20 ‘Scenarios’ Where Being Cheap Backfired

We’re all frugal right? Nothing wrong with being ‘careful with money’.

These people on the other hand, they took it too far.

These guys love money so much, that they would succumb to any shenanigan just to save a few Washingtons 💸

Here are 20 INCREDIBLY Frugal folks who let their meticulousness get the best of them.

1. OH Don’t Worry Honey This Is 100% Safe 👍 


Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com/leighton8608/

This dude’s front tires went flat, so he decided to order a couple new ones for $400 online. There was only one predicament, he had to fork over about $50 for a crane service.

Then he noticed that old swing-set in his backyard, and had a Nobel-Prize-Worthy idea to vertically pull up the front of his car by using a rope that is tied to that swing set 💡

Anyways, he finally had the infrastructure to change his tires, and while he was applying his crafty skills, the most unexpected thing happened, his swing set broke.

To make a long story short, he’ll no longer be fixing anything due to his vegetated foot.

*Please note, this story is not real. I just made it up for humor’s sake. This DIY’er successfully changed his tire without damage.*

2. It’ll Only Take About 30 Seconds 👌


Credits: https://www.instagram.com/gr8pl8s/

This gentleman was stopping by to pull a quick errand, and he couldn’t comprehend it would take longer than a few minutes, so he figured he’d get a 5 minute parking permit for free.

Anyways, 5 minutes and 10 seconds passed, he arrived at his car to find a parking ticket for $120..

Guess he should have forked over that 2 bucks 😉

3. Hey Listen I’ve Been Dwelling On This Since Our Last Date

drink reimbursment

Credits: https://twitter.com/JoanneKitten_

Liam the ‘ladies-man’ spots this chick at a bar, so he seats himself next to her, and orders her a martini.

barney stinson

She thanks him, they talk for a few minutes, but something was just not right about him. She decides to leave.

2 weeks later, she receives a surprise SMS; it’s Liam from the bar. She was confident enough to think he will ask her out on a date, so she was mustering up an excuse to give him.

Little did she know, Liam the selfless Vipers guy just wanted her to reimburse him £6.50 for that martini he ordered her.


Guess she figured out what was off about him 🙂

4. I Cannot Believe This Rug Is Only £5 On Amazon 🤑

cheap rug

Credits: https://twitter.com/adamhess1

This guy was walking into his bedroom one day, only to sense a gloomy aura; he came to the conclusion that he needs a rug.

He went on Amazon and was absolutely ecstatic to see an Embroidere carpet for only £5.10! So he sh@! his pants and ordered it ASAP.

funny excited

On March 15th, he was delighted to see a box from Amazon on his doorstep, and rushed inside to open it with nothing but optimism for what he will find.

Needless to say, he was disappointed with the product.

But on the bright side, he learned something very important 🧠💪 

5. Hey Babe, Are You Sure We Could Fit This In The Trunk?

new tv

It’s always exciting when you buy something new, especially a Samsung TV 🙂

Unfortunately, $3,000 on a new TV leaves you a few bucks short, so there is no way you can afford that $50 on home delivery..

However, this happy couple managed to pull it off; instead of paying for home shipping, they simply stuffed that giant mother!$%&@# onto the rear of their convertible.

As you can see in the above photo, it wasn’t too much for them 👌

Despite having arrived home uninjured, there was a moment of sheer dread when they realized that their new TV had enigmatically been smashed.

smashed tv

They were furious to find out that Costco will not reimburse them with a new TV, and they had to come to grasp the discernment that $3,000 went down the p@@p-hole.

But on the bright side, they still have that $50 they saved on shipping 💵

6. How Does It Look?

DIY sink

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/user/UnoriginalUrsula

It was a beautiful day, birds were singing, the sun was smiling.

Image result for sun smiling

Bob the Builder got up that morning, took a sh@#, realized there’s no toilet paper, so he had to wipe his a$$ with his hands. Like any respectable individual, he headed over to the sink to wash his sh!#-covered hands, but to his dismay it wasn’t working.

So Bob the Builder, being the fine DIY trooper that he is, decides to build a new sink with his god-sent hands, and he makes it his top priority!

He heads on over to Home Depot to buy the necessary tiles and grout, skipping and humming as he’s doing it, positive that the DIY community will flip their collective sh!# when they learn about his new project.

