12 Game-Changing Initiatives From LeBron James’ New Public School

1. No College, No Point In High School!

lebron james free college for all

LeBron realized that in this day and age, a high school diploma is not enough. In order for a student to feel motivated and to stay out of trouble, that student must have a ticket to a stable future after high school. LeBron guarantees college tuition to all kids who graduate from the IPromise School, turning that rightful fantasy into reality.

2. You Can’t Learn On An Empty Stomach!

futurama sandwitches

Having a bad upbringing, LeBron is familiar with the overwhelming difficulty of hitting the books on an empty stomach. He believes that all public schools should be obligated to make sure their students aren’t hungry. His new school will offer a Food Bank for any child suffering from famine. Parents will be able to pick up food that they can prepare at home for the students. In addition to this, all students attending the New Public School will receive free breakfasts, lunch and snacks throughout the school day.

3. Don’t Walk, Bike!

free bikes

LeBron can never forget the horrors of walking through gang infested neighborhoods in Akron. As such, he would frequently bike to school, and he recalls it being a much safer form of transportation. As such, LeBron James’ New Public School will provide free bikes and helmets to all of it’s students! Looks like Akron will start seeing a lot of kids on bicycles 🙂

4. Less Snoozing, More Studying!

child studying

Akron’s public schools had for decades let their kids down; the summer breaks are too long, there isn’t enough time in a school day, the amount of homework is insufficient and the classrooms do not cover as much material as other school districts do. At the iPromise School, all kids will have a strict academic calender, the academic material covered will be on par with the best public schools, summer breaks will be shorter, and school days will be longer.

5. It’s Time To Teach Our Kids STEM

kids building robots

Let’s face it, we live in the age of AI, VR, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, need I say more. There is no doubt in mind that the children of today will become accustomed to robot construction workers, writing bots, self-driving cars and more ‘Twilight Zone’ worthy technologies. LeBron James’ IPromise School aims to prepare their students to thrive in this ever changing environment; as such, students will have the option to attend a STEM-based summer camp during the school’s 7-week summer recess.

6. Literate Father, Literate Son!

Peter and Chris Family Guy

Time and time again, we have seen statistics showing the similarities between a parent’s level of education and the child’s level of education. There is no denying that a kid with uneducated parents will be more likely to brush off the importance of a proper education. The New Public School took it upon themselves to provide a convenient GED program to parents who did not graduate from high school. They believe that this initiative will reflect a good influence on the respective students.

7. Health + Emotional Well Being = Grades

depressed child

Have you ever tried paying attention in class while obsessively thinking about unfortunate situations such as you’re parents’ divorce or financial struggles? Children under a great deal of stress are less likely to perform well in school. James’ IPromise School offers support groups for troubled students; students will be able to reach out to each other when they need to most, and share their traumatic experiences.

8. Stability For the Child’s Family

man looking for work

When the parents are unemployed and struggle to provide sustainable housing for a child, there is no question that this will harbor a negative environment for the child and his educational ambitions. It is no surprise that IPromise School made it one of their top priorities to provide helpful resources for disgruntled parents looking for work. The ambitious school also provides assistance in finding suitable housing.

9. Disgruntled Teacher = Terrible Students

Pissed of teacher enraged

Did you know that in most public schools teachers pay for their own supplies? It’s no question that the American education system is struggling. When teachers are pissed off, you could forget about you’re child receiving a proper education. Teachers are treated like gods at LeBron James’ New Public School. They provide their teachers with rich supplies and they get to speak to psychologists when their emotions get the best of them, and in times of stress.

10. Healthy Teacher = Healthy Educator

It has long been proven that physical health correlates strongly with good career performance. So why wouldn’t the same thing apply to teachers and their instructional performance? IPromise School employs personal trainers who host physical activities for any teacher at the school to attend. Teachers will be able to attend yoga classes, pilates classes, ZUMBA, strength training, anything that will keep their bodies running and their instructional performance at perfection.

11. No Child Left Behind!

accelerated learning cycle

In Akron, many kids are behind on their studies; you would be surprised to learn that a great deal of kids are more than 2 school years behind. The solution to this, as many case studies have shown, is through something called accelerated learning. To make it as simple as possible, accelerated learning allows students to demonstrate competency in a particular subject through experiences incurred ‘outside of the classroom’. These experiences range from work experience, household chores, self-study, Massive Open Online Courses, etc. LeBron James’ New Public School will implement this game-changing model in their academic offerings.

12. Less Idle Time = Less Trouble

school activities

For a great deal of school children, having too much unproductive time on their hands will get them into trouble. It is clear that what these kids need is a life outside the classroom, something that will keep their minds off the ‘grey-zone’.  But what? The New Public School will initiate activities outside the classroom to give these dwelling students something to do with their unproductive time.  Activities include fun stuff, educational games, philosophical discussions, and more.

What Do You Think About This Initiative?

All in all, I think LeBron James has enough perspective to know what is good for those kids in Akron. Seems to me that Lebron James’ New Pubic School will turn this now dwindling town into one of the most productive and educated communities in America.