’ll share with you, but the person in question shall remain anonymous:

Case Study

I used to be friends with this one dude who was THE textbook definition of perfectionist; as you may have guessed, he was the victim of tiger parenting.


Growing up, his parents showed him no affection, talking to him about nothing other than his report cards. He did well till the age of 16, when something happened..

tiger dad

He got a B+ on his history exam, and I got an A-; his parents went flat-out demented..

They forbade him from hanging out with me or any of his other beloved friends till he graduates high school, and confiscated his television and video games.

strict dad

But that’s not what broke him; his tiger dad told him that I was more worthy of being his son than he was, and the next day, somewhere around noon, he had a colossal meltdown.

mental patient

To this day, many years later, he remains in a mental institution in Palo Alto, and doctors believe that he may be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, as a defense mechanism to chronic emotional abuse at the hands of his parents.

multiple personality disorder fight club

We’re all certain his mind escaped his parents’ wrath, and dissociating to a ‘different being’ was the only way for him to pull it off.

4. Running Away From Home

runaway teen

Once again, we get to the phase where the consequences start to surface on the tiger child – teenage-hood.

Doing poorly in high school due to the mental defections that stem from tiger parenting is not the only concern for those over-bearing tiger parents; many of them reported their adolescent children missing.

missing person

After years of sheer dread and utter exhaustion, many tiger teenagers end up escaping from that prison; it only happens with adolescents, because at this age, the poor tiger prey begins questioning his parents’ authority.

teenager on the streets

These tiger victims would rather live on the streets than to be “clawed at” by their deranged tiger caretakers.

Here is a case study detailing a summary of my old childhood friend, who was a major athlete, under the dictatorship of his parents.

Case Study

I knew a guy who excelled in sports, he would play baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey since he was 8 years old.

athletic kid

He received praise competing in every one of those games, and neither of his respective teams ever lost a single competition.

Until one day in freshman year, his baseball team lost a game.

losing baseball game

His heinous tiger parents grounded him for 6 months, no video games, no TV, no cell phone, and they prohibited him from leaving the house for anything other than school and practice.

strict parents

As harsh as this punishment was, he went through it like a man’s man.

He lost another match in Softmore year, this time in soccer.

losing soccer

He was so afraid of bearing his parents’ spine-chilling reaction, that he ran away.

teenager running away

To this day, nobody, not even his demented parents, have a single clue as to his whereabouts.

Honestly, I would love to feel empathy for his now devastated parents, but the truth his, it’s their tree and they’re sitting in it..

5. Suicide

suicide hanging

To be honest, if I was forced to watch national geographic with Sigmund Freud, and do math 16 hours a day, I would have off-ed myself at age 6.

Feelings of self-doubt, incompetency, lack of love and shame will do that to you; and at chronic levels, these thoughts might tell you to drown yourself in the toilet..

best isnt good enough

Credits: seanwes.com

Get this:

There had been dozens of suicides in Palo Alto high schools since 2009; about 4-5 times higher than the national average.

palo alto high school teen suicide study

Gunn High School alone had several suicides in the past few years.

gunn high school suicide student
Jean-Paul Blanchard, 17 – Committed Suicide

Palo Alto is notorious for it’s tiger parenting families; 40% of the individuals who off’ed themselves are Asian-Americans, who are notorious for their tiger parenting culture.