He prepared the surface under the tiles, it’s a little uneven, but that’s to be expected right?

Image result for uneven surface

Anyways, he places the tiles on the surface, but unfortunately he did not have those ‘little spacer things’ that go in-between the tiles. He brushed it off to his steady hands, and decided to place pennies between the tiles instead.

homer pennies

He proceeds to smear some grout on the tiles, but spills like half the bucket on it by accident; WHOOPS 🙂

spilled grout

That’s OK though, Bob the Builder will wipe it off after it dries, because that is the appropriate thing to do, and as everyone knows, NOBODY f#@$! with Bob the Builder.

bob the builder

As he was placing more tiles, he couldn’t help but feel that those ‘little spacer things’ would be pretty useful, as the pennies that he had used were getting stuck in-between the tiles.

He finished his masterpiece; it came out a bit slanted, but that’s fine, because at least he has a sink that works. He turns on the sink, confident that he could at last clean his hands that are still covered in sh!#, and is devastated to find nothing but p@@p coming out of it..

poop sink

But he is still proud of his achievement 🙂

He’s very excited to flash his ‘work-of-art’ when his wife gets home.

showing wife diy sink

Credits: Know Your Meme

Her reaction was beyond his comprehension..

Bob will have to build a couch to sleep on for the next few months 🛠

7. Anyone Up For Some BQ? 💪 

grill DIY

Photo Credits: Imgur

What’s the point of a having a backyard if you don’t have a nice grill to BBQ some ‘man meat’ right?

Well that’s exactly what Ned next door had in mind, but he was not prepared to spend $1,500 on some cra@#y Gas Grill from Weber.

Image result for weber gas grill

So he figured he’d try something original, something that had never crossed the mind of even Einstein himself.

He decided to make a grill out of that old lawn chair that’s been sat on thousands of times.

Image result for broken lawn chair

How could this possibly go wrong right? Nobody is sitting on it anymore, and we cleaned it since the last time grandpa had an ‘accident’ while sitting on it 🤷‍♂️

As it turns out, the unexpected happened; the house caught on fire ⚠️

Unfortunately, the insurance only paid us $10,000 out of the $80,000 this house was worth.
But hey, I decided to buy that Gas Grill from Weber, so it’ll never happen again 😀
It’s always good to plan ahead 🤕

8. Finally Some Light In My Life!

light hanger

Credits: https://twitter.com/HomesbySarita

For centuries we have been using the phrase ‘light bulbs’ as a way to express ideas that are truly brilliant.

This lady may have been the first to have a literal ‘light bulb’ idea; she decided to tie a hanger to the ceiling, and have light bulbs hanging from that hanger 😮🧠🤯 💡 

This is brilliant! I mean what could possibly go wrong with 2 light bulbs hanging off an object that can barely hold up a pair of underwear!

This lady was certainly confident about her creation; until it fell on her head and her hair caught on fire..

Too bad she didn’t spend that $10 on a technician to install the light bulb 💡 

But hey on the flip side, she doesn’t have to spend half her salary on hair stylists anymore 🖐 

9. What Can Possibly Go Wrong With This?

toilet duct tape

Credits: Imgur 

Every man needs to do his business; having a toilet to take a sh!# is not just a privilege, it’s a basic human right.

This poor constipated man’s toilet broke down, so he took it to himself to fix it, and what better way of doing it than duct tape!

duct tape

It didn’t take him long, just 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and this bad boy was ready to flush the dung this man had been holding in for about 2 weeks now 💩

So the man did his business, and the toilet flushed just as expected, but for some reason the water came out the other way..

But as with any story, there is always a happy ending; this man was no longer holding in so much burden.

10. And Yet Another Case Of The ‘Duct Tapes’

couch duct tape

I’m assuming this family grew REALLY attached to this couch, and were not willing to throw it out. NAH! They just didn’t wanna cough $500 on a new one 😉

If you do this at home, here’s a small dating tip, DO NOT LET HER COME IN!

Nevertheless, I would be honored to receive a dinner invite from these people.

11. Hey I Got Married Once I Could Do It Again Right?

matress shipping

Credits: https://www.instagram.com/djbewbz/

This man is the very definition of a good husband; instead of coughing up $100 for movers to transport the family’s stuff to their home, he saves it in his pocket so that he can take his wife out to a nice restaurant, in celebration of their new home 😢

And best of all there is only one cost; his wife’s physical well-being.

