Incredibly Disturbing Theories About Classic Kids’ Shows – Say Goodbye To Your Childhood

Spongebob Squarepants – Seven Deadly Sins

spongebob characters seven deadly sins

This theory baffled me quite a bit – certainly made me think differently about by childhood.. First off, what are the Seven Deadly Sins? In Christianity, the Seven Deadly Sins are for whatever reason directly responsible for all forms of evil in the world. The sins? Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, and Lust. From your recollection, the Spongebob characters appear innocent, but what if behind those beloved colors lies the darkest depths of the human soul, aka, the Seven Deadly Sins 🙂

Patrick = Sloth

Patrick, whom at actually won an award for “doing nothing longer than anybody else”, represents Sloth.

Squidward = Wrath

Squidward, probably the biggest kill-joy in TV history, represents Wrath.

Mr. Krabs = Greed 

Mr. Krabs, with his fetish for money, represents Greed.

Gary the Snail = Gluttony 

Gary the Snail, who devours more food than Sally Struthers, represents Gluttony.

Plankton = Envy 

Plankton, who does nothing more than steal from the cheap Mr. Krabs, represents Envy.

Sandy = Pride

Sandy, who obnoxiously brags about how much better it is in Texas, represents Pride.

Spongebob = Lust

Spongebob, who has an unhealthy, even unholy love for everyone, represents Lust.

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