12 Recent Trends That Prove How Deranged Our Society Had Become

2. Snapchat Filters

snapchat filters

2016 still hadn’t ended, and people understandably needed something equally ridiculous to get their mind off The Dab – enter Snapchat Filters! In a nutshell, a Snapchat Filter is a feature that Snapchat built to connect outcasts with other outcasts. Disturbingly, Snapchat Filter was said to have caused a spike in cosmetic surgeries – hobbits of the 21st century decided they love this app so much, why not turn themselves into Snapchat Filters?

If you are one of those reclusive individuals who uses Snapchat, and you just so happen to get a message like this, it’s just the guys at Snapchat trying to make Snapchat Filters popular again, by using their new time travel technology to direct Snapchats from 2016 to your iPhone 6. This abomination led to the development of something much more sinister – something that crosses the lines of beastiality.

I bring to you!