Nevertheless, they arrived at their new home and finished unpacking.

Finally he was able to give his wife that dinner he promised her at Chili’s 😉

12. How Do I Look?

haircut self

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/user/Maklo_Never_Forget

Don’t you just hate paying $20 for a haircut?

Well this woman sure does, which is why she took it upon herself to cut her own hair 🤗

All she needed was a pair of scissors and a mirror, and by god she had those.

girl gives herself a haircut

Finally, she finished cutting her hair, and it was exactly as she envisioned it!

She decided to head out to a bar and show-off her new found beauty, but she didn’t seem to have as much luck there as she did with her haircut.

It got so bad that.. well..

13. What Better Way To Stop A Leakage Than Tampons? 🙂

tampon leakage fix

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/user/Facerless

Tampons can be used for a lot of things; severe wounds, a running nose, Grandma’s uncontrollable diarrhea, well, I’m not gonna go into all of it here..

tampon tea

However, people tend to forget the one thing that it was originally designed for; stopping leakage from the ceiling.

This old-sport didn’t forget however, and he acknowledged the tampon’s unrivaled potential to ‘suck leakages’.

So he pulled a few tampons out of his a$$ and started clogging that mother@#$&!* on the ceiling!

Thanks to his instincts, his family never has to worry about the ceiling falling on them 👌

What Could Possibly Go Wrong After This?

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a pervert can,
Spins a di!@, any size,
Catches tampons just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.

14. And Who Says You Need Electricity? 😆 

hot shower

Electricity is a scam..

We should all make an example out of these people, who brilliantly installed a candle to heat up their shower!

Hell, they claim the water is even hotter than it was when they had electricity.

Don’t Believe Me? See for yourself..

See Kids! There Are Things You SHOULD Try At Home 🏠

15. And Yet Another Innovative Way To Save On Electricity Bills

hot tub

Not sure how much this display costs but a Jacuzzi is pretty expensive.

So John decided to purchase this round metallic thingy, and hang it over the fire place outside. He put some water in that son-of-a-#@$&%, lit the fire place, and walla, smoking hot water.

Really Hot.. Really Really Really Hot..

Guess that explains why he’s sitting in that Jacuzzi with 3 chicks 😉

16. I Just Thought Band-Aids Would Be Cheaper Than A Pair Of Decent Clippers

crappy clippers

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/user/Zahid_2

For some frugal people, chronic injuries are a fantastic opportunity to save a few dimes.

I introduce you to Zahid, a man who loves his hair, and would do anything to save $20 on a decent pair of clippers; so much so, that he built these clippers with nothing but a fork, a couple of hair bands, and that black telephone-looking thing.

Not sure how he did it, but it worked..

Ha! Just Kidding, this is what he looks like now..

Notice how he’s not using his DIY Clippers anymore 🙂

17. And Yet Another Brilliant Use Of A Fork 

fork lock

Credits: Lifehack

This man’s car of 28 years concocted a frustrating problem, with the backseat door not shutting all the way.

So he did what any responsible father-figure would do in that situation, he used a fork, in place of a proper lock, to keep the door shut.

He was very satisfied with the results 🙂

18. Who Wants Ravioli??

tennis racket ravioli

This family loves tennis so much, they decided to compound it with their second passion; cooking.

They figured, why spend $5 ordering a colander on Amazon, when they have a spare tennis racket in the attic.

Of course

So one evening they threw in some ravioli, prepared it, and invited some people over for dinner to share their cuisine.

Later on, they came to the sudden realization that they forgot to clean the tennis racket before using it as a colander 😓

Let’s just say those folks next door won’t be joining them for dinner anytime soon..

19. Dude Careful! Don’t Spill The Booze!

pool electricity

Beavis and Butthead had it all, a 16 foot pool with a surround sound system , and all the booze they can ask for.

However, all good things come to an end..

20. I Don’t Have Time To Finish My Morning Coffee At Home

cup holder

Look, to be fair, this dude gets his coffee from 7-Eleven, how could you expect a man like that to spend $3 on a proper cup-holder.

It’s sad to see how disadvantaged some people are; like this schmuck, not only does he have to drink 7-Eleven coffee,

he also has to put up with this kind of sh!# in the morning.

I think we should all raise $3 to buy this guy the cup-holder he deserves.